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Finally got a date and booked an Airbnb!!

2020.09.09 02:28 TheLonelyCloud Finally got a date and booked an Airbnb!!

Just wanted to share how excited I am!!!
I recently got a Stage 1 date with Dr Chen, which will consist of a meta as a precursor to phallo.
May 20, 2021!!!
I found a perfect Airbnb literally a 4 minute walk from Dr Chen’s office that ended up being more affordable than Trans Heartline!! My reservation was confirmed and I’ve already paid for most of it. Planning to arrive a few days early so I can hit up the beach and do a few fun things before surgery.
Starting to get excited folks :))))
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2020.09.09 02:23 TheLonelyCloud Finally got a stage one phallo date!!!

Just wanted to share how excited I am!!!
I recently got a Stage 1 date with Dr Chen, which will consist of a meta as a precursor to phallo.
May 20, 2021!!!
I found a perfect Airbnb literally a 4 minute walk from Dr Chen’s office that ended up being more affordable than Trans Heartline!! My reservation was confirmed and I’ve already paid for most of it. Planning to arrive a few days early so I can hit up the beach and do a few fun things before surgery.
Starting to get excited folks :))))
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2020.09.09 02:16 TheLonelyCloud Booked Stage 1 phallo date and Airbnb!!

Just wanted to share how excited I am!!!
I recently got a Stage 1 date with Dr Chen, which will consist of a meta as a precursor to phallo.
May 20, 2021!!!
I found a perfect Airbnb literally a 4 minute walk from Dr Chen’s office that ended up being more affordable than Trans Heartline!! My reservation was confirmed and I’ve already paid for most of it. Planning to arrive a few days early so I can hit up the beach and do a few fun things before surgery.
Starting to get excited boys :))))
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2020.06.09 01:13 GuppyGirl1234 LGBT Ally with (probably?) a dumb question

So let me start off by saying...I’ve got major anxiety and now I’m paranoid. I’m nervous about posting here. Forgive me if this offends ANYONE as my terminology blows (but I’m trying to learn) but if I make a mistake, please let me know.
Second, I’ve always considered myself an ally. I speak out when I hear someone making fun of those in the LGBT community. On more than one occasion, I’ve assured others that I am “safe” and they can come to me if they need someone to back them. I have friends that identify as transgender, gay, lesbian, etc. The ONLY thing that bothers me is that I want to 100% understand but cannot because, as a straight woman, it’s simply not possible. The best I can do is be there, be a friend, be a confidant and, for some, threaten to smack the hell out of whoever hurts them.
About two years ago, my youngest sister came out as bisexual. I was taken aback at first. I always knew her to be boy crazy. She was out to our sister and their mom (I have half sisters, we share the same father) but had not yet come out to our dad. Since I had no idea how to really respond but also wanted to show her I supported her, I gave her a high five...because why not? I also told her I was proud of her for being so brave (I can’t imagine how scary it is to come out). Since then, she’s been dating this really AMAZING girl and all three (my two sisters and my sister’s girlfriend) have been very outspoken about Pride and rights for the LGBT community. Even thinking about it makes me smile like an idiot.
I’d love to be more visible as an ally. My sister being out has truly made me become even more impassioned about this. Because of the pandemic, I’ve been limited in doing more but stepped outside my comfort zone (again, I have bad anxiety!) and decided to buy a custom made t-shirt that says “Free Sister Hugs” in rainbow letters as well as a face mask with a rainbow heart and heartline (I know quite a few people in the medical field and thought it was a cute idea). My question is....is the T-shirt and face mask (mainly bought for any Pride parades that may still be happening) too much? I got the idea about the T-shirt from articles I read last year and thought it was a really great idea. Who doesn’t love hugs? And I want to be visible to those who really NEED one (as well as words of reassurance).
Could this be misinterpreted? I don’t want to give people the wrong idea. I am not part of the LGBT community but only an ally. I’d be crushed if someone part of the community was disappointed. If it’s not right to do, I’ll give them to my sister. The only reason I didn’t ask her opinion is because I wanted it to be a surprise (which probably wouldn’t be a surprise but still lol).
I apologize for my wall of text. TLDR I bought a “Free Sister Hugs” in rainbow text T-shirt and a rainbow heart face mask to support LGBT/Pride/my sistefriends and now I’m paranoid it could be misinterpreted or is somehow wrong of me to have done.
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2020.02.06 04:52 aeyephoto The Longest, Craziest, Convoluted Proposal Ever - Part 1

Hi Reddit, this is my first time posting but I’m dropping a novel. I know this is going to be reeeally long, but if you want the cliff notes version, I’ve flagged the must-read parts and shortened sections with [BRIEF] [/BRIEF].
So in this story, I’m basically going to share my proposal idea, the motivation behind it, the planning and lead up, and finally the proposal itself in detail. I’m going to apologize in advance that I just wasn’t able to shorten the last section, the actual proposal. I didn’t want to cheapen you out of the whole thing.
Just microwave some popcorn or bust out a good bottle of wine (hopefully not both) and scroll on down…
*Note that some names have been changed.*
My Little Idea…
This story starts with a little idea I had, what if a marriage proposal can be more? What if I can take something simple, expected, traditional, and wildly complicate it with my unchecked creative energies and morph it into some over-bloated convoluted monstrosity altogether? A bit excessive yes, but hey at least it’s original. Plus who can argue that an engagement marks the end of your bachelorhood and serves as a transitionary phase to married life? It’s a big deal. But before I make that leap, I think I just wanted to go out with a Big Bang by creating a memory that we can treasure and share forever.
Now for some context…
Brit and I had talked about marriage for a long time, so it was never a question of “if” but “when” it was going to happen. But simply counting down the days before popping the big question isn’t really my idea of fun. Honestly, I never found my responsibility as the proposer of buying the ring, and deciding where, to be all that exciting of a role. To be frank, I find it over done and just… lazy. Now given the choice, Brit might have opted to just have that vanilla proposal experience, but not me. I also realize that this is the one part of the whole wedding process where I and I alone, can sit in the director’s chair and call the shots. You bet, I was going to milk every bit of that.
The Project
The Project, was the working title for this… project. It’s what I used to refer to it when I had to make excuses to Brit like going out to far away places to set up the bits and pieces of the proposal project. And to be sure there were tons of components for this project... like scouting locations, buying props, setting up mini games, coordinating with my assistants and actors (yes there were actors too), or even when I was out ring shopping too.
Me: “Babe I’m going to have to go to California again this weekend and no you can’t come.”
Her: “But why?”
Me: “Because of The Project I’m working on.”
Her: “Oh in that case, ok!” *wink*
See how convenient it was? There was never a need for too many questions, once the magic words have been casted. I think we had a mutual understanding for her to never pry too hard because this Project was ultimately going to lead to a big surprise, and it was going to be well worth it at the end. Did she know what I was doing? Without a doubt! Of course she did, because like I explained, there was a never a question on if a proposal was going to happen but when. Now with The Project, I added another dimension to it with how. Because I’m controlling not only the when but also the how, I knew that I was capable of mustering a truly unique and memorable proposal experience for her.
Setting Up The Proposal
So how was the proposal setup?
I basically presented it to her as a game. She gets a box (more like a safe) in the beginning of the whole thing, requiring an 8 digit password to open. The catch is, each individual digit is hidden somewhere and she’s required to find all of them, with the help of clues and riddles and other games along the way. So as you may have guessed, when she gets all 8 digits, she can open the box which she’s promised to get something “very valuable” inside.
So its kind of like an escape room/amazing race/scavenger hunt all in one!
Quests And Their Meaning
I designed the game around getting those 8 digits and finding each digit is a “quest” all on its own (that I guide her through). I tried to pick places to hide them in, that have some significance to our relationship. Each quest also involved mini games and sometimes friends and family participation. Quests pay homage to where we’ve been, while the entire game leads up to a proposal and paves the way to where we’re going.
Game Intro
I’ve included the original message I wrote to her to introduce her to the game...
“This is basically an introduction to something that I call The Project. I know that I’ve dropped that name a few times and you’ve probably wondered and speculated all kinds of things about it. Well guess what, they were probably all wrong. Or maybe didn’t really capture the full scope of what The Project is all about!
Basically, I feel that life is an adventure. In that adventure, we’re tasks with quests, big and small. Whether that’s getting a degree, a job, hunting for a good place to eat, or finding the perfect mate, life is made up of all kinds of quests and we are the players.
I’ve created a game for us to play that will set us off on our own adventure. Let’s call it…. I don’t know… The Heartsfinity Quest! It will pay homage to where we’ve been in our relationship and at the end, maybe give us insight on where we are going. This is a game that we’ll play over the course of a month or two, but it honestly just depends on how long it takes us.
So here’s how it works:
You’ll start out with a box that I will give you right now. This box contains something very special inside, so keep it safe! But this box has a passcode that you need to enter before you can open it. That passcode is made up of 8 digits and they’ve all been scattered. So your quest is to find them one by one. But fear not! Clues will be revealed to you along the way, so be on the look out for them. Remember, getting the passcode is the only way to open the box and find the treasure within.”
Game Rules
Here are the rules of the game that I gave to her on the day that we started it, and it was when I also gave her the locked Heartbox.
Rules and Expectations:
1. You’re given a passcode protected box called The Heartbox.
2. You’ll be given 8 clues to find all 8 digits. Each digit will be written on paper tabs and these shall be referred to as Heartnumbers.
3. If you get stuck trying to find a Heartnumber, you can use a Heartline for help.
4. You will be given 3 Heartlines at the start of the game.
5. Each Heartline is different. There’s three types:
-Heartline Clue: Will give you an additional clue on how to find the Heartnumber.
-Heartline GPS: Will give you GPS coordinates of the physical location of the Heartnumber.
-Heartline Reveal: The Heartnumber is revealed to you.
6. Be ok with traveling to retrieve Heartnumbers.
7. Always keep everything with you when we’re together. The Heartbox and the Heartnumbers that you’ll be finding has to be with us during the full duration of the game. If you can’t keep them, then I keep them.
8. No force entry into the Heartbox, or entry of any means beyond the expectation of this game.
9. The Heartbox shall be kept visible but safe in a common area (like your living room) during the duration of the game. Just don’t stash it away or hide it somewhere.
9. No pleading or pressuring me to reveal Heartnumbers, to give more clues, or to “rush” this whole thing already.
10. There is no guarantee that any question asked regarding the game, even those meant to clarify something, will be answered. This prevents unauthorized hints or clues.
11. Give at least 48 hours before retrieving the next Heartnumber once you’ve retrieved the lastHeartnumber, unless otherwise stated.
12. Not all Heartlines can work for all Heartnumbers. More details to come on which Heartline you can use for which Heartnumber.
13. The game will be on going once it begins. The duration of the game is indefinite and will only end once the box has been opened and the treasure retrieved.
Game Cards
To make it more fun and to give it more of that “game feeling”, I made sure to give her 3 bonus game cards (Heartline) from the start to help her if she’s ever stuck on any quest. These three cards are:
  1. Heart Clue: Will give her an additional clue if she’s ever stuck on any part of a quest.
  2. Heart GPS: Will give her the GPS coordinates of the Heartnumber (a passcode digit for the safe) itself.
  3. Heart Reveal: Will give her the Heartnumber directly, without having to go out and fetch it.
So out of the 8 numbers, she really only had to hunt 6 of them as the two cards essentially gave them away.
Spoiler alert: During the course of the game, she would win more Heart Reveal cards (through side quests I had setup) so at the end, she only had to do 5 quests (not 8) to open up the Heartbox (the locked safe).
The whole entire game was supposed to take 1-2 months. Each quest had to be set up and prepared and hunting clues or Heartnumbers meant traveling to literally anywhere, even in other states. So this is a proposal project definitely not for the impatient. But did it really need to take that long?
Yes because partly, I was buying time. I didn’t have the ring yet and needed some time to save the funds and choose a proper rock. This complicates things because I had promised her the year before that I was going to propose sometime in 2019. She just didn’t know that it was going to be late in 2019. It took me that long simply because I wasn’t able to buy the ring as early as I had hoped. I needed a few more months but by then it would already be Fall and I knew she was going to feel like she’s being lead on all year. So I thought that giving her something (this game) to occupy her on the latter half of 2019, would take some pressure off me!
Knowing that the proposal couldn’t be any earlier than the Fall, I decided to double down on the Fall theme and just totally embrace it. I knew that I could use the timing as an opportunity for a dramatic proposal. I imagined backdrops of forests, with falling yellow and orange leaves. I began researching and scouting different places. All of this took time and this was probably the time when I had to use up most of my “working on The Project” excuses. I settled on a patch of forest on top of a mountain in Flagstaff (one of her favorite cities in the world) called Aspen Corner where predictably, Autumn-friendly aspens grow aplenty.
The Point Of The Game?
Yes there is a point. Other than wanting to have an original idea for the sake of the bar story points, I wanted her to clearly see how much time, effort, and work I’ve put into it. That, would be part of her “gift”; and that yes, she was worth all of that. If you have the money (not that I do), it’s easy to just buy a ring and propose. There’s almost no way to screw up a proposal unless you seriously miscalculated on the choice of rock or setting. But truly caring about something may require that you sacrifice a lot more than money. And I believe that my proposal and how I chose to carry it out was my commitment to that ideal.
Quest 1
I introduced the game to her at R&R, the restaurant where we had our first date. I gave her the password-protected safe (whimsically called The Heartbox) and explained the rules for the game. We also embarked on the first quest and she managed to find the first digit (Heartnumber) at a nearby park outside the restaurant, following her first clues which was to retrace the footsteps we took on our first date.
I wanted to start the whole game at the same place our relationship began, at the R&R bar restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. We ordered our meal and when we were finished, our waitress delivered our surprise “check”, a little wrapped box on a plate. (I had arranged all of this with the manager beforehand). This was all for show because even though it looked like I was giving her a ring inside that box, I really wasn’t. I feigned it on purpose, and it’s to give the idea of a proposal but not deliver one. This was ultimately part of a much bigger proposal plan after all.
Anyway in the box, the instructions and intent of the game was given, (see the game rules at the above section) along with her first clue on how to find the first Heartnumber*. The clue just asked her to retrace our steps on our first date. She knew that meant to go to the park after the restaurant. At the park, we walked around a bit until she saw a balloon floating over a park bench, with a my special Heartsfinity symbol** drawn on it. I had taped a tiny ring box behind the bench, and right under the balloon. Inside, was the first Heartnumber. She was quickly hooked and was excited to go on the next quest! I told her that these things take time and the whole game was going to take place over a long period of time but don’t worry, the next clue was coming!
Sometime after the first quest was over, I decided to discreetly deliver the second clue at her house when she wasn’t home. I wanted her to discover it taped on her garage door as she was pulling into her driveway back from work. As an added touch, I included a single long stemmed rose and taped it all together to her garage door. Must have looked funny to the neighbors! (As an added fun little fact, I gave her a long stem rose on our very first date so this was an easy reference to that.)
The clue stuck to that garage door basically hinted at our second date, inspiring her to think about where we went on that day to begin the second quest.
\Heartnumber is the special name I gave to the digits she needs to find. Note that many terms in this game will have a preface of “Heart”.*
\*Heartsfinity symbol looks like two hearts taken together and stuck at their points, creating an infinity symbol but with hearts! It’s the de facto symbol for this game.*
Quest 2
Took place at a South Mountain hiking trail, where we went on our second date. I had a friend (Don) play a “mountain troll” to block the trail path and deliver a riddle. She must answer the riddle to continue on the path. She did, and was rewarded with a clue (a map and a picture of the exact site that the 2nd Heartnumber was buried. She uncovered it and also found a clue to start the 3rd quest.
After getting the next clue on her garage door, she narrowed the next quest location to a South Mountain trail, the very trail that we climbed on our second date…only I had a special surprise waiting for her there. I had arranged this for several days prior with a friend, Don, and I had assigned him to play the role of a mountain troll to block the path before us. He’ll give her a test, in the form of a riddle that I had written, and she must answer it correctly to continue on the path.
As we approached the trail on the day of, we spotted Don crouching on top of a giant bolder looking menacing. Wow this dude actually showed up in full costume, and definitely in character! He jumped down from the boulder and unfurled a scroll which he had printed the riddle on, along with browning the parchment, and burning the edges. It was convincing and he deserved some stickers for the effort. Anyway the parchment reads…
“I’m neither animal, person, plant or thing,
but I thirst for water from rivers to bring.
If I had skin it would be red, brown, and dirty.
If I had hair it would be green, sharp, and spiky.
But I gave you life, and you live in me,
though at certain times, it can be agony.
I am with you every day,
you breathe my air as you lay.
From sunrise to sunset,
and oh how pretty can those get.
What am I?”
Brit got it on the third try, the answer was “Arizona.” The troll gave us a treasure map with X marks the spot, and gave her the choice of her next clue. Either she gets a picture of the site so she can find it easily once we reached the general location on the map, or she can opt to hear the hidden artifact chiming as she draws near to it (this is achievable by the use of a Tile tracker that I had planted with the Heartnumber when I buried it earlier.)
She chose the picture option, and then we continued on the trail. It didn’t take long for her to find the spot, especially with the help of the many arrows and Heartsfinity symbols that I had drawn out on the rocks along the path with a permanent marker days before. Don’t report me people, how permanent can permanent markers be anyway when exposed to the elements??
Continuing the hike up, we finally got to the spot. She recognized it immediately from the bonus picture clue that the troll gave her. The Heartnumber was in a small box wrapped inside a sandwich bag (I thought it needed some light weather proofing in case of rain). I was relieved to know that it was still under the stacked rock pile that I had left it under a few days ago. Thank God nobody bothered to loot it or mess it up (a constant thing to worry about with setting up scavenger hunts like these). This was a public trail after all. Inside, she found the second Heartnumber and we made our way back down the mountain… but not before some well deserved selfies with the troll, and her sisters (Maggie and Krystal) at the Heartnumber site. Yeah, they ended up following us half way through the hike up because, curiosity.
Quest 3
All of this was in California. The first part was done at my family’s house and they all had their part in it. She had to translate some writing in Tagalog, and learn some phrases from hearing my family. She then needs to parrot it back again in decent Tagalog, and find out that she’s actually asking permission to dig up a spot in the garden. In that spot, a box was buried containing two wine glasses, serving as the next clue. She immediately knows that this could only represent our favorite winery in the area so we set out for it immediately. The 3rd Heartnumber was placed in the gazebo out in the back of the winery.
The next clue for the 3rd quest came shortly after the hike down from South Mountain, as Don had stuck a card on our windshield as he headed out from the parking lot before us. The card simply stated the next quest was going to be far away, and it’s the only place in California that I’ve taken her that I know she truly loves. Other than that, no other clue was given.
She narrowed it down to three possible spots, but either way she knows it’s going to be somewhere in California. So we arranged a trip there (a 7 hour drive), back to my family’s house. When we got there she found a card written in Tagalog, waiting for her in the room she’ll be staying in. This was her next clue. She smartly chose to use Google translate to find out the card welcomes her to the house and instructs her that she will approach each member of my family as everyone has a role to play in this part of the quest. The card states that during the next morning when everyone is awake, she will approach my mom who will say a part of a sentence in Tagalog to her. Her job is to write down phonetically what is being said. She will then approach my aunt and my grandma and do the same with them. Once she’s pieced together the sentence, she may look up the translation but more importantly she has to practice saying it as perfectly as possible and deliver it to my uncle who will then decide whether it’s intelligible enough so she can continue to the next part. The phrase in English is, “Where is the shovel because I need to dig something up outside of the house?”
After piecing together the sentence, she practiced it and finally recited it in Tagalog to my uncle. After approving it, he then gave her the shovel she needed to dig out the next clue from the garden. Note that during the previous night while she was sleeping, I had dug up a spot in our garden to hide the next clue and I had marked it with a Heartsfinity symbol arranged with white stones for easy spotting. She dug up the clue and found my buried box containing the two wine glasses. She immediately knew that it could only mean going to the Agua Dulce Winery because that’s where the Heartnumber for this quest must be.
Upon our arrival to the winery, I immediately noticed that the little box that I had left for her to find, was now missing. It was early in the morning and nobody was there so it was probably stolen or thrown away the night before. That box contained the Heartnumber and was the whole point of going to this winery and California. Unfortunately I just didn’t bring any of the materials from Arizona to make a replacement here. Plus I was not about to tell her that we came all the way here for nothing, even though someone else did steal the Heartnumber box. So I had to improvise.
As she explored the area, I hastily wrote something on a piece of paper and left it under the gazebo behind the main building. Whatever excuse I was going to write had to look like it’s still “part of the game”. Breaking the 4th wall is a no no for me. She eventually finds the note, opens it, and learns that the card is basically an apology to her from the “courier service” saying that the 3rd Heartsnumber never made it to California, but that it will be waiting for her again in AZ. I was going with it and trying to have fun here because at this point I needed to just wing it.
I decided to really flesh out the lore behind this whole thing. There were magical courier services now, tasked in delivering and planting these Heartnumbers. And if there were couriers, there must be a corporate structure behind it and that means customer service agents and overly polite professional emails and the whole shebang. I worked in customer service so I know how these things are suppose to sound. This is a follow up email to her from Heartsfinity Customer Service after the California quest fiasco.
“Hello Brittany,
Thanks for reaching out to Heartsfinity Care, where it is always our pleasure to serve you along your Heartsfinity Quest!
We apologize that there were issues with the delivery of your 3rd Heartnumber. Unknown to us at the time, unfortunately there were immigration issues with one of our Heart Fairy causing them to be stopped by Border Patrol on the way to California. This is no one else’ fault but our own and we regret that you did not have a stellar experience in your 3rd Quest because of it. Making every Quests fun, exciting and engaging for you is what we strive to do and we hope to be better at that in the future. You should be getting your 3rd Heartsnumber soon and your 4th Heartsclue is already being processed and will be sent out shortly.
Also yes, we’ve updated your address in our system and you should be getting all future Heartmail directly to your address without having them go to your boyfriend first.
Thanks again for your patience, and good luck on your next Quest!
Heartsfinity Care Team”
As stated by the email, the backstory that I was able to come up with on the spot was that the “fairy courier” who was tasked in delivering the Heartnumber never made it across the AZ-CA border and was intercepted by Border Patrol on the way. (Because she was illegal. Yep.) Therefore, the Heartsfinity Company (the fictitious company who I’ve hired to coordinate this scavenger experience) apologizes for the mishap and promises to fast deliver the Heartnumber directly to her when we get back to Arizona.
Turns out this is not the last time she’d hear from Customer Service too. I will end up using this approach and using this fake company several times in the later parts of this whole thing, to advance the game and the lore when I saw fit.
Find the next part to continue the story!
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2019.03.20 18:50 Vani_the_squid A little song playlist for Enderal feels

Being still thoroughly stuck in Enderal feels country, I just made myself a little playlist for, hah, cathartic reasons. Figured it might go appreciated over here, so here goes, eleven twelve (thanks, u/greatestzim!) songs I remember Enderal by. All links are to Youtube, and all but two songs lyric videos for the sake of convenience.
Anyone with their own "Makes me think of Enderal" songs is absolutely welcome to post in the comments. Share your songs! Spread the feels!
With passing congratulations to Jespar for being too complicated a person to fit any one song I know. Taking all ideas. I am also in deep need of an Esme song.
Mercy Street by Peter Gabriel - The Prophet (as I play her)
Only Dreaming by K's Choice - Daddy
Heartlines by Florence + The Machine - Dating Jespar
Wear It Like A Crown by Rebekka Karijord - Calia
Grave Digger by Matmatah - The Aged Man
Build A Little World With Me by Laura Shigihara - Rynéus
Signal to Noise by Peter Gabriel - Tharaêl (mistake in the lyrics: the "you know that's it" are really "no mercy")
Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry - That final tavern evening
Blood Brothers by Iron Maiden - Collective song for those I lovingly call Team Shit Father: Jespar, Calia, Rynéus, Tharaêl, and the Prophet, along with honorary team leader Narathzul who passed us all the baton in the first place
Brave New World by Kalandra - Fleshless (thanks, u/greatestzim!)
Everything Burns by Anastacia & Ben Moody - Catharsis
The Humbling River by Puscifer - A moment of clarity
submitted by Vani_the_squid to enderal [link] [comments]

2017.03.30 22:18 Thrill_Monster RMC Mean Streak: Inversions

From the latest photo "leaked", we see what looks like part of a Zero-G Roll/Stall. Up until this point, we have only seen huge airtime moments on the coaster.
My question is will there be more inversions on the coaster, and if so what types and how many?
A little bit of background:
Cedar Point loves chasing records, and it seems like RMC MS will already break the hybrid height and speed records. The most inversions on a hybrid is 3. Will Cedar Point try to break this?
Here is a list of types of inversions featured on RMC's to this date:
Dive Loop, Zero-G Stall, Zero-G Roll, Top Gun Stall, Heartline Roll, Double Heartline Roll, Barrel Roll, Corkscrew, Step-Up Under-Flip, as well as numerous banked turns that bank far enough to be considered inverions.
submitted by Thrill_Monster to rollercoasters [link] [comments]

2016.08.24 03:10 wakarimasensei Heartlines' Second Level

Yes, I know what you’re going to say.
“But wakarimasensei, Heartlines is a Broods song! This is a Lorde subreddit!”
“You raise a good point, Ms. Strawman, but Heartlines was co-written by Lorde, and I’m focusing on the more Lorde-esque parts of it.”
“Oh, that’s great! Go on, then - I’ll listen in rapt attention!”
“Thank you, Ms. Strawman. Who’s a good strawman argument? You are! You are!”
And that’s how you can tell I’m exhausted and probably shouldn’t be writing theories right now. Anyways, it’s me again, and I’m doing another of these things that I do, but this time it’s about the Broods song Heartlines. I’m just going to go over it and explain what it’s about and why I like it, focusing on how it’s similar to Lorde’s songs.
So, first of all, what is Heartlines about? On first glance, it’s a love song. Well, that’s true. I’m not pulling some You shit and saying that they’re ‘just friends’ here, thanks to the quote Never fell in love, ‘cause I just cut loose - but not when it comes to you. That pretty much proves that our singer is still in love with… oh, damn it. I almost just called him You. Let’s call our singer’s love Barrow. There’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to after I’ve laid down the foundation.
Throughout the song, it seems like (for whatever reason) our singer and Barrow have been kept apart. Have you been let down by the ones before? Do you leave to soon to know? and So I sit across from someone new, but they don’t compare to you make me think that they’ve been seeing other people, but it just isn’t the same. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that. Hell, you can watch the (sadly not fantastic) music video.
Then we get to the chorus. We could fool the datelines, we could jump the state lines makes it pretty obvious what’s going on on two levels, one standard and one… interesting.
So, singer has found and reunited with Barrow and basically says “let’s run away and be together”. This is standard love song and standard Broods fare. But she also says it like this:
We could fool the datelines
Very first line of the song. Now, if you’re not familiar with the word, a dateline is (this definition from dictionary.com):
a line of text giving the place of origin and usually the date of a news dispatch or the like.
That makes things fun. Why is our couple trying to make sure the newspaper can’t say where they are? Why are they jumping the state lines?
We’ve got some Bonnie and Clyde shit going on right here. Fun commence.
I don’t always play nice, Dressing in black, Run to beat the sunlight, and Dancing at night can all be interpreted in a bit more ominous manner. These are not good people. We could also add prison to the list of possible reasons why they split.
But here’s the interesting thing. This song is set up like a standard love song, it’s just the content that stays the same. Even though singer and Barrow are probably criminals and possibly bad people, the relationship stays the same.
Curious, innit?
So why am I posting this on /lorde? Because this is one of the main reasons why Lorde is so good. You can keep listening to a Lorde song and get more and more out of it. Heartlines shows her influence quite obviously.
Lines like I know you love the way the hairpins start to drop or Tiger burn eyes or I know it’s dumb have massive potential for interpretation. Heartlines doesn’t have the same quality, but it is a good example - if nothing else because its second layer is so readily found.
Or maybe I’m just tired.
Oh, and one other reason! This is the most recent thing Lorde has done that we can actually listen to! Heartlines having this extra layer gives me hope that the new album will live up to Pure Heroine.
TL;DR: Heartlines is about criminals, Lorde songs have layers, Lorde’s still got it.
[Post-writing note: friends don’t let friends write tired. This is what happens]
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2016.07.09 15:22 The_Tried_Piper Florence + the Machine Song Showdown (Round 12) (Lungs + B-Sides FINAL!)

It's Week 12 of the Song Showdown, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the service begins in the Graveyard:
-RIP: Dog Days are Over: Horses are much faster than Humans. Also, they're more likely to kill you when they trample you.
-RIP: Falling: Is not a very good hobby to take up. Especially when it gives you pleasure. Even more so if you're falling out of a moving vehicle,
-RIP: Shake it Out: Devils on Backs are bad for people's health. Seriously, have you tried? There's no way you'd be able to get those things off.
-RIP: Breath of Life: Kirsten Stewart.
What the Water Gave Me and Bedroom Hymns came out Victorious! I'm glad. Mostly.
Lungs is on it's final leg now! Who will win?
The final vote EVER is here! Or is it?
Remember, folks! vote for your LEAST FAVORITE SONG!
Current Standings for Lungs:
13) Kiss With a Fist (22%, 13 Votes)
12) I'm Not Calling You a Liar (30%, 13 Votes)
11) Girl With One Eye (35%, 11 Votes)
10) My Boy Builds Coffins (23%, 5 Votes)
9) Hurricane Drunk
8) You've Got the Love
7) Between Two Lungs
6) Blinding
5) Howl
4) Drumming Song
3) Dog Days are Over
Current Standings for Lungs B-Sides:
9) Not Fade Away
8) Hospital Beds
7) Are You Hurting the One you Love?
6) Addicted to Love
5) Hardest of Hearts
4) Bird Song
3) Falling
Current Standings for Ceremonials:
12) Breaking Down (21%, 13 Votes)
11) All This and Heaven Too (26%, 10 Votes)
10) Leave My Body (24%, 8 Votes)
9) Lover to Lover (30%, 7 Votes)
8) Seven Devils
7) Never Let Me Go
6) Spectrum
5) Heartlines
4) Only If For A Night
3) No Light, No Light
2) Shake it Out
1) What the Water Gave Me
Current Standings for Ceremonials B-Sides:
6) Remain Nameless
5) Over the Love
4) Landscape
3) Strangeness and Charm
2) Breath of Life
1) Bedroom Hymns
Current Standings for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful:
11) Caught (34%, 21 Votes)
10) St. Jude (26%, 10 Votes)
9) Long and Lost (42%, 14 Votes)
8) Various Storms and Saints (35%, 8 Votes)
7) Third Eye
6) Mother
5) Ship to Wreck
4) How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
3) What Kind of Man
2) Queen of Peace
1) Delilah
Standings for HB3 B-Sides:
7) Only Love Can Break Your Heart
6) Conductor
5) As Far as I Could Get
4) Pure Feeling
3) Hiding
2) Make Up Your Mind
1) Which Witch?
Bonus Question:
Who here likes the MTV unplugged performance FatM did?
Vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/eIHtbnFJK36TklRS2
You can view the results to date Here.
submitted by The_Tried_Piper to FlorenceAndTheMachine [link] [comments]

2016.07.02 14:29 The_Tried_Piper Florence + the Machine Song Showdown (Round 11) (Ceremonials + B-Sides FINAL!)

It's Week 11 of the Song Showdown, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the service begins in the Graveyard:
-RIP: Drumming Song: Killing yourself just because you like someone isn't a good way to get recognition.
-RIP: Hardest of Hearts: Bipolar love syndrome.
-RIP: Bird Song: I love 2-way puns.
-RIP: No Light, No Light: To be honest, we DID try everything to make this one stay.
-RIP: Stra-What? No! How is this possible?ngeness and Charm: Hydrogen and blood don't go well together. Especially if it makes it burn.
-RIP: Queen of Peace: Oh, what is it worth?
-RIP: Make Up Your Mind: That final head turn.
Dude, I TOTALLY didn't think Delilah would win. NOT AT ALL.
Congrats. This Subreddit is filled with 1,000 Hurricane Drunks. Wait, Hurricane Drunks? Why not Flows? Is Flows not the title For Florence Fans anymore? Hurricane Drunks is just lazy.
Remember, folks! vote for your LEAST FAVORITE SONG!
Current Standings for Lungs:
13) Kiss With a Fist (22%, 13 Votes)
12) I'm Not Calling You a Liar (30%, 13 Votes)
11) Girl With One Eye (35%, 11 Votes)
10) My Boy Builds Coffins (23%, 5 Votes)
9) Hurricane Drunk
8) You've Got the Love
7) Between Two Lungs
6) Blinding
5) Howl
4) Drumming Song
Current Standings for Lungs B-Sides:
9) Not Fade Away
8) Hospital Beds
7) Are You Hurting the One you Love?
6) Addicted to Love
5) Hardest of Hearts
4) Bird Song
Current Standings for Ceremonials:
12) Breaking Down (21%, 13 Votes)
11) All This and Heaven Too (26%, 10 Votes)
10) Leave My Body (24%, 8 Votes)
9) Lover to Lover (30%, 7 Votes)
8) Seven Devils
7) Never Let Me Go
6) Spectrum
5) Heartlines
4) Only If For A Night
3) No Light, No Light
Current Standings for Ceremonials B-Sides:
6) Remain Nameless
5) Over the Love
4) Landscape
3) Strangeness and Charm
Current Standings for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful:
11) Caught (34%, 21 Votes)
10) St. Jude (26%, 10 Votes)
9) Long and Lost (42%, 14 Votes)
8) Various Storms and Saints (35%, 8 Votes)
7) Third Eye
6) Mother
5) Ship to Wreck
4) How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
3) What Kind of Man
2) Queen of Peace
1) Delilah
Standings for HB3 B-Sides:
7) Only Love Can Break Your Heart
6) Conductor
5) As Far as I Could Get
4) Pure Feeling
3) Hiding
2) Make Up Your Mind
1) Which Witch?
Bonus Question:
What does Everyone think of Strangeness and Charm at the Apollo?
Vote here: http://goo.gl/forms/gqJgw9L5btE5GEQy1
You can view the results to date Here.
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2016.06.25 15:07 The_Tried_Piper Florence + the Machine Song Showdown (Round 10) (HB3 + B-Sides FINAL)

It's Week 10 of the Song Showdown, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the service begins in the Graveyard:
-RIP: Howl: The hunters became the hunted.
-RIP: Addicted to Love: They had to go and face it.
-RIP: Only If For A Night: The service has finished in the graveyard.
-RIP: Landscape: No more Family trees.
-RIP: What Kind of Man: Was against the wall one too many times.
-RIP: Hiding: Broke way too many things.
Mr. Coin helps me bypass tiebreaks. They're way too time-consuming and stressful.
Also, I want each B-Side to end at the same time as it's respective album, so I will have a DOUBLE ELIMINATION round for LUNGS B-SIDES.
Remember, folks! vote for your LEAST FAVORITE SONG!
Current Standings for Lungs:
13) Kiss With a Fist (22%, 13 Votes)
12) I'm Not Calling You a Liar (30%, 13 Votes)
11) Girl With One Eye (35%, 11 Votes)
10) My Boy Builds Coffins (23%, 5 Votes)
9) Hurricane Drunk
8) You've Got the Love
7) Between Two Lungs
6) Blinding
5) Howl
Current Standings for Lungs B-Sides:
8) Not Fade Away
7) Hospital Beds
6) Are You Hurting the One you Love?
5) Addicted to Love
Current Standings for Ceremonials:
12) Breaking Down (21%, 13 Votes)
11) All This and Heaven Too (26%, 10 Votes)
10) Leave My Body (24%, 8 Votes)
9) Lover to Lover (30%, 7 Votes)
8) Seven Devils
7) Never Let Me Go
6) Spectrum
5) Heartlines
4) Only If For A Night
Current Standings for Ceremonials B-Sides:
6) Remain Nameless
5) Over the Love
4) Landscape
Current Standings for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful:
11) Caught (34%, 21 Votes)
10) St. Jude (26%, 10 Votes)
9) Long and Lost (42%, 14 Votes)
8) Various Storms and Saints (35%, 8 Votes)
7) Third Eye
6) Mother
5) Ship to Wreck
4) How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
3) What Kind of Man
Standings for HB3 B-Sides:
7) Only Love Can Break Your Heart
6) Conductor
5) As Far as I Could Get
4) Pure Feeling
3) Hiding
Bonus Question:
I wonder, What is it with the Glastonbury 2015 Performance?
Vote Here: http://goo.gl/forms/kHxRHHTf0H57SPmJ3
You can view the results to date Here.
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2016.06.18 15:17 The_Tried_Piper Florence + the Machine Song Showdown (Round 9)

It's Week 9 of the Song Showdown, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the service begins in the Graveyard:
-RIP: Blinding: Was never sure what was going on.
-RIP: Are you Hurting the One You Love: He said he wanted heaven but it wasn't enough!
-RIP: Heartlines: That Wednesday Afternoon was an embarrassing one.
-RIP: Over the Love: The great gatsby is too fancy for Florence Fans.
-RIP: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: The Other Side has been seen as a freaky place to be by other artists. I could imagine this driving any stable person into Hysteria.
-Pure Feeling: Uhhh, good?
I couldn't stand to do another tiebreak, so I just flipped a coin to get one of Pure Feeling or Hiding out.
Remember, folks! vote for your LEAST FAVORITE SONG!
Current Standings for Lungs:
13) Kiss With a Fist (22%, 13 Votes)
12) I'm Not Calling You a Liar (30%, 13 Votes)
11) Girl With One Eye (35%, 11 Votes)
10) My Boy Builds Coffins (23%, 5 Votes)
9) Hurricane Drunk
8) You've Got the Love
7) Between Two Lungs
6) Blinding
Current Standings for Lungs B-Sides:
8) Not Fade Away
7) Hospital Beds
6) Are You Hurting the One you Love?
Current Standings for Ceremonials:
12) Breaking Down (21%, 13 Votes)
11) All This and Heaven Too (26%, 10 Votes)
10) Leave My Body (24%, 8 Votes)
9) Lover to Lover (30%, 7 Votes)
8) Seven Devils
7) Never Let Me Go
6) Spectrum
5) Heartlines
Current Standings for Ceremonials B-Sides:
6) Remain Nameless
5) Over the Love
Current Standings for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful:
11) Caught (34%, 21 Votes)
10) St. Jude (26%, 10 Votes)
9) Long and Lost (42%, 14 Votes)
8) Various Storms and Saints (35%, 8 Votes)
7) Third Eye
6) Mother
5) Ship to Wreck
4) How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Standings for HB3 B-Sides:
7) Only Love Can Break Your Heart
6) Conductor
5) As Far as I Could Get
4) Pure Feeling
Bonus Question:
I love the 71% of people who love I Love you All the time all the time all the time.
Confusing statements aside, What say ye of the Bayou Percussion Version of Girl with one eye?
Vote Here: http://goo.gl/forms/JlqWq4LJNHR4Crx82
You can view the results to date Here.
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2014.11.27 00:34 Valdair {CONTEST} December Contest

I came up with this yesterday and threw together a quick workbench. This is something of a throwback - almost scenario style. The workbench I have devised is a a hilly map with roughly half of the owned area strung around a small lake in a not-quite-circular pattern. This is a design competition, and so normal design concepts apply - you may build as much supporting stuff as you want to keep guests happy so long as it is obvious which tracked ride is "the design" (nothing else should be big enough to compete, this makes sure the focus is on the objective and no one wins by just cramming in roller coasters). Your design must involve the loop of land in some way, but need not go all the way around it. Basically you can't just ignore the ring.
Screenshots of the map.
Most all coaster styles are available and any (within reason) could be used for your design. I would advise against something like a reverse-freefall or a heartline coaster since they cannot turn. The workbench should be fully NCSO. The objective is a standard no-money/finish-five-coasters so it cannot be lost. That said, trainer use is perfectly okay in all instances EXCEPT modifying land ownership.
Submissions do NOT need to be exported but MUST have unique names. If we get a bunch of "Reddit 2014 December Workbench" parks no one can tell whose is whose and it's awful.
Park Download - Will not be further altered. If you started anytime after the afternoon on the 26th, you have the latest version.
EDIT: The new due date is Wednesday, 24 December, 2014 in the evening, probably ~10pm PST.
Any questions can go in this thread. I will have a link to /RCT shortly.
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2013.07.10 19:30 RealNotFake [TRIP] Park Review – Valleyfair (Shakopee, MN)

Picture Gallery: Valleyfair
Mods: Please contact me for verification because I forgot to get a picture with the date.
I visited Valleyfair on July 5, 2013. This is my first trip here and I traveled with my girlfriend. I somewhat expected the park to be busy due to people taking off work, but I was surprised to find the wait times for rides never got to be out of control or even bad. Many rides were even walk-ons for the majority of the day.
First up, we walked along the right side of the park and found the entrance to High Roller, which is inside of the Planet Snoopy kids area. High Roller is an old school woody from 1976, built by International Amusement Devices, Inc. The trains had the old style bench seats with plenty of padding and the single fixed position lap bar for both riders, as well as seat belts. It’s not a particularly tall or fast ride, but it provides some pretty fun thrills. We rode in the back. The first drop had a nice little pop of airtime that was more intense than I was expecting. After that you hit a hill with a little bit of floaty air at the top, a slowish turnaround, and then a long series of bunny hops back to the station. The bunny hops were really fun, and although you don’t get true off-your-seat airtime, you definitely get that floating feeling in your stomach from the back seat. It’s a true out and back L layout. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was fun and a good start to the day. This ride was pretty much a walk-on. They were only running one train in the morning but later in the day they added another. This was consistent with the other rides as well and I thought the park did a good job keeping the capacity up to handle the demand when necessary.
Next we wanted to get back to Renegade, but on the way we passed by the Mad Mouse and decided to ride while the line was still short. I had a feeling this ride would be packed later in the day because it’s right in the center of the park, it’s kid friendly, and the capacity is really poor since only one car is loaded at a time. This ride was your standard Arrow wild mouse – nothing to write home about. It was mild and I had no interest in riding again. Later in the day I proved my earlier hypothesis to be correct because the line was very long and very slow.
Finally we made our way to Renegade, which is almost all the way toward the back of the park. I was really excited for this ride, and I’ve heard good things about it. It’s a 97ft tall GCI twister constructed in 2007 and it runs the awesome Millennium Flyer trains. The queue was winding and passed through a nice, cool (with fan!) tunnel, followed by stairs up to the station. I had to wait about 10 minutes to ride, and I found that the line was never longer than 15 minutes all day. Like High Roller, Renegade started with only one train and then added another train in the afternoon. For our first ride we decided to sit in the back and see how much airtime it could deliver. I really loved this ride, however the back seat was a tad disappointing. The first drop had a nice pop of air in the back, but because of the twisted layout, there really wasn't a ton of airtime and almost no ejector air. I came to realize this ride just wasn't designed for those kind of forces. There were some good floater moments on transitions between turns, however. The heartlining on this ride is superb, and reminds me how much I love GCI’s later rides. Renegade reminds me a lot of Lightning Racer, only without the race element and with more positive G’s and a tighter and rowdy layout. On the next ride we chose the front seat and I was absolutely blown away by how great this ride is in the front. I started to appreciate and enjoy it more and more with each ride, despite a slightly disappointed first impression. You just have to appreciate the ride for what it is. Thanks to the low profile of the MF trains, you get an excellent view of the track from the front seat, and it’s smooth and intense. The first drop is so fun from the front, because of the banked direction change midway through the drop. It feels like you are staring straight down on that drop, and it feels like it takes forever for the back of the train to crest the lift hill – the anticipation was great. The positive forces at the bottom of the drop were possibly my favorite part of the ride. The track was chattery and definitely felt like a woody, but it was not what I would consider headache-inducing or even rough. I think this ride might make the bottom of my Top 10, although I don’t see it replacing Lightning Racer for overall fun and enjoyment. However, it’s clearly the best ride in the entire park. And because it’s tucked in the back, the lines were always short.
Next up, we rode Excalibur, because we were already close to it. It’s nestled in a tiny little corner all the way at the end of the park that you can only reach via a long underground tunnel walkway. The only other attraction in that area of the park is the river rapids, so it’s a pretty uninteresting area. Excalibur is a coaster that boggles my mind. It’s essentially a 100ft tall Arrow mine train with a very short and boring layout, a trim break on the first drop, and no airtime. It’s one of the only rides with steel track and wooden supports, with Gemini and Cedar Creek Mine Ride being the others. From the lift hill you get a spectacular view of...the highway and the industrial development that runs parallel to that side of the park. The lift hill travels away from the park so really the highway is the only thing you have to look at, especially if you’re in the left seat. It’s not overly rough, but it also doesn't have many thrills. The area around Excalibur was a ghost town, and it was a total walk-on both times I rode it. This ride was built in 1989 and I can only hope it was more successful when it first came out, because now it serves no purpose whatsoever. I wouldn't be surprised if Valleyfair demolishes/sells this ride to make room for something better.
Next we traversed back across the park and rode a few flat rides along the way. Valleyfair has a surprisingly good variety of flat and non-coaster thrill rides. They have an inverting swinging ship, which I haven’t seen too many of these days, a scrambler, an enterprise, an xtreme swing, a top spin, a 3-side power tower, a sky coaster (extra charge), go-karts (extra charge), a swings, carousel, bumper cars, ferris wheel, train, shoot-the-chute log flume, raging rapids, octopus, lady luck, tilt-a-whirl, and some other smaller kiddie attractions and various things. Not bad at all. Between coasters we were having fun hitting those thrill rides. In general, Valleyfair provides plenty of fun to be had and you can fill a whole day there, as long as you’re willing to experience all of the attractions and not just the coasters. This is definitely more of a family park than a thrill park. They also have a unique and bizarre attraction called Hydroblaster which is basically a dark water slide attraction that you ride in full clothes rather than a bathing suit. They also have a Soak City water area but the water park seemed to be pretty lacking here.
Our next coaster was Wild Thing. This is a Morgan steel hyper coaster and I don’t have anything to compare it to since I haven’t ridden Phantom’s Revenge, Mamba, Steel Force, etc. This was a first for me. I rather enjoyed this ride, at least more than Magnum XL-200. It was generally pretty smooth, but it wasn't particularly forceful. The first drop had a nice little pop of air midway through but you don’t feel it much unless you’re in the back seat. The first hill after the drop was incredibly smooth – nearly as smooth as a B&M. However you don’t get any air at all on this hill. Then the coaster traveled through a large figure 8 turnaround on the edge of the parking lot, and then hit a MCBR. The turnaround was large and slow enough not to be painful, but the heartlining on the track is only a slight grade above Arrow. After the MCBR was a series of bunny hills, culminating in a tunnel. The bunny hills had some nice pop from the back seat, although tame compared to Magnum. From the front seat the camel backs were completely void of airtime, however. The tunnel was actually a nice touch, and I found it enjoyable. The track is painted black inside the tunnel and there is scaffolding above you that provides a head-chopper effect. The tunnel /shed is sufficiently vented so you are treated to nice cool air instead of the sticky, nasty, hot air that is a staple of Magnum’s tunnels. Then you hit the brake run which produces a loud ‘clacking’ noise as the train slows down. Later in the day we rode Wild Thing again in the front seat, and we found the front seat to be more enjoyable and the view was nice. You get a better view from the left seat, because on the right you just have the aforementioned stretch of highway and ugly industrial development.
Next we attempted to ride Steel Venom, the Intamin cookie-cutter impulse coaster, but it was down for some reason. No surprise there. Those rides tend to be finicky but I expected it to be operational later in the day. We took a break for lunch instead and I appreciated the fact that the parking lot for Valleyfair is really not very big. You don’t have to walk far to your car, no matter where you’re parked. The lot does need some repaving and TLC though - it was pretty ragged. After lunch was Steel Venom, which was now operating again. Steel Venom was fun, and because it’s a shuttle coaster without a lift hill I will overlook the fact that it’s essentially a parking lot coaster. I think Wicked Twister has the best view of all the impulse coasters, being right on the beach at Cedar Point. But since you’re either staring forward, straight up or straight down, it doesn't really matter except in the queue. I was pleased to see this version of the ride had the straight back tower and it also does the brake-stop at the top of the second back spike. Out of all the Intamin impulse twisters I have ridden, Vertical Velocity at SFGAm is still my favorite, but Steel Venom was fun. We rode twice and each time the line was about 10 minutes.
After a few more flat rides and a ride on one of the least impressive trains I have experienced (I hope you like views of the highway), we made our way to Corkscrew to get a ride for the credit. Corkscrew is very similar to Cedar Point’s corkscrew, except it adds a small hill after the loop and a helix at the end, both of which are forceless and uninteresting. It’s a simple ride, not very thrilling or fun, but it wasn't completely painful like I was expecting. It goes slow enough that you don’t get much head banging, as long as you brace properly. We rode in the back, and I liked how the back seat gets whipped around the top of the loop. You also get a little bit of hang time during the corks. I kind of like how ridiculously photogenic this coaster is. It’s mostly set over the small, man-made lake in the center of the park and just about every picture you take looks good and often captures another coaster in the background, such as Wild Thing or High Roller. It doesn't deserve to be that photogenic, but I’ll take it.
That sums up all of the roller coasters at Valleyfair, except for the kiddie coaster which we skipped. We also skipped all of the water rides and Soak City.
In total we ended up spending about 10 hours at the park. More than enough to get our money’s worth. Overall impression of the park – I liked it, but apart from Renegade there are no killer rides or unique attractions. However, Valleyfair makes up for it with the excellent variety of flat rides and other attractions. We visited a music show in an air-conditioned theater called “British Invasion” which was a nice escape from the heat. Valleyfair also has an IMAX theater, which was currently playing an older IMAX feature called T-Rex: Back to Cretaceous. I am pretty sure I saw that film back when it first came out in 1998 and it hasn't aged particularly well. It was designed for IMAX 3D but this theater was playing the 2D version. The acting in this movie was also pretty bad, but overall the movie was fun and another nice escape from the midday heat. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of Valleyfair is how clean and nice they keep the park. It was really nice to see the excellent landscaping and well-kept green lawns. There were really no areas of ugly overgrowth or weeds to speak of. There was an abundance of shade here, which was a refreshing change from the large stretches of bare, scorching asphalt in certain other Cedar Fair parks that shall not be named. The bathrooms weren't particularly great but they were cold and air-conditioned, and there were even signs in each bathroom with a maintenance phone number if guests aren't satisfied with the cleanliness. This park seemed to go above and beyond to provide a good experience. One area that they need to improve is the entrance area and bag search. It was very confusing and poorly laid out. Between the ticket booths and the entrance gate, they formed a weird snaked around queue in between metal fencing for the bag search line. There was an express entrance for people without bags, but if you were unfortunate enough to have a bag you had to wait in the long, confusing line to get into the park. The whole thing was a cluster. They also had more security than I have seen at most parks. Another odd thing I noticed about Valleyfair is that they apparently have a policy where there is no readmission after 7pm. You can get your hand stamped like most parks, but you can’t re-enter after 7 for some reason. Perhaps someone can explain to me why they do this. We had to delay our plans for eating dinner until leaving the park because we didn't realize this fact until it was already close to 7 and we didn't want to risk getting denied re-entry.
Overall I really enjoyed our day at Valleyfair, but I don’t anticipate I will be back for at least a few years because we pretty much exhausted everything the park had to offer and rode all of the good coasters multiple times. They have a few areas where they could improve but the park is still a very fun experience. You can also pad out your trip with a quick jaunt to Mall of America to ride the coasters at Nickelodeon Universe. Final rating: 7/10
I hope you enjoyed my review and thanks for reading.
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2013.06.06 08:53 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I work at Cedar Point as a ride host, ask me anything!

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Date: 2013-06-05
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Have you ever had someone so fat that they weren't allowed on a ride? How did you tell them? We have to do it everyday, multiple times. We usually say something along the lines of "If the seat belt doesn't clasp, I'm going to have to ask you to exit the platform." and then walk away quickly so it doesn't get too awkward.
I remember once at Great Adventure, one lady was throwing a shit fit when they wouldn't let her on the coaster. The kid was trying to explain "I'm sorry but you're physically larger than the seat, you will fall out and die if I let you on" but she wasn't having any of it. That happens quite a bit. My favorite (sarcasm out the ass) is when parents complain about their child's height. "What do you mean, she's too short?!" Really? I don't see how you could not understand what that sentence means.
Rider of exceptional size here... How pissed do you guys get when someone tells you to not stop forcing it till they bleed? No one has asked that of me, but I always offer. Sometimes, if I'm feeling generous, I break the rules and buckle it for them. We all do once and awhile.
My guess is that they understand what the sentence literally means, but not the implications. You could say "Because she is too short, the restraints won't hold her and she will be flung from the car" or something like that. Haha, it's a joke.
About to go for the first time this summer. Will the Millennium Force actually rip my face off? :D. Millenium force will make you orgasm, and then forget to call you the next morning.
Also, what's your least favorite aspect of the job? My least favorite aspect is how people are incredibly rude to you once you don a uniform. They assume that since they paid to get in, they can treat me like shit because I work there. I am not your slave. I am Cedar Point's slave. There's a difference.
Ugh, god, customer service industry blows, man. :( Sorry people are so rude to ya. You get used to it, haha.
What is it like in the summer? Are the all day plus tickets REALLY worth it against the all day ones? and, what is the craziest person/group of people you've ever seen while working? I've only been working for a month, but so far, I would say anything you have to buy extra here at Cedar Point is a bust. The only thing worth buying extra is Fast Lane, but not Fast Lane Plus. Craziest group of people would have to be the Amish. We get loads of Amish, every single day. It's actually really funny to see them running around in their terribly thick dresses.
Didnt it say the extra all day plus was only to get on TTD and the Gatekeeper? Yes, but it is an extra 15 dollars per purchase.
Not bad, but that can add up... A hell of a lot!
I have probably been to Cedar Point 8 times. I used to go every summer when I was a kid. What made you want to take this position working at Cedar Point though? It's been a really long time since I've been back; so I'm curious to what you think the best ride or attraction is. On a scale of awesome to amazing, how great is the Raptor?! I wanted to work here, honestly, because I knew it would kick my ass. I've been trying to stay clean from drugs and alcohol, and this makes it harder yet easier at the same time, because I don't even have time for it. The Raptor is indeed amazing, but the Maverick is by far the greatest ride.
Good for you then! Take it one day at a time! I'll have to check out the Maverick next time I go then. It's definitely the most intense. There used to be a twist in it called a "Heartline Flip", that was so tight, it caused your center of gravity to switch to your heart. They took it out a week before they opened Maverick to the public.
As someone with a heart problem, I'm kind of glad. haha. Exactly why they took it out. It didn't cause a ton of stress, but Cedar Point has never had anyone die in the park because of them, so they're trying to keep that going.
How are the dorms they give you? I've heard some horror stories about them. They're pretty terrible, yeah. My building had a bed bug issue for a few weeks, a dozen or so rooms had heaters in them that rose the temperature to 180, as that is the only way to kill the bedbugs I guess. We have three to four people in a tiny room, and no access to a kitchen. Bathrooms are public, including showers. Laundry prices aren't terrible, but they still hit hard when you make what we do.
Fuckin Cedars showers... Move to Commons if you get the chance, brother. Air conditioning :) I do indeed live in commons, still miserable haha.
I worked at kings island for 3 years (two on the racer and opened diamondback), so even though I don't really have a question, I totally respect and understand the job. What ride/rides do you work on? Which is your favorite? I'd rather not say which ride I work, because I am willing to answer all questions, and Cedar Fair considers many things to be secrets. My favorite is Maverick, it's so intense.
Which days of the week are the slowest? Right now those days don't exist, because schools bring classes during the week, and families come on weekends. Once school lets out, early weekdays will be the slowest. I prefer the busy days, as I have more to do.
It only gets worse in July and August, plus way hotter. May/June was a cake walk compared to mid summer. Luckily you get better and faster at your job by then. Enjoy the experience, it's one you'll never forget. Your crew becomes your family. Source: TTD Crew 07. I would agree, but my crew is pretty shitty. We don't get along at all, we're all from different worlds. I've considered quitting early, because I have a lot of siblings to see.
I hear ya. I ended up switching to maintenance half way through the season and changing light bulbs on the rides. Loved my team but the guests were fucking annoying. So much truth.
I my phone has dropped from the top of the Magnum. I went to the lost and found office the next day and I was extremely surprised and pleased that they actually found my phone and in good condition. Do you actually search the bottom of all the coasters? Every single night. And believe it or not, we're all actually really good about turning the things we find in. We legally have to, but of course we could get away with it. Everyone I've encountered is pretty good at being honest. With money, or anything valuable, we turn it in, and then "claim" it. If no one picks it up in a certain amount of time (depending on the value of the item[s]) it becomes legally ours. This applies to everything except for wallets, money inside of wallets, and cellphones.
Do they let you claim some of the items after the time has passed? If we put a claim on them when we turn them in, they become ours after enough time has passed.
Do you ever take money out of wallets then turn them in separately so you can legally claim it after that time frame has passed? Nope, never. At least, I don't. Other people might.
What's some of the best stuff and the weirdest stuff you've gotten? I have, in my room, a black power afro pick.
I'm an avid rollercoaster and cedar point fan, but this is still one of the things that bothers me most: I was there two weeks ago and of course I had to ride Gatekeeper. Since I'm one of the people who really care about my ride experience, I wanted to ride in specific seats (front and back only). First time through we were 4th/5th in line and since we wanted to be on the first train of the day we went to the back because the people in front if us took the front. So I get up to the entrance of the station on my second time through the line and I request to go to the front. The ride op told me no. I argued with him for about 30 seconds and then decided to quit so i said "fine, can i go to the back?" and he let me. Why do some people do this? If I'm willing to argue with you then it's pretty obvious I care where I sit... Just let me go WAIT EXTRA TIME for the front row and the people behind me will fill in the gaps. Later that day we get unlucky and the same kid is at the station entrance. He told my friend two go to line two and we walked in and just went to row one. I bet you can guess what happened... NOTHING! The fourth time through I got a different worker and they let us go to the front when we asked. I just don't get why some workers are dicks to the customers, especially when they pay so much to have a good time. I went again this past Monday and got on three times with the employees all letting me go where I wanted when I asked. The strange thing is this has happened to me on a couple of occasions over the years on a few different rides at the park. Why do some employees tell people where to go and other rides they just make sure everyone is tall enough but let people go wherever? Is this up to the employee to do or are they told to do this? It all depends. I'm assuming that the employee was being a douche. In his defense, after a particularly rude guest, I found myself being abrasive to guests as well. Once I noticed, I quit. However, from my knowledge, he had no right to tell you that you could not ride in the front. If you want to wait, go for it.
I went years ago.. cedar point is like heaven for roller coaster riders!!! the only problem i had was line hoppers!!! the park was half empty i had to yell at this two gangster kids because they pushed my girl out of the way... lameness!!! The things you must see are amazing people watching... What sticks out in your mind? Line hoppers are really bad, but I try my best to send them to the back of the line. The people watching is fun, but we really do pay attention to the rides as they are running, so people watching time is limited. One thing I think is hilarious are the couples. They hold hands throughout a whole ride, and I tell my coworkers "They are going to be sore as hell when they come back, if they don't hold the handlebars." They always come back complaining about headaches. I once watched a couple try to kiss while being restricted by shoulder harnesses. They were straining and practically strangling themselves, but would not give up.
How stingy on weather conditions do you have to be with the top thrill dragster? like when do they draw the line to close it down due to weather? Wait, Dragster still runs? Just kidding. Dragster's main issue is wind. 10 mph wind on the ground doesn't seem too bad, but 420 feet up in the air it gets pretty crazy. It's down quite a bit.
Really? Interesting. The main times I've seen it closed (but I've only been there a few times since I live on the opposite side of the state) was rain. Any type of rain would close it down. It made sense to me since I would think a rain drop would hurt like hell going 100+ mph. Agreed. Anything would hurt at that speed, haha.
So the next time i'm up there could you let me cut the lines? Man, line hoppers are seriously the most annoying part of my job. Everyone has places to be, everyone wants to ride all of the rides, everyone hates waiting. Think of it this way: Some people can only afford Cedar Point as their annual vacation. They work their asses off all year long, just to have the money to come here. It's expensive, but it's fun, for the whole family. Why do you think that you deserve to be put in front of these individuals? Not talking about you, as I understand you were joking.
Some guy at kings island when i went one year was in a wheelchair who obviously wasn't hurt or disabled. so an employee called him out on it, and told him he needed to get up for a ride. idiot wasn't thinking and got up and got into the ride. thrown out pretty fast for sure. That happens, but sometimes the individual's disability entails not being able to walk for long periods of time. However, there are a lot of people who try to pull that shit, and I have to bite my tongue pretty damn hard.
I like you. I always liked the workers at Cedar Point, they always seemed like cool people, especially the raptor. Ride Operators are usually pretty cool. They interview us via skype, so they know if we can handle being shit on verbally, whether we'll be cool under pressure, etc.
What perks and benefits do you get being an employee? Do you get access to the park on your days off? Overnight riding? We have ride nights, where one or more rides are open after closing for only employees. We get free access to the park, with our IDs, and 20% off ticket price when we buy them at the ticket counter.
Millennium is my favorite ride, what's your favorite to work? and what's the dumbest thing you've seen a person do there, visitor or worker? I only work one ride, a coaster. The dumbest thing? We once stopped the ride because someone had a cell phone out. When I went to the lift hill, (the part of the coaster that pulls the train by chain up the first large drop) I found no cell phones. However, I did find a man who had started smoking a cigarette. I was laughing almost too hard to ask him to put it out or be escorted out by police officers.
I'm guessing they stopped it so he couldn't film the ride. That is one of the reasons, yes.
When I was a smoker, I was on the Magnum once, and it crushed my pack of cigarettes. With the inflated price of cigarettes, I expect 7.50 to be sent to me. Thank you. "Please place all of your loose articles in the bin on the left side of the platform. Cedar Point is not responsible for items lost or damaged while riding, so please secure your loose articles!"
Would Google Glass be ok? Nope, not even go pros strapped to your chest.
Why not? Why do they care if you film the ride? I know that is against Cedar Fair policy, it may or may not be against Ohio law. There is a rumor, one that I cannot confirm, as I have only heard of it and never found evidence, that a gentleman dropped his phone on the Dragster, and it shattered a girl's cheekbone. If this is true, they would ban all video recording just to make sure no one tried any of this. Cedar Fair's biggest policy is safety. It is the number one thing they, and we as workers, are concerned with.
Have you encountered the infamous "singing guy" yet? If you're not familiar. I have not! I will keep an eye out for him though!
What's your favorite ride? I've answered it a few times, but Maverick. 92 degree drop, crazy twists.
95 degree drop *. As a season pass holder every year since 2004 and rollercoaster enthusiast, I know these things. The funny thing is, the sign outside of it reads 92, and the spielers (employee on microphone) say 93. So I'm not positive.
My bad. I looked but I didn't see it. No prob! I hadn't answered a few questions, was out having a cigarette.
Not Top Thrill Dragster? Long wait, short ride. Nothing too special about it. You go 120 mph after 4 seconds, but the ride is over after 17.
Link to rcdb.com. Thank you! I get asked a lot of random questions throughout the day, and this is one of them, so now I have proof and can answer confidently. Thanks again!
That's the one with the magnetic accelerator, right? It is bad-ass for that alone. Just watching the pure acceleration from a standstill is freaking awesome. Yes it is!
Is it worth staying in the Castaway Bay hotel? I'll be at Cedar Point on the 17th of this month and was wondering if its worth it. Castaway Bay is not really worth it. If by worth it, you mean the waterpark. Unless you have children, it's a drag. Some buddies and I stayed there earlier this year, and it was super lame. It's focused on children, which is all well and good, but if you're just looking for a place to stay, shoot for Breakers, or Breakers Express. Express is probably the best for the buck.
Thanks for the reply... My sister is coming with us and she was planning on staying at the hotel all day with my 1 year old nephew. I did see that you get early access to the park which I thought was a good perk but maybe not worth it. You get early access at Breakers Express as well :)
Were people sad when the Demon Drop was retired and replaced? I was devastated. It was moved to a different park, can't remember which. I still get asked directions to it.
Ever worked an ACE (Am Coaster Enthusiasts) or Coaster Zombie event that had Exclusive ride time? If so did you hate being stuck open longer or enjoy the enthusiasm of the insane fanboys/girls? I work one tomorrow, will let you know!
Good luck. May the force be with you. ;) It was pretty tiring. I didn't encounter many of the fanpeople, but the ones I did made a lot of inappropriate sexual jokes, or had small annoying children.
Are you asigned one ride or are you given different rides through the week? What is your favorite ride? We get one ride, which sucksss.
I worked a summer at an amusement park in Missouri and it sucked. That particular park prides itself on "family values" but treats employees like crap. Got some good stories out of it, including the time where I had to give a rundown on all the roller coasters to two older couples (youngest person was probably early 60s) who promptly went off to ride the most thrilling one. Do you have any guests that really stick out in your mind? There was a woman with a daughter in a wheelchair due to a broken leg. She screamed and yelled and berated me for not letting her daughter cheat the system. After my manager came and got her to leave, I was walking around the ride, checking seat belts, and an older woman grabbed, GRABBED, my arm. "Sweetie, don't let people like her bring you down. I can tell that you are kind, and those kind of people cannot ruin you. You are a good man." I was almost in tears, because it was the first nice thing anyone had said to me in 3 weeks.
Awesome, im from Holland and during the holidays we will go to CP! What are the best/worst thrill rides, and what is the best thing about the park? You've gotta hit Raptor, TTD, Gatekeeper, and Maverick! Best thing about the park would have to be the atmosphere. Hard to be angry when you're surrounded by happy people.
I worked at an amusement park for a couple of summers when I was in school. The thing I encountered just about every day that nonetheless stunned me every time was parents who would pitch a fit when their kid was too short to ride. Do they think these are arbitrary restrictions the park has installed just to be mean to kids? Height requirements are set for a reason. Anyway, what ridiculous behavior, from customers or coworkers, do you encounter on a daily basis? Coworkers just bitch about their bosses. Which pisses me off. Welcome to the real world. No one is going to make life easier for you. You do not get to be 15 minutes late, like you were for class. You do not get to have "attitude" with authority. You are a professional, and need to act like it. From guests, (not customers, mind you, we refer to our visitors as guests) we get people that treat us like trash just because we work at an amusement park. I asked around today, to get a general consensus of how old people thought I was, and multiple people were off by 10 years. No, I am a college student without a degree, and I do plan on getting a better job after graduation. Also, I don't make the rules, and I agree, some of them ARE bullshit. But I could lose my job, so please understand that I am not being a dick, I am covering my ass.
I was just there on may 31st or so. during the giant storm. is it normally that packed, and how long has the midway/arcade been there because some of those games you have are from the 1920s? I'm not sure about the midway arcade, I'll ask around at work tomorrow and get back to you. It can get really packed, yes. A "slow" day is considered 10k guests.
Jesus. And thanks for asking them for me! Update: No one seemed to know. However, this is my thoughts: Cedar Point opened in 1870 as a hotel/resort location. There is a ballroom above the arcade, used mostly for training purposes now. Perhaps this is one of the earlier buildings?
Why are your rides ALWAYS breaking? They rarely actually break, but if something goes even slightly wrong, we shut down, for safety reasons.
How aggravating is it to hear the same "doo doo doo dooo doo doo doo" music that the rides area plays, ALL DAY? It's worse than one might think. All the shitty pop music they play? Remixed to sound even shittier.
Jeez. That's cool. Yeah the arcade looks like it could have been an old storm shelter or something, but that's really cool. My 40 year old something band director remembers playing some of the games you guys have on his 11th birthday, so that's pretty cool. Definitely neat!
Is Louie's still open? Yes indeed it is, I was there Sunday.
Oh alright. I plan to cost this summer. Is the Gatekeepers line bad? It can be, but some days it isn't bad at all. There's always Fast Lane Plus. By the way, Fast Lane Plus is not worth it.
Both times I've been it's maxed out at an hour. Granted, neither days were a Saturday, but the line does move really fast and has a great view of the first drop/loop thing. The workers definitely seem to be busting their asses to make it run as smooth as possible. It's an easy line to wait in. You'll find that almost all Ride Hosts/Ops will bust their asses to keep the trains running smoothly, because we have to make numbers. We have almost a quota.
Almost a quota? Could you shed any more light on this? I'm a tad confused... We have to get enough people to ride our ride every hour. If it's a slow day, that's understood. But if we have an hour where say, 800 people ride our ride, and the next hour we have 600, we get in trouble for not moving fast enough.
Have you ever seen the man known only as Woo Guy? No, but I have seen Segway guy.
Seagull guy? Never heard of him. Enlighten me?
I've heard they are sex parties too. Everyone hooks up with everyone... but that could be wrong. The amount of luck/skill I have with hooking up with women is non-existent, so in my case, there is no sex.
Americas Roller COAST Ride on!
Neither is Kingda-Ka, same as TTD. Magnetic launches at Cedar Point are Maverick and Wicked Twister. I thought we were talking about Maverick, was just quickly answering in my inbox. TTD is hydraulic cable launch, yes. Fun fact, that cable loves to fucking melt.
Got to be an awesome job!!! Hahahaha, some days yes, some days I want to scream over the microphone at people. It all depends on how the guests treat you.
What is the inside rollercoaster called Disaster Transport, but it is gone. It was torn down to make room for Gatekeeper.
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