Love Hina dating sim

What are good simulation genre games you could play on the LDK? (Currently exploring retro consoles)

2020.07.14 06:09 valcroft What are good simulation genre games you could play on the LDK? (Currently exploring retro consoles)

On GBA, there's:
And then I think there's the Populous and Age of Empire and Anno(?) games? And Sim City I think. I'm not so sure if they're good and on what console they're good on.
Actually I'm just looking for life sim games. Or may sim games in general.
Any comments on this would be great thanks!
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2020.05.25 15:03 ByEthanFox The "definitive" male-audience dating VN?

One of my friends is really into otome games, and I've recently been watching Villainess this season, and it made me think about something...
What is the definitive "dating sim" VN for a male/hetero audience? With two caveats - available for Switch/Steam, and in English.
When I think "dating sim", my mind usually flicks straight to Tokimeki Memorial because that was the first one I ever heard about, way back in the 90s. Obviously though a lot of time has passed since then. What's the definitive title today, given those caveats?
By "definitive", I guess I mean the best-but-most-generic. So to compare to harem anime, the "definitive" harem anime in this regard would probably be Love Hina, not because it's the "best" or anything but because it most closely follows the formula while generally being considered good.
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2020.04.30 18:34 BanjoTheBear Should You Watch It? Spring 2020 Edition

Winter 2020 Edition’s Thread
(The following anime have their perspectives based on only two episodes rather than the typical three: Fugou Keiji)


Banjo’s Perspective

Must Watch It
On the cusp of revolutionary change within the automobile landscape, an insane cross-country race becomes the centerpiece for those willing to test their driving mettle. Appare, an engineering savant focused on making the impossible possible, enters the competition if for nothing else than to prove his unwavering conviction. Alongside his samurai buddy Kosame and their newfound native friend Hototo, this bizarre trio shift Appare-Ranman! into turbo mode from the starting line.
The anime has been almost strictly setup thus far, but what it has provided has been downright great. An intriguing premise, a historical setting, and some neat crossovers have established a strong beginning for the narrative overall. Likewise, main and supporting characters not only present fun personalities to follow but also swell interactions that vary up their connections and interpersonal goals. And thematically, the story and the cast combine to challenge those preconceived notions and the important motivations that drive people forward.
Whether the show will stretch itself too thin with the large cast remains to be seen, and Appare himself could end up a squandered opportunity if he is not tested enough during this trek. Until then, the colorful designs, the excellent audio direction, and the nice balance of comedy and drama, joined with everything else already stated, keeps it running as smooth as can be.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Almondjoy247:

Consider It
“The story follows a mad scientist / engineer (Appare) and a swordsman (Kosame) who become stranded in good ol’ Japanese speaking California after their steamboat breaks down in the middle of the ocean. In order to earn enough money to travel back to Japan, they have to build a car to enter a trans-America race. Hilarity ensues from wacky, trope filled characters and creative character design.
Appare-Ranman!’s biggest flaw is that the world, premise and character design (that I love) dictate that this show should be lighthearted and fun. So far however, the show has started off in a too serious tone, with a focus on the characters. Appare himself is a self centered asshole with the only redeemable trait being his eccentric gadget building. That apparently necessitates the audience liking him.
I’m really torn. I want to like the show. The premise of Wacky Races with a side of Steel Ball Run and Dr. Stone sounds like a home run but so far the only reason I’m continuing to watch it is because of the promise of races to come. If the ending of episode 3 is anything to judge by, my critiques are null and void, but so far I have had more fun picking apart the show watching it with my friends than actually watching it.”


Banjo’s Perspective

Consider It
The Renaissance was a time filled with crazy discoveries and wild chances. However, its focus on art and the arts has remained the most memorable. Arte (the girl) wishes to pursue her own dreams within this artistic space, and so Arte (the anime) tells the tale of her journey from sheltered noble to fledgling journeyman (and beyond).
Arte herself is a likable character whose optimism and willpower within the situation musters forth a smile. Unfortunately, many cracks in the canvass creep into the foreground. While its themes on female empowerment are nice to see and accurate to the era, the show leans really heavily into these elements. Too much so. To the point that they become less of a notable positive and more of an awkward negative, each fallback to “She’s a woman!” this and “Not for a lady!” that bringing with it extra eyerolls as subtlety vacates the area.
Unimpressive artistry and weak storybeats continue to blemish the work, but not all hope is lost. The prospect of interesting supporting characters may signal better interconnections among the characters, and those ham-fisted themes may level off as Arte’s journey progresses. Meaning, the show may just get its own Renaissance, too.

Another Perspective, courtesy of FelixisSparky:

Watch It
“Arte is a noble girl in 16th Century Florence, during the Italian Renaissance. Arte loves art, and so did her father, but with his death, Arte’s mother is more preoccupied with saving their family from financial collapse than obeying his wishes for their daughter. Solution: Marry her off to a wealthy family! Arte is naturally not pleased with the situation, and runs off to become an apprentice in a workshop and pursue art as a career, though she’ll have to overcome societal norms and patronization every step of the way.
You’ll either love Arte or hate it, there’s no middle ground. It’s a slow burn, with a female lead, with a main character starting off with nothing but a passion for art and the knowledge that if she fails, it’s all over. We know as little about her world as she does, helping immerse us in it. Most of the characters seem like actual people with personalities, except one minor character I will not name…
If you’re a fan of shows like Eizouken and Bookworm, you’ll love Arte. On the other hand, if you watch anime for epic battles, clever mind games, or plot, you’re in the wrong place. This is a character drama.
On that note, I’ll see you in the next weekly episode discussion, where we desperately hope there won’t be a romance sub-plot.”


Banjo’s Perspective

Watch It
Humans now coexist with beastmen, anthropomorphic animals who can choose to look like humans at will. At least, they should be coexisting, but brewing animosity has forced the beastmen to live away in a secluded city called (aptly enough) Anima City. Michiru wishes to get there and live a “normal” life, but not everything goes according to plan, letting Brand New Animal (or BNA for short) claw ahead.
The makings of an awesome project exist throughout much of the anime. Nifty animated sequences showcase cool action and floaty comedic moments. Its themes on racism and a survival-of-the-fittest mentality represent important topics for discussion. And the underlying mystery which backs the storyline paves the way for a plot that appears primed for crazy reveals and creative scenarios. All well and good.
Truth be told, a bland lighting scheme doesn’t do the visuals any favors despite the dual designs going on. Moreover, the characters lack a strong foundation, leaving their presence and their impact within the anime in dire need of better writing sooner rather than later. Despite these noted shortcomings, the earlier praising stands on all fours still, branding it as an above-average offering this season.

Another Perspective, courtesy of hpanandikar:

Watch It
“After centuries of persecution and hiding, beastmen have made Anima City their utopia. Michiru Kagemori, formerly human, now tanuki beastman, seeks refuge from hunters but soon discovers that all is not well in Anima City. She teams up with Shirou Ogami, a wolf beastman and all-round badass to investigate the city’s problems and find a cure for her own mysterious transformation. Michiru appears to be something heretofore unseen, a brand new animal if you will ... roll credits.
This newest offering by Trigger is action packed and unafraid to show the darker, more bestial side of this world. It spends the first few episodes building up the characters and setting the table for the main plot. You can look forward to a unique animation style with beautiful color palettes and a fluid character design that is Trigger’s signature. The OP is one of the best of the season with extra payoff for sharp viewers. The soundtrack is fantastic and is rounded out by an excellent ED by electropop musician AAAMYYY.
Some might find the MC annoying at first but I found her an engaging character with a great VA. The core plot also needs some time to get going. The only thing preventing me from giving it a ‘must watch’ is lack of easy availability due to Netflix’s release schedule.”

Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited

(English Title: The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED)

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
People on the frontlines of police work and detective jobs deal with danger daily. Haru Katou understands this sentiment, but he faces his tasks with fairness and with respect regardless. One day, a man by the name of Daisuke Kanbe joins the field, but, instead of worrying about the “right” way to handle things, he uses his seemingly (or maybe literally) unlimited amount of money to solve their predicaments. Thus, Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited rises in stock – only to quickly plummet.
To its credit, the anime has a clean art style that has helped with the realism of the setting. Otherwise, the rest of its checks bounce. The cast is largely forgettable or uninspiring, and the narrative has failed to instill a firm hook from the get-go.
Most egregious of all, however, is the very crux of the show. Going against (to some extent) the platitude “money cannot buy happiness” should act as an intriguing reversal, but there hasn’t been any exploration of this attitude. Rather, it comes off as infuriating, arrogant, and even mean with how the scenes play out.
That’s more than likely intended, preparing for a pivotal re-reversal later. But that’s then; this is now. That is to say, the anime sadly creates next to zero entertainment and instead files for bankruptcy.

Another Perspective, courtesy of UnraveledReality:

Must Watch It
“Money is power, and with enough money all your problems can go away as well as the problems of others. At least that is how Daisuke Kanbe seems to view the world as he seemingly recklessly does things in the way that he sees fit and spends the money to accomplish his goal. This causes conflict between he and his partner Haru, as he does not like the power of money and strives to fight crime legitimacy and in his eyes, ‘morally’.
Daisuke falls somewhere in the realm of Bruce Wayne with his fortune and James Bond with his lifestyle and an opening to match of beautiful women, expensive cars, and spy-eqsue depictions shadowing what may be to come. The costs incurred in the two episodes for Daisuke so far has been Ұ84.4B, a point signifying just how ‘unlimited’ his resources really are, and I am eager to see how high it goes by the end of the series.
Honestly it is hard to tell if a meaningful story will come from this show, especially from two episodes of an 11-episode series, but one thing is for sure that it will be fun and something refreshing to enjoy from beginning to end even if it may be forgettable when all is said and done.”

Gal to Kyouryuu

(English Title: Gal & Dino)

Banjo’s Perspective

Consider It
Kaede is a normal woman who lives a gyaru lifestyle. Like any other day, she wakes up to get ready for work. But, in nonchalant fashion, she sees a harmless blue dinosaur has become her roommate. With no other setup or explanations required, Gal to Kyouryuu begins.
Although “begins” is perhaps the incorrect phrasing; it would be better to say “does what it wants”. The first half of the anime is a mixture of incorporations. Lighthearted slice-of-life segments related to Kaede. Interstitial “YouTube videos” which feature Dino. Silly comedic exchanges shared by the two. Furthermore, the art style ranges from its typical almost-Western cartoony look to soft Claymation to creative in-between frames when loading the next part.
Believe it or not, the second half of the anime is even more out there. In fact, it’s so out there it probably cannot be defined as “anime” any longer because it simply isn’t. So, the project coalesces into a ludicrous amalgamation that does what it wants and has to be seen to be believed.
Yet, this wackiness is fun. Weird, sure, but fun. Kaede is inherently a good person. Dino is a straightforward “character”. The lightsaber and airhorn sound-effects are hilarious. In short, this gal and this dinosaur form a formidable duo.

Another Perspective, courtesy of higi1024:

Watch It
“As a snobby source readerTM, I was not expecting anything exceptional from this. Considering that the manga was rather short form (8 pages/chapter), I expected an unremarkable (but fun!) short around 5 minutes long. Finding out that these were full length episodes piqued my interest and I got much more than I bargained for.
While the show is indeed keeping true to the short fun stories of the manga, it is also going beyond to introduce a new dimension (in more ways than one) to the story, essentially turning this into an anime-original work. The manga-original stories are cute as intended and can be watched as a respectable stand-alone show, but the secondary plot is where the real meat of the series is building up. It blends together meme-ery and a progressive plot that’ll keep you wanting more.
Now as somebody who was not a fan of pop team epic, I only realized afterwards that this show was being directed by the same gentleman. I will say that there are certain meme elements (especially sound effects) that are used, but it is not at the same levels of “random skits and jokes” as pop team epic
All in all, good combination of cute show with an intriguing plot. Come for the cute dino, stay for the airhorn.”


Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
Golden coins. Vending machines. Monstrous transformations. Shuiichi Kagaya is a normal dude who finds himself (for better or for worse) involved with these details against his knowledge. Claire, a fellow student and resident maniac, has said knowledge. With nobody else to turn to, Shuiichi teams up with Claire for their Gleipnir adventure, melding into a pitiful project.
Pretty much everything in the show is a wash. It pins itself as an “ecchi” series, but such content has been uncreative and repetitive in nature. The main monster design is way too goofy to take seriously. The key force behind the plot is similarly ridiculous and sigh inducing. The mystery portion of the story is lame based on its nonsensical backing. The themes on identity and desire get lost amidst the harshness. And the characters are wholly unlikable, specifically Shuiichi for his stagnate characterization and Claire for her bullying behavior.
The anime contains only one real selling point: it isn’t afraid to follow through. But that’s definitely not enough to justify how outright subpar and near inexcusable the rest of the show has gone.

Another Perspective, courtesy of Vaadwaur:

Consider It
“The main character is a Disney mascot, his partner is an ecchi blond with freckles, and the design is just fricking weird. And yet, there is quite a bit to like here: it seems to know who it is with the copious fanservice shots, though obviously not aware enough to call this a parody or anything. I've really enjoyed how it has been animated, the fights felt weighty. But primarily, this show is completely weird. We are at making Parasyte seem normal type of weird.
My suspicion is that this is a love it or hate it type show for most folks. I like the style choices they made but not everyone will. The fanservice, again, is nearly ever present. And this looks to be a very violent show. The plot wants you to take its word that it is going to get around to making sense but we haven't seen it tip its hand yet. But HanaKana is voicing a girl with a communication disorder so that's a huge plus!”

Houkago Teibou Nisshi

(English Title: Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater)

Banjo’s Perspective

Consider It
Hina Tsurugi, her mother, and her father have moved back to the seaside place that they once called home. Hina loves arts and crafts, so she makes it her mission to join the relevant club at her new school. However, a chance encounter here and a random creature there push her into a completely unwanted hobby: fishing. Yuuki, Makoto, and Natsumi welcome Hina to their group, and Houkago Teibou Nisshi casts its line into the water.
The fishes do not bite right away, for the first episode is decidedly slow and without much merit. But subsequent episodes have started to reel the audience in. The imparted wisdom about fishing rods, fishing techniques, and fishing etiquette string together a solid backbone for the slice-of-life events to rely on. Its cuteness and its comedy refrain from overbearing the relaxing mood it strives to achieve. And the production values, from the ukulele tracks to the detailed artistry, demonstrate a keen sense of style.
The anime foregoes deeper themes, so it won’t win any writing awards during its run. Also, Hina and the others are a bit on the plain side of things, hurting their outreach as fun characters. But the former isn’t exactly expected in a CGDCT show, and the latter has them working well as a group in comparison. All in all, their diary has not broken quite yet.

Another Perspective, courtesy of myaccountforweebcrap:

Watch It
“First things first, as a part of the Cute Girls Doing Cute Things subgenre, Houkago Teibou Nisshi is not exactly groundbreaking; If you’ve already watched shows about high school girls in a club for outdoors activities (eg. Yuru Camp), then you pretty much know where this show is going.
With that being said, sticking to a known format is not a bad thing in itself as long as the show knows what it is. Fortunately, Houkago Teibou Nisshi is the type of show that knows exactly what it is; a fun summery show about the four members of the ‘Teibou’ club — the fishing club of their high school.
Set in Ashikita, a coastal town in southern Japan, the show has a chill, summer vibe that perfectly matches not only its setting, but it also matches the patience, calmness and quietness who are integral to the fishing experience.
The OST, the background art and even the character writing are built to match this overall tone. Unlike many of its CGDCT counterparts, there isn’t really a genki girl in the cast nor an overly cutesy, high-pitched voice character either who would be an annoying mismatch against the chill atmosphere.
Overall, if you need a relaxing, summer-ambiented show about high school girls enjoying a hobby in this tiring times, give Houkago Teibou Nisshi a chance.”


Banjo’s Perspective

Must Watch It
Parents sometimes hide information from their children that they can do without. Kakushi Gotou – the titular character of Kakushigoto and a father to his daughter Hime Gotou – agrees wholeheartedly. To her, he is a salaryman. But, in reality, he is a semi-famous lewd-creating manga author. Kakushi never wants Hime to find out about his profession or his creations to keep her safe and innocent. Inevitably, then, this ideal becomes the focal point of this absurd yet touching story.
This anime upholds high execution across the page. A soft, simple artistic direction gives the actual animation and the swift sequences a silly flair and a comedic edge. Narratively, it succeeds with its assortment of creative scenarios and with its thematic introspection of being a dad. The characters themselves shine bright: Kakushi is an upstanding guy, Hime is a cute kid, and the side cast introduce their own fun.
Simultaneously, a future subplot of sorts hints at further dramatic developments that (in a paradoxical current retrospection) instill a new viewpoint to the entire tale. Altogether, the anime strikes at the right emotions with the right ideas, drawing up a fantastic show without a doubt.

Another Perspective, courtesy of MightyMouseVsBatBat:

Consider It
“Kakushigoto is a story about secrets. On the surface it's the secret our main character, Gogou Kakushi, is keeping from his daughter, Hime. Kakushi works as a mangaka and is the creator of a very popular but lewd series. Underneath is the secret that the show itself is keeping from the viewer. There are a series of hints dropped during the OP, the ED, and through the narrative that some event may be coming that will change the world for these characters.
It's this underlying secret that prevents me from giving this show a wholehearted "Watch it!" I have already fallen in love with Hime, and I would love to share an after-work drink with Kakushi and his crew. I'm not prepared for the feelings that I'm sure will burst forth if something bad happens. The anime is scheduled to reveal its ending at the same time as the manga, which will then complete its run.
But it's also this secret that prevents me from rating Kakushigoto as "Drop it" as well. The show as itself is standard slice-of-life fare and most of the scenarios are familiar and the new perspectives are thin. The fundamental components: the character designs, the animation, the music, and the voice acting, are all good, but not exceptional. I keep watching because I need to know the secret. I don't know if I want to know, but I have to know.”

Kami no Tou

(English Title: Tower of God)

Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
The promise of granted wishes awaits at the end of Kami no Tou. A girl named Rachel vies to see her own wish come true, leaving behind Bam, a boy whose whole life revolves around her and her alone. Incapable of accepting her departure, Bam commits himself to climbing the tower to chase after Rachel, putting his courage and his determination to the test. Except the anime has already received a failing grade.
Its low marks pop up as mediocrity in most spots. For example, the meager, off-hand world-building comes off as inconsequential in the grander context of the story. Then the main characters have little going for them, both in terms of personas and their contributions. And the random inclusion of comedic asides has almost no place next to the murder and the near-death events, serving to prove its tone-deaf direction.
Worse still, the narrative has incredibly asinine motivations: “Because he’s cute”, “I’m just bored”, “It’s only luck”, “Instinct”. These reasonings for why scenes transpire indicate lazy storytelling at best and shoddy depth at worst.
Not to mention a weak thematic angle, flaccid artistry, and unremarkable events. Indeed, this game of Jenga is mortal, wounded, and bleeding out fast.

Another Perspective, courtesy of aefii:

Must Watch It
“In Tower of God, Bam is looking for his one and only friend Rachel, who made the choice to enter and to climb the floors of the ‘Tower’. Bam therefore goes after her in the tower where the summit is the object of much lust. Many fights await him during his quest.
While the story seems quite generic described that way, many things make the show unique and enjoyable. Starting with the colorful art that is a feast for the eyes. The characters all have different reasons to climb the tower and their first interactions with the main character are very interesting and promising.
It would be criminal not to emphasize Kevin Penkin’s (notably known for his work on Made in Abyss and The Rising of the Shield Hero) work on the soundtrack. It is definitely one of the strongest points of the show, the music immerses us perfectly in the heavy and mysterious atmosphere of Tower of God.
I highly recommend this to anyone. If the overall quality remains the same, it will be without a doubt one of the anime of the year.”


Banjo’s Perspective

Drop It
Within Listeners, regular folk fear the Earless, nebulous giants that destroy anything nearby. Echo, a scrap sifter, seems to enjoy his unenviable job, if only because it gives him the opportunity to tinker away with his fancy Equipment. One day, he stumbles upon an amnesiac girl sleeping beneath a mound of rubble, naming her Myuu. She is a Player, and the two team up to move Echo out of his stagnate rut and to uncover the unknown past of Myuu herself.
But, metaphorically, the volume knob has been turned down.
That premise seems interesting enough, and it is, but the anime contains too many other inadequacies to justify its original concept. Less-than-stellar CG builds and stiff artistry prevent grander appeal. Even worse, on the sound side of the production values, the music and the audio design have not reached remotely close to the impressive threshold. And its awful tries at tense battles mute more of its entertaining chances.
The narrative has plotted out a solid path for Echo and Myuu to follow, but it’s a huge uphill battle now. Echo and Myuu are ineffective protagonists; side characters miss out on adequate time to be meaningful; themes on purpose have wilted away. What’s left, then, is an anime that just isn’t listening.

Another Perspective, courtesy of whispywoods:

Watch It
“From the creator behind the award-winning mecha series Eureka Seven, Listeners is a new original mecha with a lot of similarities to its predecessor. In a world roamed by shadowy monsters called the Earless, mankind’s defenders are people called Players: those born with an audio jack in their body that can connect to an amp-mecha to fight the Earless with music-powered mecha battles. If that sounds awesome, it’s because it is!
This show has been described by staff as being for anyone who is a fan of ‘music, mecha, or both’. It contains numerous references to musical artists, and it's fun trying to catch them all each episode! I'm not well-versed in the mecha genre, but I find the battles in this show engaging and fun.
For me, the characters are the best part of the show. Mu, the heroine, is a headstong punk-rock amnesiac. Echo, the protagonist, is a mecha fanboy who plays support/mechanic to Mu's battles. It's refreshing to see the usual gender dynamic switched around, and the relationship between the two is adorable and sweet. The supporting characters of the series are also intriguing, and I want to see more of them!
All in all, I would definitely recommend at least checking out this series. It's always good to see an original series with such potential, and I can't wait to see where the story goes next!”

Nami yo Kiitekure

(English Title: Wave, Listen to Me!)

Banjo’s Perspective

Must Watch It
Minare Koda spends her days working at a dead-end restaurant job and her nights drinking her sorrows into ranting oblivion. It so happens that, during a particularly fateful alcoholic mission, she inadvertently pulls herself into the field of local radio. Nami yo Kiitekure captures this story, chronicling Minare and her struggles with brilliant delivery.
This anime maintains this brilliance both in its construction and in its execution. The comedy carries wit, inventiveness, and charm, fostering laugh after laugh within each episode. Great dialogue allows its scenes to flourish with ease. Its niche premise provides ever more intrigue. Neat artistry and slick animation bolster the show further. The characters feel real and personable.
And, as a separate yet equally vital note, massive shoutouts to the voice actress of Minare herself: Riho Sugiyama. Despite her newbie status, she has presented early here a phenomenal performance and earns praise as well.
Praising of this project continues. The adult cast is refreshing to say the least. The themes on having a voice and speaking one’s mind are relatable. The music selections, the romance pieces, and the writing chops are positive, positive, and positive.
Simply put, this anime is one of the best this season, deserving a return greeting to its own waving.

Another Perspective, courtesy of KVShady:

Watch It
“Nami yo Kiitekure is the latest show from Sunrise, who made genre defining classics such as Gundam, Love Live and while it may fall short of those series, I think it is a fun watch, especially for fans of adult workplace comedies such as Wotakoi
The story is about 26 year old Minare Koda, who experiences heartbreak and decides to drink the night away, rambling her frustrations to a radio show producer who is impressed by her way of speaking clearly and communicating her thoughts in an interesting manner. After a set of hilarious events, Minare decides to accept the role of a late night radio show host and the series deals with how she handles this new and unexpected change in her life, while balancing people from her current workplace and her previous workplace, a curry shop.
While the characters are generally good, it is Minare, voiced by newbie seiyuu Sugiyama Riho, who absolutely steals the show with her charming personality and boisterous radio presence. The supporting cast is diverse and have a fair bit of personality, making them more interesting and multi-faceted.
Animation is well done, as expected of Sunrise and while the OST is nothing special, it gets the job done. So, my recommendation is watch the first few episodes and judge for yourselves if this is a wave you're willing to listen and follow.”

Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta…

(English Title: My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!)

Banjo’s Perspective

Watch It
Visual novels are a staple genre of gaming and reading hobbies. What’s not as common is being teleported into a fantasy world that emulates one of these VNs. And what’s unique would be replacing the evil villain of the tale and changing the direction it goes to avoid the destined bad endings. I.e., Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta…
Such a story has been filled to the brim with great decisions. A water-color-esque art style paints the setting in a relevant way. Nice setup all-around has created a good stepping-stone for the rest of the episodes. And the comedy and the drama aren’t too wild one way or the other, keeping things balanced.
Maaya Uchida, the voice actress for Katarina, also earns shoutouts this season for performing multiple variations of the same lead role in a flawless manner.
Several inherent restrictions keep the anime from being a super-high contender. The characters go without the most complex arcs imaginable. Dutiful themes aren’t paramount to the experience. And the true-harem circle going on probably means a definitive winner will not emerge anytime soon. In other words, it’ll most likely be pure hijinks and not much else.
Even so, the project has no glaring flaws otherwise, so these hijinks see hilarity and smiles – not doom – in their future.

Another Perspective, courtesy of NeoTheMute:

Consider It
“For many weebs, the idea of being reincarnated as the protagonist of a dating sim would be a dream come true. Unfortunately for our hapless heroine, she finds herself in the body of Catarina Claes, main antagonist of the dating sim Fortune Lover. As she recalls the details of the game’s plot, our heroine realizes that every possible ending will bring her either death or exile. Thus, her only option is to meddle with the script and avoid all of the doom flags.
The show gives a unique look at how a protagonist can affect the world around them: through our heroine’s memories, we’re shown how events play out in the game, where Catarina is cartoonishly evil. Compare that to the actions of our heroine, who uses Catarina’s life for the better of those around her. She is a very active, if unpredictable protagonist, and it’s enjoyable to watch her positively affect the supporting cast.
The stakes, however, don’t feel very high. Most of the bad endings for Catarina are achieved by acting like a monster; our heroine is fortunately a decent human being. This undermines the premise a bit and spoils a lot of the tension. What we're left with, then, is a goofy reverse harem with the faint possibility of doom looming on the horizon. It has merit enough, but you won’t be missing anything mind-blowing.”

Yesterday wo Utatte

(English Title: Sing “Yesterday” for Me)

Banjo’s Perspective

Watch It
Rikuo Uozumi leads a normal, everyday life. He has a close friend or two, his job as a convenient-store clerk isn’t quite exciting, and photography is a hobby for him. This realistic simplicity likewise categorizes Shinako, Haru, and Rou, the other prominent characters of Yesterday wo Utatte. Their relationships define this story – including the drama that their interactions cause.
It cannot be understated how grounded the show portrays itself. Besides a crow with a limp talon getting summoned from afar on occasion, the narrative and the presentation settle on realism. Talking in the park. Caring for a sick person. Meeting with family. The events and the connections want to be real for the viewer, so these scenes stick to this mantra.
Same goes for the romance involved and the reactions which occur. While that realism motif gives the anime its heading, the thematic takes on shared bonds and love in general supply it with the slight dramatic guidance required to make this a story worth telling.
Realistically, however, the project is not without a couple of worries. Their “random” encounters often come off as very coincidental. Almost too much so. It layers an unnatural force within the narrative that ironically goes against its realistic outlook. Similarly, neither the scenes nor the characters have been all that captivating (let alone outstanding), for more groundwork on both fronts is likely needed.
Worries aside, the nice production values, the apparent maturity, and the purposeful decision to skip an opening track for more content ensure the anime remains a good option today and the days forthcoming.

Another Perspective, courtesy of unprecedentedwolf:

Watch It
“Early adulthood is a particularly fascinating stage of life, childhood naivete still lingering as one gets hit with new wave of responsibilities and expectations. Not everyone finds themselves adequate, some fall through the cracks and exist on the outskirts of society, perhaps with a job more fitting for a student than a graduate, they keep on living in a world that just doesn’t seem right.
Such personalities make the bulk of the cast of ‘Sing “Yesterday” For Me’. It’s a relatively simple romance/drama, with all characters having some sort of affinity for one another and emotional baggage that makes it hard to form connections. What makes it stand out is the melancholic, grungy atmosphere, and the washed-out color scheme, appropriate for the turn-of-millenia period during which the original comic book series started.
I think whether you enjoy this show will mostly depend on how you like the characters - whether you find their struggles relatable and their awkwardness charming, or if you think they are just boring cliches, bumbling around aimlessly instead of getting to the point. Personally I’m greatly enjoying the show - it’s quiet humour, weird dialogues and shots with almost palpable sense of longing are tugging right at my heartstrings. It kinda reminds me of ‘Just Because’ with themes mixed from something like ‘Solanin’ or ‘Pumpkin and Mayonnaise’, making it a rather unique position.”
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2019.09.17 05:50 SomePersonWithAFace Dating sims, adolescence, and HuniePop

A few years ago, a post was created in this sub about dating sims, their oversexualization, and oversimplified gameplay (memorization, economy etc). And I want to share my thoughts. TLDR: conversations, emotions, sentiment, Dom/sub, gender roles, and sexuality are difficult to model, and the huniepop's abstraction as a puzzle gives the game a nuance beyond face value as a dating simulator, despite the horrible economic system.
When I was a child, like any mischievous 14 year old, I spent time on newgrounds looking at anime content. I remember playing a love Hina dating sim (anyone played it?) that was pretty good for a Flash game in 2005ish. There were some other dating sims that had realistic student-adult transitions and economic choices. There were usually only like 5-10 possible careers and the transitions were oversimplified, but as a kid I loved seeing how long it takes to "get the girl". Underneath the hood, I think our gameplay style was heavily influenced by our biases and privileges.
The "fast" gameplay was always education, high paying jobs, expensive gifts, fast and sexual gameplay.
Now I'm 29 and one of the most well reviewed dating sims on steam is HuniePop, a bejewelled clone with some fairly benign solo nudes and relationship questions. "Is lying okay" "what do you think of parties" etc.
Sure the cougar wants to hear the answer "lying is okay, my husband won't know" but are you really that type of guy who wants to get in the middle? Sure the party girl wants to hear smoking pot is super cool, but does her ego and "gets what she wants" attitude really need that? Or are you just looking for indulgence and a fling?
While the economic component is really lackluster, the conversational component almost trivial, and the gift system extremely boring and unrewarding, I find that the puzzle component to a "date" is a good reflection of how conversations and experiences really are.
Gameplay is definitely "you get out what you put in" and imagination is a useful component towards making the game fulfilling. It's not just, tell the girls what you think they want to hear and the dates are just about pattern matching and persistence.
The colorizarion of the tokens reflects conversational topics, body language, and shared experience: flirtation, sexuality (sure), and sentiment, talent, romance, passion etc. Conversation pace and "extended time" components are built in and made very abstract. Its not actually timed per se, but you do have a fixed number of moves to start to score "points"... If you don't put thought into the conversation, it's just a simple puzzle game with the goal of an eventual semi-nude or vaguely h-related image. The sexuality scene is similarly just abstracted as a puzzle game. But if you don't recognize the negative and positive, dominant and submissive roles/goals, and imagine how a date with a young woman you're trying not to creep on to hard, vs an older cougar who is just looking for free meals, booze, and uses sexuality aggressively... the game is very unrealistic and boring. I've played the game for hours at this point on normal and hard difficulty, and imagining a date conversation with someone is a considerable workout for my flirtatious to be, how passive to be, what the woman's style is, how your age and finance could affect your response and speed in the real world...
I think....I think I prefer the more mechanical and lifestyle mixing of the other dating sims where simulating career progression alongside dating is just as useful as simulated conversations... I just want the readers to give the game a chance and remind themselves that there is plenty of hentai online, and the gameplay is mostly about how difficult and puzzling personalities and conversations really are, as well as yours or others' romantic, emotional, and sexual intentions.
Also, it's worth noting that there is no one fixed way of having successful conversation on a date, or even one way of finding physical and sexual chemistry as a consequence of the date, abstraction saves developers time, is enjoyable in and of itself, and leaves it to the extent of your interest or imagination what a date with a girl could really be like, conversational transitions, and flirtation.
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2019.08.15 09:52 kentaro6 Please recommend me a Dating Sim similar to Shira Oka?

Hi, I'd like to play a dating sim similar to Shira Oka : Second Chances , playing as a Male and dating Females, does anybody have any recommendation? I loved the stats part of the game and all of the freedom I had (going to x place, train x stat, do x work, talk to that one girl and ignore the rest, etc. ) , but I cannot seem to find anything like that, be it english or translated :/ I've played many dating sim flashgames like this, but they were just flashes of course and not extensive at all. (ex. Galaxy Angels simdate, Love Hina simdate and so on).
Just to be clear, I really don't enjoy visual novels that ONLY have text choices and I really dislike kinetic novels. I want to have some kind of gameplay that is about management/slice of life and basically only targeted to the romance and dating aspect. Therefore, please don't recommend Persona or any of the kind (although I loved that game when I was in my RPG spree).
I realize that Shira Oka wasn't really well accepted by the community, but I love it to bits and played through all of the routes three times. I loved that my character could grow, get ill, get perks, remember stuff from other routes (this is obviously an optional thing but it was so nice), learn stuff from the japanese culture and have choices that matter. Games that I liked similar to what I'm looking for : Sunrider Academy , Heartache 101, Little Witch Academia (although these last 2 had less freedom) . I've looked into Magical Diary but you play as a female and I'm not very keen for that.
As said in the title, I don't care if it doesn't have NSFW content, but if it does it's better. It fullfills my research purposes. Ah, also, I would like it to be in English language or translated somehow as the story is very important to me and sadly I can't read japanese.
I know I'm asking for A LOT of specific stuff, but I figured that asking here might be worth a shot since I haven't found anything similar in the past 3 years.
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2019.01.18 01:04 KeilCerno284 Gaming Engine

Does anyone know what engine was used to make games such as Pico Sim Date, Love Hina, and SimGirls?

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2018.06.06 15:49 ggghost69 A more playable dating sim

Hello could you recommend me a dating sim game where there is more gameplay than just choosing between a few options every now and then?
To clarify I would like a dating sim game, not a game with dating sim elements. What I mean by this is I would like the game to focus on the girls and building a relationship.
Here is an example of what Im looking for but a bit more complex long (BTW I played all the games from that dev)
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2018.06.06 15:25 ggghost69 A more playable Dating Sim

Hello could you recommend me a dating sim game where there is more gameplay than just choosing between a few options every now and then?
To clarify I would like a dating sim game, not a game with dating sim elements. What I mean by this is I would like the game to focus on the girls and building a relationship.
Here is an example of what Im looking for but a bit more complex long (BTW I played all the games from that dev)
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2018.03.12 21:59 kaverik [Rewatch] [Spoilers] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - Episode 4 Discussion (rewatch #2)

Episode 4 - Not Losing to Elbows, Not Losing to Knees/The Antenna Is Rising... We Must Attempt to Live!

<--- Previous Episode Next Episode --->

Rewatch Schedule and Index


Spoiler Policy

I absolutely don't want anyone to spoil Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei for newcomers (those who have already watched it might understand me), and I'm against any sort of implying or teasing information of any sort. If you want to say anything in spoiler tags, please, do it in the separate paragraph at the end of your comment, and try to be as concise as possible.

Art of the Day


by Hideo Nishimoto

Manga Chapters

ch.5 and ch.7

List of references

If you've spotted more references, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

Link to the episode discussion of the first rewatch

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2017.12.15 01:36 ggghost69 Playable non visual novel dating sims

Hello guys/grills can you recommend me a playable dating sim game where you actually play something rather than clicking and reading tons of text? (choosing between a few options every now and then doesn't count as playing for me either).
Here is an example of what Im looking for but a bit more complex long (BTW I played all the games from that dev)
To clarify I would like a dating sim game, not a game with dating sim elements. What I mean by this is I would like the game to focus on the girls and building a relationship.
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2017.12.14 21:02 ggghost69 Playable non visual novel dating sims

Hello guys/grills can you recommend me a playable dating sim game where you actually play something rather than clicking and reading tons of text? (choosing between a few options every now and then doesn't count as playing for me either).
Here is an example of what Im looking for but a bit more complex long (BTW I played all the games from that dev)
To clarify I would like a dating sim game, not a game with dating sim elements. What I mean by this is I would like the game to focus on the girls and building a relationship.
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2017.12.14 20:51 ggghost69 Playable non visual novel dating sims

Hello guys/grills can you recommend me a playable dating sim game where you actually play something rather than clicking and reading tons of text? (choosing between a few options every now and then doesn't count as playing for me either).
Here is an example of what Im looking for but a bit more complex long (BTW I played all the games from that dev)
EDIT: To clarify I would like a dating sim game, not a game with dating sim elements. What I mean by this is I would like the game to focus on the girls and building a relationship.
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2017.12.12 18:55 ggghost69 Playable non visual novel dating sims

Hello guys/grills can you recommend me a playable dating sim game where you actually play something rather than clicking and reading tons of text? (choosing between a few options every now and then doesn't count as playing for me either).
Here is an example of what Im looking for but a bit more complex long (BTW I played all the games from that dev)
EDIT: To clarify I would like a dating sim game, not a game with dating sim elements. What I mean by this is I would like the game to focus on the girls and building a relationship.
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2017.10.16 22:37 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 181: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • >>>CONT
    • He's worked for the Congress making 160 thousand a year
    • He's got 12 businesses got 22 22 22 businesses 12 properties
    • What's going on?
    • And so that's basically the the gist that you can tell your local television person
    • And then I would forward and copy each one to yourself
    • So the other television stations know that you're sending it to other TV stations, to put a little competitiveness and into the into the mix
    • Well this weekend your Congressman will be home
    • So now would be a good time to have local media contact local media and ask them about the lawsuit about--this guy in Pakistan doing hundreds of suspicious money transfers
    • And sending terabytes of Congressional data your data to Pakistan
  • Day 359.1 I Just Want To Offshore the Spy Ring in Congress - YouTube
    • Good morning at state 359
    • And someone sent me this email or tweet tweeted this thing by outer light this guy from New Zealand who's a favorite of mine
    • And he's talking about the this one auditor named Dan in the United States sets meticulously gone through a hundred and eighty thousand of Hillary's emails that were released in September of last year
    • And two of the big findings here was one Rex Tillerson was put in with the security clearance in 2013
    • And then the other piece is that in all of these emails, and he's about a third of the way through the hundred eighty thousand, he's going through each document the first five to ten pages of each document, so it's really a massive undertaking
    • Is that Bill Clinton is not mentioned Bill Clinton is not mentioned in any of these emails even casually--like will Bill be there? Should I come over for dinner? Will Bill like to sit for dinner?
    • And this has been my point all along that we have to follow the documentation we can't-- have just this concept in our heads and then that's just look going to be the way it is when new evidence comes to light we have to accept the new evidence
    • I had someone Twitter yesterday say well extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof
    • Not really
    • Working theory although it may be extraordinary means that you keep your mind flexible
    • So that as new data comes out that you slightly change slightly modify on a daily basis selected Stinger missile you slightly modify it in order to get to the truth and that's the key here: it's not about being right and it's not about being wrong
    • It's about being flexible
    • And it's about vetting
    • So extraordinary working theory requires extraordinary vetting
    • But here's a guy who is a top auditor 180,000 documents in he's 60,000 documents in to 180,000 documents top-level Auditor:
    • Nothing about William Jefferson Clinton
    • And this goes back to what I've said before all the way going back to Arkansas and Mena Airport, even if you want to go back to 1984 it's been Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary
    • Bill has had his troubles on the sex side with the parties and all that cocaine I get all that
    • But all this subterfuge stuff were you're using the oil business to then enable a drug Burt and weapons trade is all gonna be going back to George Bush and George Bush's contacts and with with Hillary
    • And then Tillerson basically gets implanted here as a replacement for Hillary, because Obama doesn't trust Hillary
    • I'm just saying that these are the key pieces of evidence that you have to look to, right?
    • Now this person here that Chad Calderon said, "hey your mangos are in this too by the way"
    • And I haven't got that far yet because I wanted to make a point on this and it's gonna be the same way in our lawsuit
    • The problem somebody said oh Standing Rock this reminds me a lot of Standing Rock and the what I said was the problem with Standing Rock is they were standing in the wrong place you need to be standing in a courtroom if you have any chance at all against these guys
    • Someone else said this is such a massive thing--what if a million people did this
    • And my point on this whole series is how few people how few people it takes to effect change
    • A hundred and we're up to 150 Congressional districts now
    • We picked up Arkansas overnight
    • We still need Delaware but 44 states
    • Now excuse me 44 states 150 districts this is going to be a campaign issue the reason why I turn to Pakistani ISI green is because the data your iConstituent data did go to Pakistan and it is being entrusted to Imran Awan since 2000
    • That's the key point here right
    • So if you mr. Congressman want this to be a campaign issue continue to do nothing continue to do nothing!
    • But we're putting on notice that between now and a year from now, when you go to re-election, your opponent is free to use this
    • If you're gonna let Imran Awan use this information as a club against the American people with possibly opium targeting veterans of veterans families and from what we've seen from the VA it certainly points in that direction, it certainly doesn't point to just incompetence, then we're gonna take the club out of Imran head and give it to your opponent
    • Now you can turn into a Louie Gohmert and China and and and beat against Pakistani ISI right you can turn around and join the join the fight no more fake hearings but real hearings and you can call for hearings
    • Now this is something we don't have to wait for in the court this is why the court of public opinion is so important
    • You win battles every day in the court of public opinion
    • You don't wait for the courtrooms
    • Napoleon said, "the eagle flies from steeple of steeple"--you don't wait
    • You go and win the next battle the next day you don't wait and that's the key to this whole thing
    • So now we have standing in a hundred and fifty Congressional districts
    • This will fill itself out by by the end of the weekend
    • A couple of interesting things Ted lose thirty three down here
    • We've got Ted Lieu's thirty three Long Beach
    • I still think part of Long Beach is in 33 but I might be totally wrong 38 is where Long Beach is
    • So we still need 38 and we're gonna turn this
    • Now because what we don't need 435 Louie Gohmerts
    • We don't need 435 we need 135
    • We actually only need about 25 or 30 to get the Congressional committees going, but it with 130 to 150
    • We got enough to get the Congressional committees going that's the key with real real Congressional hearings
    • So in one day we got the critical mass for what we needed for Congressional hearings
    • Now I want to turn this into looking at the actual blackberry carriers
    • The current carriers the current 20 carriers
    • And we're going to do this just through metadata
    • And then we're gonna also get to get the hundred 50 carriers since 2000 there may be more than 150 blackberry carriers
    • But these are going to be the secret encrypted advice devices that enable a enable ratlines
    • And as I said from the beginning of the story oil ratlines then be get drug and weapons ratlines--that's all there is to it
    • That nasty part of this and I'm I'm not trying to break up the CIA's business
    • The nasty part of this is when Hillary brought this in 1998 to Bill Clinton through special decision directive 62
    • And decided to onshore this is my key point they decided onshore the things that Dyncorp been happily doing overseas--the organ harvesting, and the child trafficking, or the the teen brides
    • I am just saying stop keep CIA can keep all that business, but stop on shoring the organ harvesting stop onshoring the opiate targeting
    • Those are my two key things
    • And turn the dial up to over 15 as far as the bride targeting
    • Get Evan McMullen out of this operation
    • Get the Brotherhood out of this operation
    • Stop doing this in the United States
    • I want to go more to an England model--Where we affect all these horrible tragedies on other nations not our own people
    • Someone else can worry about cleaning up the CIA after that
    • I just want the CIA out of the drug business--stop the organ harvesting, all of this kind of stuff that they used to be happy just doing overseas
    • This Hillary factor of onshoring this stuff is what I am against
    • Offshore it and I'll be quiet
  • Day 359.2. Now On To House Armed Services Committee For Awan IConstituent Info - YouTube
    • This is Day 359 part 2 I want to clarify what I said in the last video
    • All I'm trying to do is is take it one step at a time take it one step at a time, and just work on the things that we can get done in the u.s. before we take on the whole world
    • What always happens is there's ideologues they come into the discussion they say the whole world is corrupt, and then they zoom out
    • And what I'm trying to say is in this battle you zoom in
    • It's not looking for a hundred and fifty people to agree with you it's looking for a hundred and fifty people with standing, who will send letters notice letters to their Congressmen that's very very different than getting 150 people to agree with you
    • And so what we accomplished yesterday was things that take months at major legal firms months to get 150 different people in a class with standing for a legal for a legal battle
    • So I will take on the other ills in the world court, but we have to get the operations out of the u.s. first
    • Now the good news here in the in the in the sign up here at the Imran iConstituent the Awan constituent map is
    • We picked up arkansas we picked up oklahoma, so we have standing in those states
    • Now we just need to get Kansas Wyoming South Dakota and North Dakota and then Delaware DC and Rhode Island
    • So I don't know what the sticky point there is, but I would really love to get those states just
    • So we have the whole map
    • So we can stand in front of the court and say your honor we've heard from every state in this country every state in this country your honor and ladies and gentlemen the jury, that have come forward with standing in this Imran Awan constituent data going to Pakistan
    • Terabytes of this data going to Pakistan
    • Every state in this country has stepped forward--every state
    • That's going to allow us to talk to all the Senators of a Senate Armed Services Committee and make that same statement in front of testimony there
    • And then we're going to be able to sit in front of the House Armed Services Committee the one the largest committee in the United States 62 members
    • We're gonna be able to stay stand in front of them and say every state in this country every state in this country has said they want their data from Imran Awan
    • And they want to know what's gone to Pakistan and they want to know why terabytes are going over 3-month period
    • They want to know about the hundreds of suspicious activity money transfers
    • That's very important that we get every state
    • So the other piece to this is we're gonna drill down on committees now
    • So we're gonna look at the BlackBerry carriers
    • We're gonna do maps for those
    • Again, it's win one battle every day win one battle every day, rather than trying to--be ideological and then speak from a ideological platform
    • It's more win one battle every day Napoleon the eagle flies from steeple to steeple win one battle every day
    • So the battle I'm gonna win today is I'm gonna drill down on the Senate Armed Services Committee I'm gonna see how many people we already have then we're gonna target those people that don't that we haven't signed up yet
    • I would guess that we've got probably half of them already
    • But I'll do that research
    • That's the next one Senate Armed Services Committee with drill down make sure we got every member of that committee
    • So I can stand in front of that committee or someone else can stand in front of the committee and say "we have every we have standing from members of every individual every individual on this committee every individual or subcommittee that their data is on a server, iContituent server, that we believe is in Pakistan"
    • "From everything all the reports we've received we have clear but a probable belief that that data is now in Pakistan in the hands of potential enemies that are running dark weapons and drugs trade in Pakistan"
    • That's the idea here the ego flies from steeple to steeple as Napoleon said when one battle of every day every day in the court of public opinion
    • That will win the battle in the long term by itself as long as we concentrate on winning one battle every day
    • I of course will go to the World Court of course I'll go to the NATO countries of course I'll do all that other stuff to eliminate the DynCorp type practices around the world
    • But the first battle is in the Battle of the United States
    • Its opiate targeting against veterans
    • I just saw a thing that came out about the veterans
    • We've already got some we've already changed reporting policy at the Veterans Administration, where they're going to report bad behavior within five days
    • That's a new that's a new bill that's already been put up today, yesterday
    • So I want to say that there is day-to-day progress here
    • And new bills being introduced...
    • We must must keep the pressure up when one battle everyday the eagle flies from steeple steeple
  • Day 359.3. Mr Chairman, Why Are Terabytes of My Data Going To Pakistan? - YouTube
    • Day 358 this is what I said I was gonna do
    • This is the Armed Services Committee this is a big this is a big committee but I'm just gonna show how the campaign we've already run already has four out of the top six
    • Now we don't have Mac Thornberry
    • Mac Thornberry is Texas 13 Texas 13--unlucky Texas 13 lucky Texas 13 however you want to think about Texas 13
    • I think that's Texas Panhandle: we need the Texas Panhandle
    • We need to go in and say hey Mac-- why are we setting terabytes of data to Pakistan?
    • Why hundreds of suspicious money transfers?
    • Why for 17 years is this I can stitch why is Imran Awan worked for 17 years in this house for iConstituent
    • So we need Texas 13 good news is we already had that him Smith here in Washington he's already that's Washington 9 we got Adam Smith already
    • So this is the good news
    • This is kind of more of a victory lap here
    • We're not gonna other than just to show you the Senate Armed Services Committee are the House Armed Services Committee members
    • These folks are never much in the spotlight they want to keep this on the down-low
    • Here's Walter Jones North Carolina 3 in our database
    • Here's Rob Brady Pennsylvania one already in our database already been served
    • Joe Wilson people South Carolina South Carolina-everybody remembers him standing up saying you lie to the President--And getting censured in the House for doing that
    • So yeah he is on the Armed Services Committee
    • And then we've got those first we've got those last four that I mentioned but we don't have Susan Davis over here in 53
    • Now 53 over here I believe is San Diego--the Navy SEALs all that sort of thing
    • For goodness gracious if one district in the country one district in the country would want the iConstituent and all the other data out of Pakistan and the terabytes of data to flow to Pakistan and the hundreds of suspicious money transfers to Pakistan, it would be a California 53
    • If we can't get California 53, we can't get anybody
    • We need to serve Susan Davis and see those details because we're our Navy SEALs are based down there in Coronado Island
    • I don't want to really go through all the members other than to give you just a look to see if your members on here or not
    • If you see your member already it'll keep me from having to look them all up
    • I know we've done it very well in Washington for some reason just almost
    • I think that's our highest percentage we've got the Senate and House only require a quorum of 20% I believe
    • So we're at about 120 130 140 districts Senate BR the house being 435 members
    • I think we only need I mean we're well over a hundred for sure 120
    • So we're well over what we need is a quorum
    • So there's Jackie Speier--we've got to get Jackie Spears district
    • I don't know which one in California that is I know it's San Mateo where I used to work in California
    • I'll just keep going through and you can see how many members there are this is a big committee there's Tulsi Gabbard we have her committee I know Hawaii 2
    • She's gonna end up being here oh by the way
    • In every story of course you've got heroes but that causes or lays the groundwork for a hero in this case a heroine
    • She's got military service she knows you start weapons are a bad idea she knows drugs is the military looks at drugs is just a soft weapon
    • They see drugs and weapons on the same scale
    • And dark weapons all on a scale
    • They say well we're gonna have soft weapons come into the US and dark weapons go out
    • We're gonna have a soft opiate-targeting campaign in the U.S. against the deplorables
    • We'll have a overt--hot, high-intensity campaign in the the drug regions
    • So it's they almost see it as just two separate conflicts
    • The problem with low intensity campaigns
    • The problem with soft targeting the drug this Tulsi Gabbard understands how this is yin and yang, is you they go after children
    • They go out for the children of your targets first
    • Because it's you can't really put everything together
    • It's it's more subtle it's more covert
    • It's it's nasty this is why Kennedy made the speech at American University and said we need to fight our armies during the day between man not at night against the children and the wives
    • So I'll keep going through here
    • So you can see just how big this committee really is
    • And if if I recognize any of the committee's we've already got
    • Well like we got a 50% chance in New Hampshire I know we've got half of New Hampshire
    • I know we've got all of Alabama--we're not doing to what we need to do better in about Alabama
    • Let's just keep going through here sorry I'm a little off kilter here
    • We've got a lot in California, so there's a good chance we might already have struck paydirt in California
    • We've got a lot in New York a lot in Texas we've got some Tennessee
    • Now maybe there's less than I thought there's more a lot more Republicans than I thought
    • I'm sorry Jim banks I know that guy he's that's my Congressman
    • So I know he's been served, saying then of course Liz Cheney who has her who has her office in the basement just like chick dick JD Dick Cheney did it with his office in the basement of the White House
    • So there you go
    • If you see a representative it's not nearly sixty two I don't think you see a representative save me a little time tell me a little bit more about you representative what cities what defense the possible defense contract he has in the city or she has in the city
    • I think it's a lot smaller than 62
    • It's gonna be I thought it was 27 I asked this guy goes no it's 62
    • So anyway we'll see how many it turns out be
    • So help me out with the Senate arm or the House Armed Services Committee
  • Day 359.4. Rep Steve King Says Awan Spy Ring Sold Secrets - YouTube
    • This is Day 359 part 4 very big development here from Thomas Paine True Pundit came out with this article
    • This article basically states that Steve King Congressman Steve King is sounded the alarm--sounded the alarm about the Awan clan
    • And the Awan clan basically is sending secrets to Pakistan and then other places
    • So here's Steve King interview and article
    • This is significant
    • This is a sort of a transition now from the fake hearing
    • Now we're going to be transitioning to real hearings
    • When you say that the five or six million dollars that the Juan's got is not really that significant that hundreds of thousands of dollars of IT equipment being sent to Pakistan's not really that significant
    • But the secrets and a spy ring at Congress is the issue--you've cracked you've cracked through
    • Here we've got Steve King not just saying not just saying Imran Awan not just saying his wife, but his whole clan
    • All the brothers Abid, Jamal, as well as their wives Natalia Sova, Hina Alvi, as well as the friends Haseeb Rana and RAO Speedwagon Abbas
    • So this is him saying the money the bank fraud is a pittance to what the big deal this is a big deal he said
    • It's not the six or seven million it's not the hundred twenty thousand dollars were the equipment here the biggest thing is the brothers who wants wife and friend all that access to the private emails and electronic communications of all the members of Congress
    • Now if you were a mother that had a child that was returning from Afghanistan and had PTSD is <
  • Day 360.1. Awan My Records - We Have Nine of First Ten HASC - YouTube
    • Day 360 and we've come full-circle 360 degrees in the circle this started all with pay-to-play and here we are 360 days later talking about pay-to-play
    • ay 360 and we've come full-circle 360 degrees in the circle this started all with pay-to-play and here we are 360 days later talking about pay-to-play
    • So we're gonna go to the Trello board from
    • Now on for all the letters that have been sent
    • So I have somebody that's bygone of sweeping the day 358 for any new updates to the different Congressmen
    • We picked up Delaware we picked up Rhode Island we picked up Washington DC we picked up Kansas we picked up Missouri we picked up
    • The only thing we really need at this point is Liz Cheney from Wyoming and she's on this Senate Armed Services--the House Armed Services Committee here
    • She actually runs it still from her dad
    • I think Dick Cheney's actually [still has his] finger [in the/her] pie for the Congress through his daughter
    • So we need to pick up Dick Cheney and then just South Dakota and North Dakota will have all 50 states
    • So that's great progress
    • Again, I don't want to wait on anybody
    • I want to do immediate action
    • Again, this is a purple cow: it comes in and says you're on notice retain all records
    • This is the I-wan my records campaign
    • I-wan my records I want my records and I want them
    • Now I don't want him on Awan server I want my records
    • So I won my records is been a tremendous success we're at about a hundred and fifty and
    • Now it's just a matter of updating the Trello board as we move forward
    • Go to day 358 if you want to see the letter that you need to send to your Congressman
    • And now I'll do a quick update of where we are we got the we got Thornberry and set a Texas Panhandle Texas 13 we got Thornberry we had Adam Smith we had Walter Jones North Carolina 3 we had Rob Brady Pennsylvania 1 we've got Joe you lie mr. president South Carolina number two and we got Susan Davis 53 in California
    • So that was yesterday
    • We don't have New Jersey to Frank Leblanc Beyond-oh LoBiondo
    • And the thing that the reason why Atlantic City and he's got down to Cape May that there's a big Coast Guard Station in Atlantic City and I thought man if there ever was a place where you would launder drug money you'd have cars going in and out our weapons it's gotta be gotta be that Delaware-- the inlet to the Delaware in Wilmington I just I mean I went to Department report at Wilmington and they wouldn't let me even get close
    • So we got to get we got to put Frank Le Blondo on notice good guy probably but just just in case give us Awan my records I want and my records my iConstituent records
    • We got both of Rhode Island. So we got Rhode Island 1 and 2
    • So he's covered
    • Rob Bishop I because this Hill Air Force Base and Utah want I think we got him as well
    • And we got Rick Larsen in Washington too
    • So we're making really good progress as we go down here
    • We don't have Mike Turner in Iowa and Ohio 10
    • And I don't believe in Tennessee {{ 911bs: I don't believe in Tennessee either }} we have Jim Cooper
    • So we'll just keep working our way down the list you see your name of your rep then you want to help me out before I get there that's great this is kind of where we are right
    • Now Mike Rogers in Alabama Madelyn bore de Boer Diallo in Guam-- we have a big Air Force Base there obviously in Guam
    • Trent Franks Arizona--we've got a lot of Arizona
    • Joe Courtney a Connecticut I don't know
    • Bill Shuster in Pennsylvania
    • Niki Tsongas I don't that's related to another Tsongas Paul Tsongas or not
    • Ken Conaway in Texas John Garamendi
    • Now the interesting thing the reason why this is important Doug Lamborn I spent about 3 innings with the Rockies game watching the Rockies game with Doug Lamborn the other night
    • We talked a lot about Cheyenne mountain and and different NORTHCOM and stuff it is district in Colorado Springs
    • Jackie Speier here in California
    • We need to make sure we get her it's either California tan or California 14 I can't remember which
    • But they're in committee right
    • Now I talked to the people who were doing the NDAA right here who are doing the reconciliation right now
    • If we want Smith-Mundt basically says CNN can say whatever they want they can be a propaganda outlet they could be a Pravda-- they can be-- whatever they want to be
    • Now is the time to send these records and say I want my records a 1 my records
    • Now because if they don't see the pressure of there's going to be records to prove this Smith-Mundt nonsense wrong
    • They're gonna push it through
    • We've got to stop the Smith-Mundt <
  • Day 360.2. Told Keith Ellison I Will Join MB If We Get VA Emails From Pak ISI 111 - YouTube
    • Day 360 part two
    • And interestingly enough this video Frank LoBiondo somebody came to the to the video within seconds and said "hey I'm in New Jersey district two and I where's the letter"
    • And I said all of day 358 you go there and copy and paste it and I could not make that comment back to that person and then the person's comment was gone seconds later
    • So it could be just--you know gremlins hid in the piping!
    • Or it could be Fort Meade
    • I don't know
    • But I look at it as great metadata somebody doesn't want New Jersey to in our in our little list here
    • Somebody really doesn't want Liz Cheney all the way down at the bottom in the basement, lurking around in the basement like her father used to do, in the basement of the White House, playing those weird songs--weird organ music at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning like the Phantom of the Opera {{!lol!}}
    • So this is good news
    • As soon as we get Frank, we'll have nine of the top ten at the Armed Services Committee
    • And just moving along here in the Armed Services Committee
    • Michael Turner--he went to Dayton mall I went to Miami about 25 miles away from each other
    • This is Mr. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base he used to be the mayor of date
    • And I'm not saying he's CIA, but boy oh boy that Wright-Pat--you just you just know being a diplomatic hub: I just have had all kinds of complaints about Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with illegal contraband and huge huge diplomatic pouches coming in and out of Wright-Patt
    • So Jim Cooper I don't know I'll have to do more research
    • Mike Rogers Alabama--we have Alabama 7 is the only Alabama we have, which is a little bit disconcerting
    • And we haven't reached the great Guam Air Force Base yet,
    • But would be interested to know if we have Trent Frank
    • Joe Courtney of Connecticut we only have a couple in Connecticut Pennsylvania we're doing much better Massachusetts only a few in Massachusetts with Saugus I don't know if that's related to Paul Tsongas or not
    • So let's switch over here to the Trello board right now
    • The Trello board we just have this column of all the-- just a listing which is very hard to see if you're Congressman as if you has been notified it has been on put on notice yet
    • So what I'm gonna do is I'm concentrating on coloring up
    • What I call coloring up these are states that we have everybody that has been put on notice
    • And we have Alaska Montana Rhode Island Maine DC Delaware Hawaii and and Oregon
    • And we're very close we only need one in North Dakota North Dakota South Dakota and Wyoming
    • And we only have a couple more that we need in Washington
    • What I'd like to do is kind of color up the top of the United States
    • We were really strong in the Northeast
    • We're really strong in the northwest we just need to color in basically Michigan New York Wisconsin and new North Dakota South Dakota
    • And then we could just kind of start doing that sherwin-williams thing where the paint just comes down just comes down
    • I think we're gonna close in on the ports last oddly enough
    • So that's what I'd like to do is just kind of try to color up where we're already strong
    • We're strong in the Midwest we're getting stronger in the Midwest as well
    • And then we'll move in we'll color up on these ports we'll color up and color in to these ports
    • I told Keith Ellison Minnesota 5 that I would join the Muslim Brotherhood if we could get our data back from Pak ISI 111
    • I assured him this is not an anti-muslim thing it's not an anti pact thing it's not an anti pact is I think a lot of the members of my cricket team are PAK ISI-110 a lot of them are in Pak ISI-112
    • Love those guys just Pak 11100--that's taking terabytes of our data
    • That could be mothers--could be mother's telling their Congressmen my son needs help my son needs help at the VA hospital--he's not getting the treatment he needs for PTSD
    • That letter that letter is going to Pakistan, to PAK 111
    • And these are the guys that are publishing pictures of horrificly injured Pakistani kids and they said OK an American bomb strapped an American drone strike did this at a wedding
    • I just don't want to see a mother's letter to her Congressman about her son needing help at a VA facility going to Pak 111
    • I just don't think it's a good idea
    • I think Congressman need to be put on notice This is Day 360
    • We're tired of the constant communications to 1,200 videos
    • It has to be putting people on notice now
    • We have to talk to them in court under oath
    • I'm sorry it's come to this but that's just the way it's got to be okay
    • So that's a part two of day 360
  • Day 360.3. Lee Camp and Jared Beck Weigh In - YouTube
  • This is Day 360 part three
  • We just got no New Jersey 2
  • So that's gonna mean good things for our services committee update I just wanted to point out on Twitter this is Lee Camp from redacted
  • He's the funny good-looking guy who runs that show called Redacted and he's saying follow George Webb
  • Hey that's nice thanks Lee
  • I saw him I met him over at one of the clubs--one of the Seth Rich clubs actually
  • I think we're gonna find what before it's all said and done I can't remember the name of it right now, but supposedly that night some of the folks thought he went to that one of the comedy clubs on the way to the dojo comedy club
  • Can't remember the name right now
  • But anyway then
  • So that was nice to say thanks Lee
  • Jared Beck is also behind this this Jan and dot-com Network
  • There is that a one server I still say it went to Hawkshead
  • And I say there's another one down at the Navy Yard at M on M Boulevard I say they're mirrored
  • But that's for later
  • I just wanted to show the really good progress we were making on the Armed Services Committee
  • Just this morning obviously we got Thornberry there
  • We got Thornberry we we got Texas 13
  • We got Adam Smith Washington 2 or 7 I can't remember which
  • We've got Jones, North Carolina 3
  • We got Robert Brady Pennsylvania 1
  • Joe Wilson "you lie Mr. president" South Carolina 2
  • Susan Davis 53 down there in Coronado with those Navy SEALs
  • And we just got New Jersey 2 Frank LoBiondo, which is going to be big
  • And then of course we had Rhode Island James Langevin
  • And then Rob Bishop in Utah Utah one
  • Rick Larson over there in Washington
  • We're close on Washington
  • We just need three districts in Washington to have the whole state of Washington
  • And we need Mike Turner Ohio 10 right there's Mike Turner I told you about him
  • He was also the representative to the liaison between NATO and the European Union for a couple years
  • Now I never said he was CIA--I never said that I never said that
  • Jim Cooper we also picked up Tennessee ten I think that as Tennessee ten
  • It's interesting because the Foreign Affairs Committee or excuse me on House Armed Services Committee is divided into two sections
  • One's called strategic the others tactical arms
  • So strategic arms being more like the Bombers and that sort of thing, except deep strike bombers, which I think means he doesn't have that B-1 bomber
  • And then they also have the Department of Energy the oversight see the Department of Energy for weapons-grade uranium I believe
  • Now I believe non-nuclear alliteration proliferation programs is still run by the FBI that's kind of a carve out
  • So it'd be interesting to see if that whole NSC or I can't remember or the Association that doesn't on nuclear proliferation: who oversees that in Congress--that'd be an interesting question
  • But see already we're pretty far through now the interesting thing is you go down here
  • Trent Franks we have him already
  • Now interestingly enough mike rogers there's three guys in the alabama from the Alabama delegation who don't have that are on that strategic arms committee
  • Turns out that Niki Tsongas is Paul Tsongas' Widow
  • She's gonna be retiring from Congress we don't have her yet I don't think
  • Conway from Texas I believe we do have
  • Doug Lamborn we do have I know as my baseball watching partner I won't say where
  • And so we're moving down the list here quite well
  • So we had Tulsi as I said
  • Now Duncan Hunter is fit as California 52
  • We have 51 and we have 53
  • We just need to fill that inside straight there at Duncan Hunter
  • I think he used to be a major in the Army served in Afghanistan a good guy I think
  • And we just need him on our side we just need to get that data
  • Remember we're not only going for emails we're not only going for records for i-Cconstituent
  • We're also going for all the equipment that was sent to Pakistan give me all the CDW invoices because those CDW invoices look like they went to Pakistan before they got rerouted to Hawkshead
  • They look like they got rerouted after after February the second after February the second
  • That's what I'm saying. I'm saying all the detritus from the teardown---to this server was in Becerra's office
  • I think the server went to Hawkshead
  • You heard it here first: the server went to Hawkshead
  • The BlackBerry's went to Hawkshead
  • I think there are going to be hundreds if not thousands of BlackBerries
  • I'll explain that. why
  • Because all these fake names, all these fake personalities, all these people who've got HELOC loans,
  • The loans from the Congress all open these little pop-up stores, these little pop-up cell phone shops,
  • And I believe they were all selling dope is iPhones all over Washington
  • I now think the number of dope phones is going to be in the thousands
  • And now think the number of doped phone is going to be in the thousands
  • Remember this is a 17 year program a 17 year program
  • I think it's going to be in the thousands
  • I think this is gonna unlock--this is gonna be exact like exactly like India Parliament which was 3,000 phones in India
  • 3000 phones I believe
  • The two SIM box the SIM boxes the 30 SIM boxes I think were 3,000 phones
  • Again, this is Hawaii one
  • I'm pretty sure we have Hawaii one yeah we have Hawaii one
  • We have New Hampshire so this is good
  • We have a lot in Ohio.
  • Not sure here we need more in Alabama Alabama's our big e we've got a lot in Virginia
  • So we probably have him already
  • We're picking up Missouri probably have him already
  • A lot in California there's good chances here
  • I just published New York maybe maybe a good chance here
  • We're doing well and got Steny Hoyer we got Steny Hoyer district with the district I'm in right now in Capitol Heights
  • We need to get the rest of Maryland filled in we can do that pretty quickly I think and get another state there
  • Arizona is about ready to fall--if we concentrate on Arizona we only have about three more districts there in Arizona here
  • Then we might have that already Oklahoma is about ready to fall
  • So we're close on Oklahoma
  • So we'll get that by default
  • We've got a lot in Tennessee and that's coming along well
  • As well as California is doing well but Missouri is doing well Louisiana we're doing well
  • We have a good chance of maybe by Monday by this by tomorrow having enough to actually win a vote in Congress
  • We may get over it we're about 150 now somewhere in there
  • I think maybe by tomorrow if we concentrate on it we'll have enough to win a vote in this committee
  • We'll have enough to have a majority in this committee--who knows even win a vote in Congress with 223 if that's what it takes to win
  • I think it I can't remember - 218 for 220 a cameraman well come back to 220 221 whatever it takes
  • We'll talk to you later in the afternoon but very good progress
  • We need to work on dropping Iowa you only need one district for Iowa we only need a couple districts for about eight or nine other different states
  • And then of course we have Colorado I believe Coffman here as well
  • So we're almost to a plurality here
  • Majority here on the House Armed Services Committee, which is really good news
  • Day 360.4. Can You Hear the Shredders in Port Districts? - YouTube
    • NO AUTOCAPTIONS, so 911bs winging it
    • Wrapup--ended up at 175. A lot of states just need one
    • Liz Cheney must have the fear of God of Cheney's Shadow in Whyoming
    • Cheney's secret is to be last and hide in the shadows/basement
    • Time to move on from Cheney's crap
    • This goes back to the Rose {{ HRC's Corrupt Globalist / Kissingerian }} Lawfirm with this thing: you can almost hear the shredders on iConstituent
    • iConstituent is going to be the key. G's prediction is the codes between NGPVan and iConstituent is going to be right on the money
    • Metadata suggests to G that we are on the target with iConstituent
    • Separate the legislative systems from the donation systems.
    • If you want a pay-to-play you join them together {{ 911bs: correlated also for citizen poltical-targetting "of deplorables" as feeder data for Fusion centers/JTTF }}
    • Imran Awan spent 17 yrs on these 2 systems is exactly that
    • Reason why members are resisting in these districts in both Repub and Dem is because of the pay-to-play--they dont' want to give up their free money machinery
    • G give instructions to get 'all served'
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2017.10.11 00:21 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 174: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • >>>CONT
    • And then I get them to that embassy
    • Is Otay driving people around in the REO speedwagon know you need an REO speedwagon to drive people to the to the UAE embassy
    • This is why they burn the embassy down in February is because of they are because of all the girls going there and getting dumbo dropped
    • He's the one running the Dumbo drop operations he said so not me! His email said so
    • This is my warning to Jaquaya: you don't realize you think you're sleeping with Otay, you think you're sleeping with Imran Awan
    • You think you're in love
    • the story ends badly--the story ends badly
    • When you're no longer needed, when you're no longer attractive, it ends very poorly let's just say that
    • There's a lot of missing girls in Washington in Washington DC
    • So I'll skip this, just to say that the way that this story was broken open to begin with the first hundred and sixty days was through persistence
    • It was day 300 before I ever asked for a dime on patreon
    • So I don't know how I'm selling timeshares
    • But anyway by following the forensic evidence is what breaks the story open not necessarily just the testimony of the individuals
    • The metadata here got the testimony of the individuals--very powerful and compelling testimony and we have two of those now Sprayer and Hawkshead
    • We need more for sprayer more for sprayer
    • So that's why I start following the metadata for this is for the American innovations
    • two one six three six three three eight one seven seven by following where that's moved around the last 17 years over the 17 times over the last 13 years, may give us a clue as to what is happening with these different homes
    • Maybe we can trace the different homes and match them up with the IP addresses
    • That's what we haven't done yet but what I would like to do
    • Again, people who have seen the movie the infiltrator
    • And that now they've seen American-Made people are coming back and saying oh my god the last five minutes blue might and blew me away it changed my life by seeing this last five minutes
    • Because they realized everything I've been saying here is true
    • It's only been now brought to the screen by Tom Cruise
    • So watch that
    • Now you're gonna see drugs drugs are part of this
    • You've seen all the metadata but until you actually see it I think on the big screen, people don't really believe it's true
    • What I'm saying is these are plays
    • These are teams running the plays
    • And it's a game
    • And it really is happening
    • So you have to believe it when you see it when you see all the evidence you have to believe it
    • It really is happening real CIA really is bringing in drugs and really sending weapons the other direction
    • This is Awan-contra (Iran contra) times a hundred okay
    • Again, car parts going to Punjab I think you're gonna find
    • Everybody wants me to take the yellow blob off
    • I'm not try to concentrate so much in the individual orders as I am the...
    • If you go to you can go to this is Exim trade info you can go and do import genius as well if you want to get this information directly
    • And finally we've got people like Boyce maybe boyce maybe not Boyce but the chief of detectives in New York saying this
    • This is thomas paine's saying that there's pay-to-play child exploitation sex crimes money laundering and pay to play
    • At some point you have to believe it at some point you have to look at people what they say you have to look at the metadata you have to look at the totality of the informations
    • I think one my brother wanted to say totality of circumstances here
    • Totality of evidence and see the overwhelming evidence here that they're running underground operation under grounds or under grounds or railroads they call them
    • They're running railroads all over Northern Virginia and all levels for all different levels
    • You've got the top for the UAE for the sheiks and the Senators
    • You've got the next layer down for the-- Congressmen
    • You have the next layer down for the people doing procurement the generals...and even the people at the running the gate at Fort Belvoir get compromised
    • So it is a total layer attack against everyone in Washington to compromise everyone in Washington
    • And at some point you have to see people ordering equipment
    • People staffing the staff
    • People doing the electronic expertise
    • People stealing the cars people moving the weapons in one direction
    • Moving the drugs in the other direction at some point you have to open your mind to the possibility that this is happening
  • Day 346.3. Jaquaya Last Seen at Sprayer on August 2011, Khalid Jan 2009 - YouTube
    • This is Day 345 I had a really good day today spending it with Macduff and driving while around Washington DC and looking at different oh wee towards some Masonic sites
    • And we talked a lot about his his father and his kind of fight against the CIA
    • We talked about the fort hunt agreement
    • This isn't too well known but the fort hunt agreement was an agreement between Reinhardt Galen kind of the spymaster of the Nazis and Allen Dulles who was running the CIA
    • Of course in a kind of a brotherly domination of foreign policy with his brother John Foster Dulles running the State Department
    • So anyway it was just a very good day talking about--just the different control mechanisms the CIA uses a gang-counter-gang to create conflict between two groups in order to--get the money basically
    • So and again, this is the guy who Kennedy assigned to break the CIA into a thousand pieces
    • So plus obviously John's a lawyer as well
    • So he gave me a lot of great legal advice
    • One of them being that you can take a case directly to the Supreme Court you don't need to wait to go through all the appeal process, because the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction for certain cases
    • Certain cases of national importance you can go directly to the Supreme Court and save a lot of time
    • So that is also an option
    • Qe also talked about the grand jury option in Maryland
    • In Maryland you can swear out of warrant and then present it to a commissioner and then the Commissioner makes a decision
    • So we talked a lot about a lot of different legal options
    • Of course we want to let the October 5th the next date in the Imran saga play out before we make any more legal moves
    • Again, no advice there but we were just kind of talking about blue sky things and it was it was interesting
    • Now this is something I've had pinned to my truthleaks for quite some time
    • These four different four different representatives a Frankel Theodor Deutsch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and then Frederica Wilson all along kind of this Gold Coast in Florida with---this is where all the murders have been:
    • The Beranton Whisenant murders and also in all the--the lawsuits with the Democratic National Committee
    • A lot of the immigration lawyers dying down this is a very troublesome spot
    • This is also where Imran has this car importing business and this rice importing business and Jacksonville
    • So a lot of action going on here
    • What I'm saying here is that it might not just be a spy ring in Congress
    • It may be a spy ring and unfortunately the Awan-contra piece to this would be drugs and arms drugs and arms
    • Because usually the spy ring is put in for a good reason that's to protect drugs and arms trade narco-terrorism whatever we want to call it
    • Narco destabilization narco funding of operations
    • So one of the other things that came out of the research this morning was again, there's two key witnesses to keep material witnesses ao far in the case
    • Obviously that's gonna be-- Andre Taggart you broke the case open and then Laurel open the case up more as a second witness against--
    • Andre mainly testified kind of against Imran but then Laurel testified and I possibly identified Rao Abbas
    • Again, we haven't after a month we have no one that has seen them in the Congress
    • No one has seen Ramo boss Rao Abbas in the Congress but still one illigal illegal login happening per hour
    • Now here is Jacquizz Jaquayla's brother Khalid
    • Again, we're trying to identify more people in either Sprayer home or the Hawkshead home that knew Imran Awan
    • So that's all I'm trying to do nearest find out who knew Imran Awan we have several different services that say that that Jaquaylya--is brother was here at the sprayer address at the end of 2008
    • Now that would have been when Obama had already won the reelection
    • So we don't know if those things are related at all we don't know if there's any overlap with Imran Awan, but it's worth following up with Jaquayla to see if she knows in rona 1 it's worth following up with Khalid if they know Imran Awan.
    • All I'm asking for is that they come forward do a little piece on one of the YouTube channels out there and and move forward
    • So I published a couple of little excerpts from the the intercept
    • Just for people who haven't read the article August 30th 2017--now 30 days old
    • Now didn't get any publicity because it was over the Labor Day weekend but here it is--the Abu Dhabi women were brought to the apartment
    • This is by the Ambassador now by the Ambassador pick the one you want
    • So the idea of a kept woman here in in in Washington DC may not be so far-fetched
    • Had several women come forward saying oh by the way I did get married in in Iraq or in UAE and this is exactly the the harem mentality
    • This is what I called it this is exactly what happens
    • And I want to finish off by saying I do videos during the day a lot what do I call working videos and they're basically small scientific experiments etc small things of the day for people who really want to follow on the shoulder of the reporter
    • And then I delete them because I don't want to be going to ten different videos to get comments
    • I'm more want quickly five or six quick feedback comments for people who want to be on the shoulder of the reporter
    • So a lot of times I'll do delete a video within one hour of doing it
    • Especially if I get the answer I'm looking for in the video there's no sense in asking that to all the future people
    • And making all the future people who watch the video
    • It's better just to say the answer in the next video that's the idea keep rolling forward
    • So I delete the video if I get the answer I just say the answer in the next video
    • {{ 911bs: and it saves his transcriber from pulling his hair out with too many videos--by him waiting till the end of the day to know what to transcribe ;) }}
    • So I kind of broken that tradition at one time to kind of answer there's a lot of internet attacks...and even by your own family members!
    • And so I had gone I had heard someone had told me that another internet personality had linked to an unflattering video of mine
    • I went to the channel I saw this person's picture
    • I figured--it was that person in this case being Jason had linked to it
    • And I very quickly commented on it
    • It was in one of the working videos it was only up about an hour
    • But I want to say that Jason called me and said hey I didn't do that
    • So I take him at his word and I would retract that he ever linked to an unflattering video
    • That's it for today thanks
    • {{ 911bs: keep in mind that linking isn't always endorsement but informing you that 'this should know about it' }}
  • Day 347.1. News You Wait For Versus News You Drive - YouTube
    • Day 247 tragic events in Las Vegas
    • And the thing I don't like about typical CNN coverage or mainstream media is it's kind of like the peepee dossier or this reality winner thing
    • It's just you just have to wait for the drip drip drip you feel like you've been--struck dumb you're dumb struck by this news
    • There's nothing you can do you just have to wait for details to come out
    • And the reason why I prefer this type of interactive news that we do is it immediately lets you start working theories about what potentially happened
    • I look at motive motive motive--you're gonna hear all kinds of details that have nothing to do with motive or all sorts of strange weird motives being assigned to one lone gunman
    • It's much much more likely that this is a state-run operation
    • Because look at the history of state-run operations in the past and the numbers of people they kill
    • It's very unusual for one old guy to kill 50 people just very difficult
    • So all I'm saying is an alternative looking at the alternative you can immediately begin working a theories to try to solve the case
    • Now here if you're not familiar with it this is the article from the Intercept came out called the diplomatic underground came out exactly thirty days ago
    • August 30th it was put out over the Labor Day weekend
    • So it didn't get much coverage but it was talking about how Oteiba the foreign the the ambassador to United Nations from the UAE first of all how he was going around to all these strip clubs scouting for girls
    • And then it also talking about him going to Las Vegas that's the tie-in here and doing this thing called Dumbo dropping, which was drug raping these teens
    • And he was having him sign this form called a Dumbo drop form or a Dumbo form which is basically saying "I give consent to the UAE to gang rape me with with the whole cricket team or the whole soccer team or whatever"
    • So if you haven't read the article you can look at it
    • Intercept diplomatic underground August the 30th
    • Now the problem is is now this article has come out
    • And the girls are gonna start asking each other questions women in Las Vegas are asking themselves a question "did you ever sign a form when you went to that party over at the UAE that the UAE threw?"
    • You remember that party I wonder if that was us and then they start coordinating the dates
    • Now I'm not saying that's what happened here, but when the victims-list does come out I do want to go back and look at the Dumbo drop dates
    • And correlate to see if those girls did go to those Dumbo drop parties
    • Again, you can have the theory that oh it's just the one person and oh--the getaway car went that way so let's take all the--resources in the opposite direction sort of like the John Wilkes Booth escape out of Washington--that no he went that away and then one bridge was left open
    • But it makes a lot more sense that this is a clean up operation to me to me it just it just screams clean up but most people--wait for the CNN and MSM--version of events
    • {{ 911bs: Byegone thinks it's an arms-deal gone bad, and that the buyers did the shooting after killing the seller Paddock. Theory holds water TBH }}
    • But there's gonna be one room and what I've said before is they're just in one room where there was one it's one entry one exit no way out
    • And there's a shooting pen and that's going to be where the most of the injuries are gonna happen
    • And then later you go out into the audience general audience and you fire randomly as a cover
    • But you're gonna invite those girls from these demo trap parties to that excuse me to that to that suite
    • So here if you hadn't seen the article this is them taking this is them Otay and a couple of other his accomplice and that I don't know if that's Andrew Karsen or not sure looks like him--I'm not saying that's a Wasserman
    • But anyway they're taking girls from here in DC excuse me to to New York for a Dumbo drop--humpty dumpty they call it
    • Humpty dumpty foundation
    • Again, I didn't burn down the embassy in february of this year to get rid of DNA evidence
    • You may say that it was just a terrible thing that happened
    • I say they were burning DNA
    • Again, this is the harem attitude toword women
    • So this is why I like our news better
    • You can look at actual real people with real names and then ask those same questions if you in research
    • And we now have jaquail in that house at Sprayer until November 2014 until it's sold the Hina Alvi
    • Now for some reason the Washington Post wants to say it was sold five months later--it wasn't
    • It was sold in November 2014
    • And then we have Jaquaya living there till April moving from there when it gets sold when he gets sold to Hina Alvi from Ken Jeniak
    • We have her moving from from sprayer house right before Laurel gets in there really from November 2014 to April 2016
    • Supposedly she lives this other address
    • Now she's also arrested for speeding and her last post--this is Jacquaya--the last post is on the 19th of June
    • And it really appears that that's where she goes from being a free woman into this kind of kept woman
    • Maybe she was a kept woman in here
    • But this is where she's trying to get away on the 20th
    • Anyway she doesn't post again, till mid September, which is very odd for a person a young person and beautiful young person who's 24 who's got a thousand friends on Facebook
    • It just it just doesn't make sense to me that that a woman's wouldn't be posting more often than this
    • Again, if you take the harem mentality that women are chattel, then you you have to look at what is really happening with the
    • Remember Imran has the beating incident in 2015 and he has the beating incident in 2016
    • So we don't know if those correlate with these dates or not
    • We don't we've never seen any of the people from Luke Rosiak has quoted these people
    • But he's never shown a picture of Gilani
    • He's never shown a picture of Salaam or whatever her name is supposed to be
    • Or Sadiq no pictures
    • Again, a very bad sign
    • The picture of the witness that supposedly said Rao Abbas
    • No picture--the Cristal Champagne Charisse Peppingion
    • So and I'm sorry we're still loading here
    • So I was gonna talk about Ken Jeniak here
    • We'll introduce him in the next video
    • The person who sold this house in November 2014
    • He was actually dead five years earlier so it's going to be as widow that sells it
    • He's going to be involved in medical sales
    • Again, he's an expert for selling medical into the medical industry for the VA hospital systems
    • He worked for the Army for many years and Army procurement
    • It doesn't look good when you then add to the fact that there's a Loretta Hendrix at this same address that ends up going to a VA hospital in Chicago and goes to a VA hospital by Mayo Clinic in Minnesota
    • We'll develop that in the next story
    • But I just wanted to comment on how in this form of news you can actually start doing something and being active and trying to solve a crime
    • Even in stories where you're waiting for information
    • Even stories where you're waiting for information like this story
    • If we don't solve the the first crime that the crime that occurred today at 1:11 in the morning
    • We can at least work on solving this crime which was the Dumbo dropping
    • That's it for this morning
  • Day 347.2. Spy Ring in Congress Can't Be Helpful in Preventing Shootings - YouTube
    • Day 347 here at the Capitol
    • Obviously a very somber day--flags at half-mast
    • I'm in wearing black in mourning for the victims of Las Vegas
    • But I think now's the time to take what we've seen and then trace the roots trace the roots back to how these things happen
    • And otherwise it just keeps happening
    • What's the sense in that? It doesn't make any sense to keep doing the same mistakes
    • We still--if we have for instance an illegal login every hour--you're gonna expose all the people in Congress and all their families on an hourly basis with an illegal login
    • Why would you not want to publish the IG report today?
    • You build security from the center out
    • You protect your most critical assets and you build out everyone ask my brother security expert--you build security from the center out
    • You start there
    • You don't rush off and say well we need more agents in Las Vegas
    • You start there with the illegal logins
    • We've uncovered now I announced last Friday with the DHS report a potential drug ring inside DHS
    • Two key employees Nadia Amon and Vicar Amad--several fake names several fake employees a potential DHS drug ring now
    • A spy ring in Congress
    • Drug ring at DHS
    • That can't be good for the future in terms of security leaks
    • We don't know we don't have any information about Las Vegas yet
    • But that can't be helpful a spy ring in Congress cannot be helpful
    • Potential drug ring at DHS cannot be helpful
    • The Dumbo drops--no investigation of the Dumbo drops by the ambassadors coming and going out of this building
    • This isn't a fun playground for ambassadors
    • Washington DC is not a fun playground for people with diplomatic passports
    • We need to send a message that says "hey wait a minute this whole Dumbo drop thing has got to stop. The UAE embassy is not a playground for people of the royal family"
    • Looking at the situation
    • Now people have asked me what take on this?
    • No information has come in yet I think that's valuable
    • But if it was me I'd look at 39 to 35 that's gonna be owned by Walil I believe Walile is I think he's married to the daughter of King Saud
    • So I think I think Wally ole owns 39 to 35 39 to 35th floor
    • If it was me I'd be looking at women being rushed out of there down the stairwell
    • Down the stairwell breaking heels dropping their shoes etc in a mad race and a mad scramble down
    • You always want people to go down into a pen you always want them to go down into a pen
    • This is like Delphi Delphis or Delphi the shooting at delft are the double of Garroting at Delphi this is like Evansdale
    • Always down you always want people to go down into a shooting pen
    • And then I would say at the bottom of the staircase after and tired
    • You want him going down and tired
    • And I would say at the bottom of the staircase there I would I would say would probably be the shooting pen
    • Our Joe Napoli was there with his wife I hope he's Ok
    • If Joe was closer to the stairwell that would be very interesting to know
    • Cameras on that that wherever that corner where that guy was on 32 << video cuts off >>
  • Day 347.3. Benghazi Trial Day One - YouTube
    • Day 347 just got out of the Benghazi trial
    • The testimony was pretty riveting
    • The testimony was from a diplomatic security service DSS that's called or DS
    • From the last person that was with Ambassador Stephenson and Shawn Smith that IT guy that died those two guys that died
    • And he was there the last--seconds of those guys lives and
    • So hearing that testimony was pretty was pretty amazing
    • I will say this though: I don't know how hard the prosecution or excuse me the defense is going to defend
    • The guy who they've picked to be that kind of the the guy who was going to get hung with this
    • This thing is guiding Khatallah
    • He really looks just like a cab driver that got picked out of a lineup really
    • But I'm sure he was kind of maybe swept up in the energy of the night
    • And somehow on a grainy camera they've identified one guy
    • So the Khattala is the guy
    • He's an old guy big beard...and he's defending himself
    • But this testimony by this diplomatic services guy was really the the hit of the day that big exciting testimony of the day
    • And I have to tell you just in looking at his name is Wicklund. Scot Wicklund
    • Just looking at the testimony there's holes
    • And I don't know how tough the defense wants to go at it
    • But the defense can cross-examine this and slice it like a Ginsu knife
    • First the guy looks out the he's in the safehouse with the two guys with Stevens and Shawn Smith
    • And he can count all the 40 40 to 60 guys coming in they've got ak-47s or Fla's which is another type of automatic weapon
    • And the lights are on good visibility all of a sudden he's telling--last rites to Christopher Stevens and Scott Smith
    • All of sudden immediately the visibility goes to where I can't see a hand in front of his face
    • He even puts a light to his I can't see the light
    • He's crawling out of this safe-haven little safehouse 24 feet eight meters to this bathroom which has an escape window
    • And all of a sudden he loses them
    • Somehow loses ambassador Stevens somehow loses Shawn Smith
    • Then makes multiple entries to try to sound it out yell find them
    • Somehow gets the window open
    • Now the window assembly has a very three different locks and three different assemblies and pins and different him not being able to reach and find the ambassador...around him or yell because the smoke is so thick
    • But then being able to go to this very complicated set of series of three different assemblies to be able to open the window, just doesn't wash
    • So and then he's back in the he's in and out of the house
    • Again, he can't even see a light held up to his eye
    • So I don't know if the defense wants to go after this or the defense just kind of wants to lay back and let this cabdriver go and take the hit take the wrap
    • But this was not a well orchestrated testimony today
    • I have to say this was not well done by the prosecution
    • Very poor you left gaping wide holes for trucks to be driven through on this
    • Especially with the visibility
    • {{ 911bs: unreported flashbang? }}
    • And we just I just talked about Macduff about this about cross-examination what the eye can see then how somebody processes it
    • And then how somebody relates it to the court Wicklund did a good job relating it to the court
    • He did a good job of relating his state of mind what was going through his mind but the eye the the what he could see part completely failed
    • The the house collapsed this was an F for the prosecution today
  • Day 348.1. Guess I Wasn't Speculating - SAR Reports For Pak Money Xfers - YouTube
    • This is Day 348 and it has been a busy busy morning
    • So this article came out yesterday with Luke Rosiak talking about how this uber driver in Rana Wan was sending money to Pakistan to this guy this other one guy in Pakistan
    • Now he was really sending money to his uncle or his other relative called Pir Mohammad Shah
    • But this is the guy that they say they sent the money to
    • Interestingly enough we have more metadata hundreds of pages hundreds of pages hundreds of pages of SAR reports
    • The SAR like--the Nicholas the Czar only this is the SAR SAR SAR as a suspicious activity report
    • Piles piles piles piles piles of suspicious activity report
    • Funny how the prosecution didn't mention the piles of suspicious activity reports sending the money
    • Now Steve Gao and the lawyer says you don't understand how Real Estate's purchased in Pakistan
    • And you don't understand how you have to pay drug lords in Pakistan in the military
    • So you just I'm not gonna explain it to you---that's a almost a direct quote
    • So here is the situation now that we've got
    • More metadata piles of SAR reports piles of SAR reports we're gonna have to figure out something--like a tower of Babylon or something that uses the word SAR--I'm gonna have to come up with a moniker nickname for the piles of paper of the SAR paper
    • But anyway there's hundreds they're going to be hundreds of transfers
    • Now hundreds of transfers to the Pakistani military
    • I say it's Pir Mohammad Shah which is I said about two hundred days ago 150 days ago I said it was Pir Mohammad Shah since he was on Imran Ron's Facebook
    • The guy who runs the SSP right here I said it was a CIA cutout 150 days ago
    • I think I'm gonna be right of course that was speculation that was speculation
    • Now remember this remember this if I'm gonna jump back
    • But we're gonna just remember that Kenneth more Moorman here is gonna be living at that Sprayer house
    • So we're gonna have to figure out how we get Kenneth Moorman and this wife Imelda Falar into the into the house
    • This is kind of almost like a Three's Company house here
    • If they figure out the timeline of that house we're going to come back to that
    • So anyway--some other speculation I said about the three members of the CAO being threatened
    • Well first of all this is the lawyer this is how Imran bragged how he could have people tortured in Pakistan
    • And he bragged got the three CAO employees in the House cafeteria
    • And that's kind of that was borne out by Luke's reporting
    • What's great is when you say these truths and then people come out and confirm them
    • It's a lot easier than people coming out and saying it because all they're saying is hey well--that one thing it's really true
    • So the and we'll continue to do that every day here
    • Again, he recounted a fellow Democratic House IT aid on a condition of anonymity recounted the conversation between Imran and three house colleagues in the House cafeteria
    • He seemed to relish about the ability to have people harassed and tortured in Pakistan
    • Not just harassed but also tortured
    • {{ 911bs: "install another linksys and I'll have you raped in jail in faisalabad--don't do it!" }}
    • So Pir Mohammed shopped here Mohammed shop here Mohammed Shah just remember you heard it here first
    • Then they guess what he was also sending IT equipment to Pakistan
    • Now I'm the one who said this was exactly the same operation that they ran in the Indian House of Representatives in the Indiana House of Representatives with the box with the breakout box with all the SIM chips 3000 SIM chips
    • They're sending it to pack ISI they're setting it to Lahore, so they can doctor and dope the phones and bring them back and give them to our house representatives
    • There's the iPhones so now we're gonna tie this CDW orders all the CDW orders
    • Now on the Pakistani express on them on the Pakistani express
    • They're all going to Pakistan then they're all coming back
    • So Imran's not doing the work as as I mentioned I thought they were being it was being done by Haseeb Rana, but apparently they're actually going to Pakistan which is makes it more like the India operation almost exactly
    • We're going to get back to all the stuff happening here but I believe there's two models that have were killed in the 58 that are gonna be interesting
    • I'm not saying they were Dumbo dropped
    • But it is interesting that oh tayba it is interesting that Oteiba had the Dumbo drop in 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel
    • And now he owns a 50 million dollar condo or a 50 million dollar beach house in Malibu and that there's two models from LA that are there they're in the death list
    • I should say it's gonna be eight
    • But we'll see if that that comes out
    • The key question will be had they ever gone did they go to the Dumbo drop 2014 event in Vegas?
    • And did they ever go to beach house in Malibu
    • So we're gonna find that out the GES model and the other gal talks Tonks and Angela Gomez and then Tonks
    • Turns out there's another Tonks that actually knows Jeffrey Epstein
    • So I don't know if there's a relative relation there or not with Tonks it's like Tonka truck tnk but its tym KS not Aton KS Tonks I didn't see how young and beautiful those young ladies were and how tragic their early death is
    • So here we're going to go back to the Sprayer house
    • And I'm sorry I'm jumping around but this is just kind of summarizing my Twitter activity this morning
    • You could see here that clearly the house was sold in November 2014
    • Why would the Washington Post want to say it was is a it was in April of 2015?
    • Clearly wrong clearly Shawn Boburg is wrong
    • Clearly I was right this was in November 2014 right after about a month after Jaquayla had her baby
    • Now I'll go into what a kiss and kill is and a kiss no pill is
    • Those CIA ops did a little bit if people want me to
    • I'm not saying jacket jaquail was a kiss and kill I'm not saying Jaquayla was a kiss no pill
    • I'm just saying that that those are standard CIA ops
    • Here's Otaiba with 66 million from Malaysia
    • I've always said that the money the Clinton Foundation money the six billion was in Malaysia
    • This is the kickback of 66 million
    • Here's Otay with more models
    • Well anyway you can see Otay doesn't always look like a diplomat and ambassador to the United Nations alright not to the United States excuse me
    • There's fara filings here that we can talk about for the Dubai aerospace company that I've tweeted out this morning
    • You talk about how they gave the most amount of money in Congress for pay-to-play weapons deals at 10 million
    • We'll get there, but these are just proof points that I think people that just came out today this morning
    • So far the--John Podesta Center for American Progress
    • Who knew that John Podesta was working with Otay? Gosh that's just a surprise
    • Anyway you're gonna see how all these things are kind of coming together now and here we go
    • Looks like there's six billion dollars been discovered in Malaysia
    • with connection to Hotei huh I'm not saying that's drug laundering money I'm not saying that's drug laundering money
    • There's the 50 million dollar Malibu estate for Otay
    • I'm not saying that was all them all the models were Dumbo dropped in in Vegas but I'm saying a couple were
    • So anyway this article is good for just kind of trusting under or confirming a lot of the things that I've already reported which is good
    • Again, Luke still won't publish the picture of Gilani, won't publish the picture of Abid, won't publish the picture of Jamal, won't publish the picture of any of the witnesses
    • I'm telling you the key to this case is publishing their pictures because then people can figure out the false identities
    • Critical Luke critical
    • {{ 911bs: luke's a spook. a limited hang-tight. just like luke from wac. the ill-luke-minati }}
    • So anyway that's the morning report that's just it real quick kiss and kill is where you you get a very pretty girl usually a stripper strung out on heroin
    • Then she's coming to you for heroin you say hey it'd be great if you married this guy over here just for a while
    • Then after--usually that guy has a business that you want to take over after he marries you break up the marriage if he's married
    • Live in the same house sometimes you do the baby sometimes you don't do the baby
    • But then the guy dies of cancer you cancer the guy or some other thing it's an old CIA thing and that's kiss and kill then you get the business
    • Then unfortunately what the model doesn't realize or the stripper doesn't realize is that they died a couple years later
    • And the CIA guy gets everything and kiss no pill is the softer form of that, where you just get married and get half the assets
    • Usually when you do that for a doctor or somebody who's got long term earning potential rather than a business that can be taken over
    • So that's kiss-and-kill and kiss-no-pill
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