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After a lot of frustration I formed Rome in 1937

2020.09.04 19:02 MuntyMunt1 After a lot of frustration I formed Rome in 1937

After a lot of frustration I formed Rome in 1937

This was the most Annoying thing I've done. The run took 2 hours, required good micro and perfect attention all the time
Here's the strategy if you have an afternoon spare, I guess

I'm playing regular difficulty and on Historical , no ironman as this was a test run that went very well.

Firstly set up your armies in africa how you normally would, but put either Balbo or Soddu on the Northern Front and Prasca on the South
Your first national focus should be ethiopian War logistics but don't begin it yet
Set up your production as I have in the picture below
Cancel all heavy ships and cruisers, finish the light ships and then produce subs and put 2 dockyard on convoys.
Merge your navy and send all your planes (other than the naval bombers) to africa.
Make civilian factories in Latium and Emilia Romagna and mils in Tuscany and train 9 new infantry divisions

Unpause and wait until you have 47 pp (I hope you haven't picked a focus because this will take twice as long if you have) , justify on Malaya, don't pick a focus yet either, since your justification will not progress. wait until you have 12pp and then pick ethiopian war logistics
do the invasion of ethiopia as you like, ensuring that you finish it by the 20th June at the LATEST, this is becuase you need to do triumph in africa as your third focus otherwise you'll be under 50% stability.
When your done in Africa, move all you african troops to the border with France
Join the axis immediately after ending the war and move the rest of you soldiers to wilhemshaven.
Prepare naval invasions on all the folling places
Hull (assign 6 divs to this one)
the province south of Hull (assign 4 divs to this one)
Dieppe and le havre starting at portsmouth
Calais and Dunkirk starting at Dover
Brest and Bordeaux starting at Plymouth
Halifax and Quebec starting from Newfoundland

Why are you starting naval invasions from provinces you already own? it's Simple it's beacause when the time comes to use these, they'll have been 'preparing' in the background so you don't have to wait to launch them speeding the hell up quite a bit.
Convert all your colonial divisions in all your armies to infantry and train them up to level 3 (shift and K) Train 19 colonial divs. as well and put these guarding ports in mainland Italy
Move your and planes fleet to wilhelmshaven whilst you wait for the justif. to finish on the 16th September (if your's is later than this date, consider restarting as you've wasted precious time)#
Here's a picture for the setup if your confused, or like pictures

the minute 1:00 on the 16th September comes around you need to declare war on malaya, set the naval invasions to go, begin a justif. on France and put your fleet on invasion support. DON'T call Germany in, for any of these wars ever, they'll just take land
Now here comes the difficult bit for me because I don't know the specifics of what the AI are going to do in your run so I can only offer guidance for this bit. So here's my attempt at that
When you land bring over ALL your troops, ignore any out of supply alerts. your 3 tasks should be to take liverpool and the other northern cities, cutting the UK in 2. moving in on Birmingham, Bristol and Plymouth and Taking London, Dover and Portsmouth. Your troops can defeat british divs but be wary about how many there are try and micro your way around and encircle them

Here's another pic so you can compare your progress to mine.
2 weeks after war dec.
After Uk has Capitulated Take everything in the peace deal and satellite Raj and malaya, now on to France

France is a bit tricksy, sometimes there easy to Cap., other times, not so much. this time they were easy, consider reloading to restarting if they're probing too difficult to manage.
the minute you declare on france justify on Belgium
When invading France you need 8 divs on you Dieppe landing and 2 on your Calais landing, the Bordeaux and Brest ones are a backup.
When you land in France move all but 2 of your divs to the dieppe landing, leaving 2 for the backup. also attack with your southern army
Rush for Paris, Rouen, Amiens and Lille this should be enough to capitulate them.
train 12 new shine INF divs. now by the way and send your northern army to Newfoundland along with some ships

Now for the part of the guide I like to Call Exploit Central, What we are going to do is take all the Balkans in a peace deal without conquering any of them
So you should have your justif. on Belgium done immediately beigin one on LUX and the netherlands, attacking them when their respective justifs are done NOT all at once.
when the justif. on HOL is done begin one on Switzerland, this is going to be the hardest contry to defeat by the way as you will need to Cap. them

when the justif. on Switzerland is done justif. on the following nations in this order#
Yugoslavia (guraenteed by Czechoslovakia
Greece (guarenteed by Romania
and Turkey (make sure to have some troops on Rhodes by the way)
also increase the size of your Coat guard to about 24 divs
You'll only need to cap FRA and Canada to win this war, which is where the exploits come from

attack them as soon as you have defeated the swiss
Now we're going to offer sacrifice. you remember those twelve troops we made earlier, right? Well setup an naval invasion on Thessaloniki with 6-8 of those divs and anther one with the remaining troops on Porto. When you land in Greece push as far inland as you can, what we're doing here is getting ROM and HUN to fight us so they'll be in the peace deal.

Now at some point you may have Germany declare war on Yugoslavia, if this happens to you in a ironman game, it's game over, if your in a regualr game reload and hope they don't do it again. I don't know what causes this but it doesn't appear to happen all the time.

Here's a pic so you see my progess and any Nav. invasions
Wow, that a lot of red

Now I need to jump back a little bit so I hope you haven't been following this as your playing.
If you've figured out what you need to do with Canada then ignore what I've just typed but for the rest of you, this is what you need to do with CAN
when you soldiers from FRA have arrived, set them to naval invade both places, when they've landed micro you way around CAN's divisions and snake you way into all there victory points right up to Vancouver, However you might not want to take Vancouver just yet because you need to get some more justifs wait until you have all the ones you need

Anyway after Justifying on all those nations stated above you'll need to justify on a few more nations, these ones though are gonna wait until were done with the balkans and FRA
These nations are in order
Anarchist Spain
Republican Spain
Nationalist Spain
and Iraq
You can Cap. Canada the day you BEGIN the Iraq Justif as it doesn't matter then whether or not you're at war
in the peace deal with the allies you can take everything as long as you aren't going to play after 1938
If you are playing pas '38 then you'll need to liberate Moldova from Romania and Give them the sudetenland this is to prevent the Soviets and Germans from attacking you before you're ready.
other than that take EVERYTHING in the peace deal
Here's a pic so you understand what I mean
so Now it's time for clean up
attack Austria and iraq and justf/ on any Balkan nations that escaped the peace deal (like Hungary did for me)
Attack all spanish nations when any one of their justifs are about to expire
you'll need a good micro here as well since you'll suffer from unplanned offensive just like all other SCW participants for some reason but keep pushing, explout any gaps and rush their VPs. when all but one SCW participants are alive the unplanned offensive debuff is removed as well as all the small divs , so it's free real estate.

and bam Rome in 1937, for me anyway, you milage wil almost certainly vary. also end me
10,000 good boy points for rome please!!!11 :D
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2020.07.27 22:53 hystoria_reiss On Arthur, Recency Bias, and Gaslighting Ourselves

Has this sub forgotten how Arthur was one of our best players in the first half of the season before his injury??? From every post I see now, it's as if he is the worst midfielder on the planet, the way you guys are talking.
Yes, he is not a very attack minded midfielder, but his press resistance is important. Since 2018, he is the only midfielder on our team I have had absolute confidence in on the ball (by confidence I mean in terms of retaining possession under pressure and not exposing the team while we are out of shape). Look how much Busquets, because of age and loss of pace (I don't mean sprint speed, but that extra half yard under pressure in high tempo games), misplaces and loses possession and exposes us to high xG counter attacks in recent seasons, for example.
I personally think if he played against Liverpool in the second leg, it would have been a different outcome. Remember- in the first leg, we were overrun until he was subbed on, and the formation change (if you doubt me, rewatch the game. Fucking rewatch every game he played and form a nuanced opinion). Remember how he dominated the game against Tottenham (2-4 away win at Wembley)? Yes, he might not always be the killer pass, but a press resistant midfielder who does not turn over possession, is a reliable outlet for players under pressure, and can wriggle out of tight situations is important, especially in high intensity, high pressure games. And it's not as if he cannot provide that pass! He has done so in bit part this season, and I imagine it is an area of his game that will improve further.
I'm not saying he doesn't have his weaknesses, I'm not saying he is the greatest player ever, but he is not even at his peak yet! Even Xavi wasn't established in our team till the mid-late 2000s when he was 25-26 (fucking Van Bommel and Edmilson were starting over him for fucks sake). Issues of stamina can be built over time. Moreover, used strategically, a midfielder who can put in a solid 60 minute shift (in the short term) is not the worst thing in the world when you factor rotation minutes, and how crowded our midfield is. And everyone brings up the alleged behaviour issues, but apart from the Neymar party which he apologized for, and the snowboarding incident (god forbid our players are human beings and have a life. If he wasn't unluckily injured on that trip, that would never have been a talking point) every thing else is unsubstantiated rumour. Think of how our team (Suarez, etc) were not afraid to publicly call out Dembele, a marquee signing, in press conferences when he was jeopardising his career. Wouldn't they do same to the equally young Arthur if he was fucking around in constant Coachella mode, the way half this sub and soccer makes it seem? And it is not as if behavioural issues can't be rectified with the right push- look at Dembele's massive change in attitude, for instance!
Blaming our lack of creativity on him is unfair, in a team that has been without width since neymar left, without runners making the moves in behind for the pass. We have had systemic issues across the board, which have handicapped all of our players, even those called Lionel Messi. Furthermore, the creative playmaker is not his role! It is up to the manager to balance the midfield with players that serve different purposes, playing to their strengths. Imagine how an FDJ- Arthur- Riqui midfield would have looked in the 2021/2022 campaign. I'd say except against the most physical of teams, they'd dominate. Xavi, iniesta, and busi were not the most physical but they managed just fine, because they were used in a system that complimented their strengths instead of forcing them to be what they are not. I do recognise the evolution of football over the decade to the high octane pressing and added physicality we have today might have stymied even those gods, but we'll never know. The closest approximation would be how Bayern's more physical midfield in 2012-2013 did naughty things to us in that 7-0.
A problem we have had in the last three-four campaigns has been this ridiculous insistence of forcing players into roles they are not suited for. Look at how Griezmann went beast mode in that diamond with Messi sitting behind him and Suarez, with width coming from our fullbacks in very early 2000s AC-Milan fashion, vs how we have been forcing him to be the left winger he was never meant to be. Or how 90% of this sub shat on Semedo till recently, yet everytime he played with Dembele (aka an actual winger) who actually made an attempt to link up with him on the right wing, as opposed to being constantly isolated (look at passmaps from 2018 to date for reference), he tore shit up and ate that wing for breakfast.
TL;DR: I don't know if this sub forgets, or if we even watch full games and make our assessment of players from whoscored.com, but the recent castigating of Arthur is disappointing and insulting. It's as if we are trying to gaslight ourselves into justifying his sale. I hope Arthur gets out of the depression from this career blow, and goes on to tear the Serie A, and become as big as Thiago Alcantara did after leaving us, if not bigger, so you guys can eat your words. And I've been a culer since 1998, but it will be poetic justice that he fucks our midfield if we face Juve in the UCL. I love you all, but y'all suck sometimes
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2020.07.27 12:48 27JJulbarium Are There Any Actual Da-ting We-bsites ?

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2020.07.21 04:45 ChevalMalFet Welcome Aboard the Harriet Lane, Day 8 (Final): Privateering and Blockade Running

Aftermath of Galveston
As the morning of New Year’s Day turned to afternoon, Galveston Harbor was a hive of activity for the first time in months.
The Union fleet had long since vanished over the horizon, and the victorious rebels were busy throughout the liberated city, hauling down the Stars and Stripes from over city hall, processing and marching the captured Massachusetts men off into captivity, treating the injured and dead aboard the Harriet Lane, and working to repair the Lane and the Bayou City, which remained entangled from the dawn battle.
The Lane had had its wheel broken by the Bayou City’s ram, and her engine shaft had been driven out of its bearings, so the vessel was immobilized. Many of her seams and started and she was taking on water, and she was listing badly as a result. The vessel was immobile and badly damaged, in no shape to pursue the fleeing Federal squadron as Admiral Smith initially ordered. A pair of unarmed tugboats, now that the harbor was clear, cautiously crept down and set to work, towing the entangled vessels to the wharf so the crew could be evacuated and repairs begun.
It took over a week of work by skilled smiths, directing crews composed largely of enslaved men, to render the vessel mobile again. Magruder constantly urged haste, knowing that as soon as the fleeing Federal squadron reported in at New Orleans, a large reinforcement could be expected to shut up the harbor again. Once repairs were more or less completed, he immediately ordered aboard a crew to prepare for a commerce-raiding cruise against the enemy at sea. However, legally this was impossible, since the Lane hadn’t yet been adjudicated by a prize court. Instead, she was slowly hauled up Galveston Bay towards Houston, where she would be out of reach of the Yankees. She grounded many times in those shallow waters, and a channel had to be dredged for her, so thatit wasn’t until late January that the Lane finally settled in at Buffalo Bayou, at the head of the bay, where she was judged a lawful prize and handed over to the Confederate Navy on March 10th.
The CSA was not impressed. While a nimble little guboat, the Lane’s little paddlewheel and small engine made her slow and inefficient - too slow to outrun the Union gunboats that made up the bulk of the blockading fleet. She would make a wretched blockade runner, and she was too small and slow to be much good as a commerce raider, either. She was fundamentally a revenue cutter, not a warship, and not suited for open warfare against modern warships like the Union navy had. The Confederate naval lieutenant dispatched to inspect Magruder’s prize recommended the Navy relinquish control over her.
For over a year, the Lane languished in Galveston Bay while the Union re-established its blockade outside the city, though they never again occupied the town as they had previously. The Lane spent more of the war with the CSA than she did flying US colors - a Union warship from April 1861 to January 1863, 21 months, but a rebel warship from January 1863 through the end of the war in April 1865, 28 months. But her career was much less dramatic as a rebel. There just wasn’t much open sea fighting left.
By the latter half of the war, the rebel coast had been almost completely shut up, except for a few major ports - Wilmington, Charleston, and Savannah on the Atlantic coast, Mobile and Galveston on the Gulf. The Union held a necklace of islands from Ship Island off the Delta all the way around to Fortress Monroe at Hampton Rods, and from these islands now fully hundreds of warships roamed constantly, hunting blockade runners. The rebel navy was mostly sunk, although at regular intervals the Confederates would finish an ironclad or a cottonclad and wreak havoc in the local waters for a few days or even a few months, but inevitably the Union would concentrate against the isolated monster ship and destroy her. In the West, on the rivers, in isolated bayous and up obscure streams steamers would become rams, but never in the numbers as in the spring of 1862. There were battles and adventures, deeds of great daring, courage, and endurance done, but Union naval supremacy was unchallenged.
I’m not going to go into the various battles and incidents throughout the war - the career of the Queen of the West, the trials and dramas on the Red River in 1863 and 1864, Confederate secret weapons like the Hunley or the Albemarle, more port battles like Hampton Roads and Galveston at places like Charleston and Mobile Bay (“Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”), more island seizures like Battery Wagner and Fort Fisher. This series could go on for a year if I did. But it would be mostly the same sort of incidents as I have already related, although if you do want to know more about any of those, and you want me to be the person to tell you, feel free to ask. Instead, let us close with our focus on the Lane, her proposed use by the Confederates, and look at the last two aspects of the war at sea we haven’t touched on yet: privateering and blockade running.
Commerce Raiders
After the spring of 1862 passed, the Confederate Navy largely lost the ability to confront the Union navy in open battle in defense of their home waters. Instead, the main way the Confederates found to hit back at sea was in the old refuge of weaker naval powers dating back to the Peloponnesian War: commerce raiding. Quick, powerful cruisers were fitted out (mostly in Britain, officially as merchant ships and then OOPS some American bought it and stuck a bunch of guns on it, what can ya do) and loosed upon Yankee shipping around the globe. The Union in their turn sent out fast cruisers to run these raiders down, and single-ship actions were fought from the English Channel to the Pacific.
The most famous and successful Confederate raiders, of course, were the Florida and the Alabama. The Florida, built in Liverpool in early 1862, put to sea in the autumn of that year around the time the Harriet Lane first sailed to Galveston. In a two-year career she took 37 prizes, one of the highest totals ever, but she came to an ignominious end in Bahia Bay, Brazil - a daring US naval lieutenant ignored Brazilian sovereignty and led his men in a night attack on the raider, while her captain and half his crew were ashore trusting to Brazilian protection. Lt. Napoleon Collins was duly court-martialed and convicted, but Welles was so grateful for the end of the raider that he set aside the conviction.
The other famous raider was the Alabama. Also built in Liverpool that spring of 1862, she took advantage of the same loophole Florida and other Confederate cruisers did: by British law, it was perfectly legal to build a ship that in theory could be armed, so long as you didn’t actually arm her. No doubt Hull No. 290, as she was known under construction, raised some eyebrows with her reinforced decks (definitely not for bearing the weight of cannon, no sir) and armored magazines (for, umm...whales. Or something), but legally the British could do nothing (well, they could have if they were motivated, but again the Crown was perfectly happy to allow the United States as many problems as it could handle). So Hull 290 launched, sailed to international waters where a shipload of cannon were waiting for her, and commissioned as the CSS Alabama around the same time as Florida.
For nearly 2 years, the Alabama was the scourge of United States shipping. She roamed at will up and down the Atlantic, raiding in the Azores, ranging over to New England, merrily dancing away from pursuers and reaching the Gulf. She was rarely sighted, and when she was, her captain, Raphael Semmes, was always clever enough to engineer an escape over the horizon. She rarely encountered Union warships and when she did, it was on her terms. For example, in January 1863, she came upon the USS Hatteras as she steamed towards Galveston to help re-establish the blockade there.
Hatteras, sailing with the other 7 ships of the new blockading squadron, was ordered to pursue the unidentified ship. Alabama loped ahead, luring the steamer out about 20 miles, far from her cohorts, then allowed Hatteras to come alongside. Hatteras sent a boat over, expecting to find a British ship. When the boat captain hailed the ship and demanded they identify themselves, the crew roared, “We’re the Alabama!” and a short but sharp engagement commenced, as the two ships pounded each other for about 15 minutes. Hatteras was soon sinking and on fire, and she surrendered.
Capt. Semmes was a gentleman and generous with his prisoners. The crews were well-treated aboard the raider, until he could drop them off at a neutral port or on a neutral ship to carry them home. Leaving the Gulf, he wandered down to the South Atlantic, paused in South Africa (becoming the subject of an Afrikaans folk song in the process), and then headed to the East Indies. After cruising there, finally, in December, 1863, she prepared to head for the neutral port of Cherbourg, France, where rebel agents had arranged for some much-needed rest, repairs, and refits. Alabama had been at sea for 534 days out of 657, never visiting a single Confederate port. She boarded nearly 450 vessels, captured or burned 65 Union merchant ships, and took more than 2,000 prisoners without a single loss of life from either prisoners or her own crew.
After a lengthy voyage across the Indian Ocean, around the Horn of Africa, and back up the Atlantic, the Alabama arrived in Cherbourg on June 11, 1864. Three days later, the USS Kearsarge arrived off the port. Alabama was trapped and would have to fight her way out.
The Battle of Cherbourg
The Kearsarge was built in 1861 in Maine, part of the Union’s crash ship-building efforts. She was speedy and well-armed, designed specifically to hunt rebel commerce raiders. She had encountered Captain Semmes before - in 1862 they had blockaded the CSS Sumter, Semmes’ first command, in Gibraltar for months, until Semmes had been forced to abandon the ship and burn it. He had slipped from Gibraltar to the Azores, however, where he found the newly-built Hull No. 280 waiting for him. Since then, the Kearsarge had been one of a number of hunters chasing the Alabama without success, up and down the length of the Atlantic, most of the time chasing only ghosts and rumors. Now, though, she had gotten lucky and found the raider where she had no choice but to fight.
Semmes had every intention of fighting - he wouldn’t let the same fate as Sumter befall his beloved Alabama. He accordingly sent a message out to Kearsarge’s captain, John Winslow, "My intention is to fight the Kearsarge as soon as I can make the necessary arrangements. I hope these will not detain me more than until to-morrow or the morrow morning at farthest. I beg she will not depart until I am ready to go out. I have the honor to be Your obedient servant, R. Semmes, Captain." For five days, each captain relentlessly drilled his crew and prepared for the oncoming confrontation. Finally, on June 19th, the Alabama came out. The Kearsarge turned and politely sailed ahead of her for a few miles until they cleared French territorial waters, then, in the sight of thousands of onlookers aboard dozens of ships from many nations that had come out to watch the battle,the two ships turned and began their famous duel.
On paper they were evenly matched. Alabama mounted 3 32-pounders in broadside, backed by 2 heavy pivot guns. The Kearsarge had 2 32-pounders broadside, with 3 pivot guns. Unbeknownst to Alabama, Winslow had strung thick chains 3 layers deep along his sides, covered over with wooden planking painted black. This shipborne chainmail insulated him from the Alabama’s 32 pounders. Kearsarge also was better rested, and had fresh powder and shot for her guns, compared to Alabama, which had been run ragged in her long cruise. These advantages would prove decisive.
The two ships, having safely cleared French territorial waters (escorted by a French ironclad, which backed off once all the international niceties were seen to), commenced brawling. Initially they sailed right in at each other, then the battle devolved into a spiral as each ship attempted to cross the bows of the other and rake her with broadside fire from stem to stern. Seven times they circled each other, each time the circle getting smaller. Semmes fought in the old-school, Nelson style - Alabama fired early and often, counting on weight of metal to carry the day. Winslow was cooler - he held his fire until the rebel was close, then fired slow, deliberate, aimed shots.
The Federals were much better shots than the rebels, and that made all the difference. Alabama’s furious, rapid volleys managed only two hits, from the heavy guns - above the water line, neither threatening the vital machinery of the ship. By contrast, Alabama was riddled with fire. Seven times in a little over an hour they circled each other, and by the end of the hour the outcome was clear. The Confederate raider, with 20 dead and 20 more wounded,was going down. Semmes and his officers fled to a nearby British yacht, the Deerhound, which refused to turn them over to the Federals and instead fled to Southhampton.The remainder of the rebel crew were taken prisoner by the Kearsarge, which suffered only two men wounded from the two rebel hits.
The last legacy of the Alabama was a near-war between the US and Great Britain. American shippers demanded compensation for the millions of dollars in losses they suffered at the hands of British-built commerce raiders, and that compensation was the subject of diplomatic wrangling for years after the war. Settling the Alabama claims without war was one of the signal foreign policy successes of the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant (someday I’ll do a deep dive for the Motte on why Grant was actually one of our best Presidents).
The Confederates hoped that their commerce raiders would draw Union vessels away from the blockade (and you can imagine the noise that maritime insurers made in Welles’ ears during the war), but the Union remained steadfast and committed to the blockade. The massive northern shipbuilding industry turned out more than enough cruisers to run down the rebel raiders, and most were destroyed by the end of the war. However, the last rebel flag to come down was that of a raider, the CSS Shenandoah. Shenandoah learned of the surrender of the main armies, the assassination of Lincoln, and the capture of Jefferson Davis in August, 1865, 3 months after most of these events happened. Refusing to surrender at a US port, she instead sailed for Liverpool, where in November, 1865, the final Stars and Bars were lowered and the era of Confederate commerce raiders came to an end.
But the Harriet Lane was considered too slow and lightly armed for that exciting work. Back in the spring of ‘63, while the Florida, Alabama, Shenandoah, and others still terrorized the waves, it was thought she could do better service as a blockade runner.
The Blockade Runners
Even as the Union tentacles stretched around the Confederacy, the blockade was still largely ineffectual without holding the ports themselves. New Orleans accepted more than 300 blockade runners in the 10 months before its fall, or nearly one a day. Following the city’s capture, runners shifted their efforts to Mobile, Alabama, and then to Galveston after Mobile was at last taken in 1864. Typically, cargoes would arrive in neutral ships at ports like Nassau or Havana, where they would be loaded onto special ships for the run past the blockade. The runners were invariably British built, low-slung, high powered vessels.They would attempt to slip past at night or in foul weather, and, if spotted, run for either the port or the open sea. Dozens were captured, but dozens more were not. The SS Syren, for example, ran the blockade a record 33 times.
The Confederate’s miltiary was utterly dependent on the runners. There was no domestic capability for manufacturing cartridges or percussion caps at the start of the war, few domestic sources of coal, limited ability to manufacture rifles or cannon. The British cheerfully took up the task of arming the Confederacy, and hundreds of thousands of rifles and millions of rounds used to kill Union soldiers were ultimately sourced in London. I was astounded to learn that even between October 1864 and January 1865, while Wilmington was blockaded and under siege, nearly 70,000 rifles, 43 cannon, and tons of food, clothing, and other supplies slipped through the blockade and into the port. One runner even sailed through the midst of the 125-ship strong attacking fleet and successfully entered the port.The only way, ultimately, to choke off the Confederacy was to seize the ports themselves.
Those, however, were specially built runners. They were low-slung, long, with sidewheels to drive them through the water. They would even burn turpentine-soaked cotton, which, though bulkier than coal, burned at a higher temperature and gave faster speed. They were painted dark grey or white to blend into the night or the daytime horizon, and used expensive smokeless coal near land to lower their profile. Eventually their luck would run out and they would be caught, but every trip carrying expensive luxury goods (a major problem for the Confederacy - most runners were private vessels and carried what captains wanted, and small luxury items brought a higher return than bulky, cheap arms and ammunition) would more than pay for the cost of the ship.
Non-specialists, like the Harriet Lane, were less lucky. The Lane languished in Galveston for 15 months before finally daring the blockade in April, 1864. She was loaded with cotton, stripped of all armament, and made a dash for Havana. The Union could see and keep track of all ships in Galveston harbor, though, and her absence was immediately noted and a cruiser dispatched in pursuit - they knew where she must run. A warship was waiting for the Lane at Havana. She fled up the coast, but knew she must be caught. Instead, the rebels drove her to shore, beached her, fired her cargo, and fled inland.
The Lane survived her beaching, but was impounded by Spanish authorities for the duration. She sat, a useless hulk, in Havana for a year, finally returning to the US when the war ended. The authorities, now with ships coming out their ears - nearly 700, compared to less than 60 in 1861 - condemned her as unfit for naval use. The Harriet Lane became the Elliot Richie, an undistinguished cargo steamer. She sailed along the coast, carrying coal and “merchandise” back and forth. In 1881, 16 years of merchant service later, a fire broke out in her cargo hold of coal. The crew abandoned her and the ship burned and went down. That was the final end of the US Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane (1857 - 1881).
In her career, the Harriet Lane managed to participate in just about every major Union naval operation in the early years, and exemplified the nature of the war at sea. She fired the first shots of the conflict off Fort Sumter in April, 1861, and was there for the start of the Union island campaign at Hatteras in 1861. It would continue, against increasingly elaborate and well-defended fortifications, until the fall of Fort Fisher in North Carolina in January, 1865. She pulled blockade duty at Hampton Roads, leaving just before the eruption of the Virginia, and even took a Confederate blockade runner. She fought in the battles of New Orleans, at Vicksburg, and against the ram Arkansas on the Mississippi, emblematic of the many riverine battles during the 4-year conflict. She also participated in some of the many, many captures of Confederate ports during the war and was the central player in the battle of Galveston, the largest battle in Texas during the war. As a rebel, she was considered for service as a commerce raider like Alabama or Florida, but ultimately used as a blockade runner, making only one run past the blockade before being burned to avoid capture.
Like I said, I only touched on some of the many, many incidents of the war at sea. It’s not as well-remembered as the big battles at places like Gettysburg or Shiloh, but if anything the Union naval effort was even more critical to ending the war than the armies. It was the Navy that delivered the first successes in the war at places like Hatteras and New Orleans, and the Navy was essential to Grant’s victories at places like Donelson and Vicksburg. It was the Navy that did the long, weary, thankless work of the blockade, and Army and Navy men working together had their share of heroism and sacrifice, like the Wainwrights or the Leas. It’s not the glamorous side of the Civil War, but it was important, and I, at least, think it should be remembered. I did my own small part towards that here.
Thanks for coming along with me.
OTHER POSTS: Day One: Meet the Harriet Lane, strategy & early war
Day Two: The Battle of Hatteras Inlet (blockade & island warfare)
Day Three: The Battle of Hampton Roads pt. 1 (Confederate strategy, the CSS Virginia)
Day Four: The Battle of Hampton Roads pt 2 (Union ironclads, Monitor vs Merrimack)
Day Five: The Fall of New Orleans (the Gulf Coast and river battles)
Day Six: The Attack on Vicksburg (more river fighting)
Day Seven: The Battle of Galveston (harbor battles)
Day Eight: The Confederate Navy (privateers & blockade running)
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2020.06.25 17:48 kano2005 Is Reach (Mirror, Express, Star, OK!) A Cheap Buy Right Now?

I've been looking for some cheap investments while COVID-19 has the market in a slump. Ideally trying to find stocks which hadn't returned to their original potential, and appear to be cheaply valued. Potentially Reach (RCH) on the London Stock Exchange meets that criteria.

Who Are Reach?
If you haven't heard of the name before, don't worry. Reach is a collection of UK print and digital newspapers and magazines, some focusing on national news, others on gossip and celebrates, and a few on hyper-localised news. They are the largest commercial national and regional news publisher in the UK, with over 150 national and regional multichannel brands including the Mirror, Express, Star, OK!, New!, Daily Record, Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, WalesOnline, MyLondon and BelfastLive.

Source: Reach 2019 Annual Report
You might think a print-based company would be the last investment you would want to make when you think about the world in five or ten years. Keep in mind, in December 2019, Reach sold 40m newspapers and reached a digital audience of over 47m people in the UK, their digital offerings are growing.
With a new CEO who joined back in August 2019, a period of operational focus after buying the Daily Express and Daily Star, and now with COVID-19 there are a lot of headwinds that Reach are battling.
As this is a UK listed company, it's harder for us to get up to date information, as the fundamentals update bi-annually. Thankfully we have seen a trading update which we can talk about later on.
How Does Reach Make Money?
Print has been in decline for several years now, with that in mind it's important to make sure Reach is actively looking to diversify their income.

Source: Reach 2019 Presentation
As we can see, they are expanding the digital revenue but it is massively behind print, and print is declining faster than digital can replace it.

Source: Reach 2019 Presentation
Looking at the breakdown for print it's the advertising which is in decline above everything else. As advertisers move to more holistic, trackable, and cheaper methods it's hitting Reach's top-line revenue.
That isn't to say Reach doesn't love advertisers. The digital offering is the new powerhouse in terms of what can be done for advertisers with customers data.

Source: Reach 2019 Presentation
The digital aspects of Reach have been tailored to build up a complete picture of you across all their brands. The more data they collect, the higher fee they can charge for more targetted advertising. Reach has already made this a priority within their traditional print outlets to ensure they have a strong digital offering. The vast expanse of outlets and the hyper-local solutions drastically increases the odds of Reach being able to offer you up to advertisers.
Is Reach Fundamentally Strong?
Reach has brought up other brands, currently going through an integration, and digitally upscaling their efforts, which all sounds very expensive.

Source: Genuine Impact
I was taken back and impressed to find some pretty sable fundamentals for Reach. Even compared to investments in the US, Reach was showing up as a cheap buy and had a solid balance sheet behind it.
Naturally, we want to dig into the raw data to make sure we understand the business a bit more.
Carrying on with the finances, let's talk about the revenue again. Bringing in £702.5m worth of revenue is a pretty decent figure, as we know it's what happens next which matters.
The gross margin is not as high as I normally like, 47.23% means you are losing half your revenue just to make any money at all. The print business is an expensive one to be in, and this is something Reach is looking at reducing. With the two new brands on board, there are more savings to be made there operationally speaking.
Where I start getting impressed is the profit margin of 13.42%. This dipped in 2018, due to buying the other brands.
We also see a return on assets of 6.60%, and a solid return on equity of 15.81%. One thing Reach gets right is putting money to good use.
Seeing how Reach just brought some new brands I wanted to check out the debt to see if there were any clear red flags.

Source: Wallmine
Debt to assets of 52% is higher than it needs to be but not uncomfortably so. We do know they have drawn down an additional £25m in debt to protect their cash during COVID-19, considering the current debt is £693.2m this isn't a dramatic change. They also have £35m left on their credit facility if they need it.
Speaking of debt, I wanted to have a closer look at the balance sheet. In terms of cash, we have £20m plus £102.2m in net receivables. Then things get weird. £224.9m in equipment (told you printing was expensive) and £810m of intangible assets. These very high intangible assets could well be the value of the "brands" rather than anything you should be taking debt against. When you consider this, the debt to assets percentage isn't as attractive. Removing £810m from the assets brings it down to £518.6m, and suddenly the debt looks a bit more serious.
While COVID-19 has stalled many dividend payouts, including for Reach, it's worth mentioning as when this dividend returns it's one to hold onto. An 8.34% dividend yield which has grown for the last four years, it's suspended right now but will be returning. The payout ratio is only 20.79% meaning as the price increases the yield will drop again. Though keeping 80% of the profits does allow Reach to keep building a war chest and hopefully chip away at that debt.
Is This A Value Purchase?
The price has seen a COVID-19 related drop, and we have had some tame news about revenues being down but digital being up. We already know that a hit to print is a meaningful cut against the top-line revenue.

Source: Google Finance
The price still hasn't recovered, and until the UK is back to work it's unlikely to. Reach won't be able to replace the missing revenue, but they can speed up their digitalisation.
It's worth noting the high intangible assets will inflate any figures for value hunters, and Reach has used this to help them raise more debt. Assuming we think these assets do hold their value, what does that mean for Reach's numbers?
A price to earnings of 2.55x is extremely attractive compared to the rest of the UK market, this is being boosted by a strong EPS of 31.50x. Looking elsewhere the numbers are much lower. Enterprise value to sales of 0.32x, and a price to book of 0.39x.
This gives us some nice headway in terms of the assets they hold, but it comes down to your belief in their balance sheet and how successfully will they bounce back.
What About The Future?
Reach-ing into the future the sell-side analysts are optimistic but not sold. In terms of the share price growth, the expectation is recovery is incoming. For a one year position, this makes Reach very interesting.

Source: Genuine Impact
To turn this growth into hard numbers, we are looking at a target price of £1.25~ versus the current price of £0.80~, a 55%+ increase. However, this is not enough to push all analysts into a buy position.

Source: Genuine Impact
With no clue about when the UK will return to normal, and will the UK buy as many papers again, this is a dark cloud above the share price.
Analysts are moving into a more defensive position to wait and see, for either the momentum to pick back up again or until Reach announces more promising news in future trading updates.
Summary Pros
Summary Cons
My Thoughts?
It's an old business which is trying to go digital but it still makes so much money through print. Will COVID-19 make them change their ways and drive forward with more digital innovation?
Long term the debt can get out of control, and being the biggest doesn't mean being the best. They have a strong digital appeal but they aren't making the most of it.
As a long term investment, it comes down to what they can do digitally and turning digital into a meaningful revenue stream.
Short term if you are hopefully about the UK returning to "normal" then we can expect a spike with more people returning to work. If working from home becomes the new normal, there will be long term damage to Reach.
What do you think? Is this a hopeful buy based on the UK returning to work, or do they have more to offer on the digital side? Or maybe they are an old company which has seen their day?
Let me know what you think, I always welcome any feedback!
Thanks for reading and stay safe.
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2020.06.19 19:22 Choice_Treat UK ITV report on upcoming UK scooter trials

AND STILL THEY FAFF ABOUT!!! Apologies for the rather long winded report attached but I'm still getting the impression, from this and other articles, that the authorities are gonna make a mess of it. I mean in this they mention that the design of rental scooters, small wheels, narrow bars is inherently dangerous.. So why start a trial with these...?? Get some accidents logged then regulate the fun out of it perhaps?
. By ITV lockdowns across the four nations lift the Department of Transport wants to encourage more people off public transport and onto greener alternatives, like e-scooters.
The government will soon be trialling e-scooter hire schemes around the country.
But are e-scooters legal?
Yes, electric scooters are legal to own and ride, but only on private land.
So if you're using them on a public road that is an offence and you can be fined or receive points on a driving licence.
Calls for stricter road safety laws as e-scooters reach 50mph E-scooters: Where is it legal and illegal to ride?
E-scooter hire is hugely popular in dozens of cities around the world. Credit: AP How will the e-scooter rental trial work?
Before the government can decide whether to fully legalise e-scooters and figure out the rules that should apply to them - such as will you need a licence - the government is going to start trialing e-scooter hire schemes in a few areas around the country in order to understand their impacts.
However, you'll only be able to use the rental e-scooters in these areas, not your own.
Are e-scooters safe?
Electric scooters can reach speeds of over 30mph, most are limited to around 15mph, but there are concerns around the safety of their designs.
Dr Adam Snow, from Liverpool John Moores University, said: "The government needs to get to grips with manufacturing and authorisation of safely designed scooters present."
"There are no appropriate safeguards on the design and critical safety features, shock absorption wheel and tyre design, safe braking systems, et cetera."
Some e-scooters only have single brakes and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) believe the design of many hire e-scooters, such as small wheels and narrow handlebars, makes them inherently unsafe - especially when navigating busy roads.
ITV News investigation finds retailers encouraging e-scooters to be illegally ridden on roads TV presenter and YouTube star Emily Hartridge dies 'in electric scooter accident'
E-scooters typically travel at about 15mph but newer models have higher speeds of up to 50mph. Credit: ITV News Are e-scooter accidents common?
Dr Snow said: "In the largest study to date in the US it was estimated there would be approximately 22 road deaths per a hundred thousand population."
"To put that into perspective in the UK, that figure for all road deaths, regardless of mode of travel is approximately three per hundred thousand," he added.
It's difficult to cross compare countries, in the UK it is believed that there has only been one e-scooter fatality.
But studies in Denmark concluded that e-scooter riders suffer much higher rates of head injury compared to cyclists because of their standing position, which means they're more likely to be thrown forward more quickly.
How can e-scooters be made safer?
Dr Snow said: "All the safety studies so far, and there aren't that many, suggest at the very least helmets should be mandatory and protective gear is a must."
But campaigners who want e-scooters on our roads say we have bigger safety concerns.
London Cycling Campaign's, Tom Bogdanowicz, said: "The primary road danger to both e-scooters and cyclists are the larger vehicles, lorries and cars and the best way of reducing that danger is by separating the small from the large."
He adds: "So we are likely to need many more of those cycle tracks cycle lanes that are popping up all over the country."
Those selling fast e-scooters say they are for off-road riding. Credit: ITV News Do e-scooters offer a greener solution to road travel?
London's Cycling Campaign said there are several benefits to e-scooters.
Mr Bogdanowicz said: "The benefits of e-scooters to individuals are lower journey times and lower costs compared to cars."
He adds: "The benefits to the rest of us are better air quality, less congestion, and fewer carbon emissions, which is why we support their legalisation."
But not everyone believes they'll make a dent in the amount of cars on our roads.
Dr Snow said: "In terms of change of use from cars to e-scooters. It's unlikely to produce any great change in use because they are how or have limited functionality really where an e-scooter does the best are in those very short journeys from say home to the train station or short city hops."
The Department of Transport is yet to reveal the areas where the e-scooter trials will take place, but the announcement is expected within the next few weeks.
Last updated Thu 18 Jun 2020 POLITICS E-SCOOTER TRANSPORT TOP STORIES Play video LIVE Williamson leads government's daily press conference
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2020.05.29 00:40 EvansHomeforBoys Teen Mum UK S7E7 recap

For those interested, here’s a little recap of episode 7 of the latest season of Teen Mum UK. I haven’t done any other recaps of this season so I’ll give a small summary of what went down up until this episode too.
Megan - we’ve seen Megan have two children with Dylan but their relationship was pretty toxic. Dylan cheated on Megan and they ended up splitting up. Last week we saw Dylan’s girlfriend Ree-Ane (I still can’t get over that spelling) give birth to their first child together. Between them they now have four children (two of Dylan’s, one of Ree-Ane’s and one together) and Dylan is only 21 years old. Dylan and Ree-Ane welcomed baby boy Carter into this world but made it a point not to tell Megan he was born. This just shows how petty and immature they are: yes, she’s your ex, but she’s also the mother of your children and therefor in your life forever now. Why not just let her know a day or two after the birth the baby is here safe and sound before she hears it from her four year old? Meanwhile, Megan is now in a relationship with Dylan’s former best friend Tel. Tel has a proper first name but I forgot what it was. I was too distracted thinking why these people keep on dating within a teeny tiny circle of the same people. Megan is very much in love and Tel seems to be an upgrade from Dylan but he gets annoyed over her untidiness. Don’t move in then quite yet. A few episodes ago Megan and her pregnant friend went to a spa and Megan told said friend that she isn’t on any birth control and that Tel doesn’t use any protection, but it’s okay because she’d love to have his babies. You could almost see the masseuse bite her tongue at that one. These people are so young and they move at lightning speed and also, how do they provide for all these kids?? Last week we saw Dylan and Tel fall out because Megan and Tel went to look at schools for McKenzie to enroll in and Dylan turned up too, making Tel feel like the fifth wheel. Megan should be doing these kinds of things with the father of her children, not her boyfriend of six months. This episode we saw Tel arrange a surprise weekend getaway to Venice for Megan. Sister Billie with the heavy make up and the underbite is going to take care of the kids. Cherry on top is the fact that Tel has bought Megan a promise ring. I want to bet Megan is pregnant by the end of this season.
Chloe - I’ve been frustrated with Chloe in previous seasons: she’s smug, arrogant, spoiled and very high maintenance, but this season I really feel for her and she’s growing on me. Little Marley is now four years old and Sunny the dog is still there. Chloe’s grandad was very ill and died two episodes ago. To make matters worse, Chloe found a hidden folder on Jordan’s phone that had sexy messages between him and some girl in it. They broke up and Jordan moved back home to his mother’s. Chloe was obviously heartbroken and packed his things. Jordan even went and texted his girlfriend of five years and mother of his child that it’s best they break up. A few days later however he changed his mind and said he wanted Chloe back. He did some work in the garden and practically demanded he be allowed to stay the night, saying it was still his house too, and obviously he ended up in Chloe’s bed again. I loved Chloe’s mum two weeks ago when she called Chloe out and reminded her of how badly Jordan hurt Chloe but she went all childish and said that if her mother doesn’t accept Jordan she would not be seeing Chloe and Marley anymore. So Chloe and Jordan were back together. Last week Chloe went on a much deserved girls’ weekend with a friend to Manchester and Jordan literally didn’t even get up from the sofa to see her off and wish her a fun weekend. I used to feel for him because of how demanding Chloe was but he’s such a lazy slob now and such a dick to Chloe it’s maddening. This week Chloe feels like Jordan is slipping back into old habits but he has none of it and tells her he plays games because he doesn’t want to do the housework. He’s such a child. Chloe wants a new hobby and tries a singing lesson.
Amber - last season Amber and Ste briefly got back together and got pregnant again right at jump. It wasn’t long though before they started fighting again - Amber was tired and feeling horrible from the pregnancy, felt that Ste resented her - and they broke up before baby Hudson was born. I love that Teen Mum shows the different perspective on child birth; no mothers all drugged up with epidurals waiting for a doctor to tell them to push but actual labour and deliveries (yes, I’m being judgmental, just this once). Hudson is an adorable little baby. Amber is not doing so well though. Brooklyn has been staying with Ste so that Amber can focus on Hudson and obviously she feels guilty about this. She’s breastfeeding but Hudson isn’t gaining enough weight and needs to go back into hospital. Once Hudson is home again Amber starts to feel really ill. Turns out she hasn’t been taking care of herself and eating junk, so she ends up having gall stones and pancreatitis. She needs an operation in three weeks. It bothers me that Amber seems to refuse any help, even from her mother. Obviously taking care of a newborn after birth all by yourself is hard. You need someone to help you, even if it’s only to mind the baby every now and then so you can sleep or to make you some healthy food. Ste really wants to be involved but hardly gets the chance to because Amber doesn’t want him there. This episode we saw Ste lose it because he feels he’s being kept away from his newborn son and I can see where he’s coming from. Obviously the breastfeeding stops him for taking the baby for the day or night but Amber can pump and at least allow Ste to spend more than the odd hour with his child so they can bond. I read in someone’s post that Amber’s mother said MTV doesn’t show Ste’s verbal abuse of Amber, making Amber look like the stone cold bitch. I don’t know how much of that it true obviously but to me it seems like Ste is a good, not too bright guy who just wants to be there.
Emma - Emma is the new girl this season. She just turned 18 and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at about 14. She says she has trouble navigating social situations etc, but she did manage to have casual sex and end up pregnant at 17 so there’s that. Jeremiah is the cutest little baby. His dad is Nasseh, a guy who is aspiring to be a musician and who is away all the time for his music. Nasseh and Emma were never together and we learn Emma doesn’t even really know Nasseh. Now that they have a child together she is slowly starting to get to know him a little. Nasseh hasn’t told his mother about the fact he got a girl pregnant or that he became a father and this bothers Emma and her sweet, supporting mother. In the first few episodes we saw Emma being a young mother, trying out activities like baby swim classes etc. Nasseh drops by every now and then but stands Emma and Jeremiah up half the time too. Emma seems to have some sense about him though because she calls him out on his behaviour when he finally shows up. I also have to say I feel she’s doing remarkably well for a 18 year old with a newborn all by herself in her flat. She could improve on some things like support Jeremiahs head better when she holds him and not let him sleep on the sofa in his winter coat under a thick blanket but honestly I’m quite impressed. This week we saw Emma and her mum finally meet Nasseh’s mum and family. Nasseh actually seemed like he was proud of Emma and Jeremiah and for a minute I felt like maybe they could still end up as a couple together. But Nasseh promised Emma he would see her and the baby the next day before they would head back to Liverpool but of course the next day it’s crickets from Nasseh.
No Sassi and Sharon this season. Sassi and her screeching I don’t miss but I would have liked to see Sharon handle a toddler and her trap baby on her own because Charlie didn’t seem to fall for it...
I really like Teen Mum. It’s so much more real than the original American version with all their cases of domestic violence and luxury vacations and all that.
That’s it, hope you liked it!
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2020.05.22 12:32 EnDubb Leeds United Mailbag with Phil Hay

Little bit different to the Q&As, with these people send in questions over the last couple of days and Phil picks some of them out and puts them into an article. Not just virus-related but we've got contract situations, kit deals, summer transfer plans and who to keep an eye on from the U23s.
  • So first up, Phil says that those who've been following Jean-Kevin Augustin on Insta will have seen how hard he's been working to get ready for the restart. He's lost weight, got over his hamstring strain and was ready for full training by the end of April. He's fit and ready to go. Adam Forshaw isn't as far through his rehab and Phil doesn't expect him to play in any of the remaining games. Forshaw's currently looking at August/September as his return date.
  • Leading on from that he says that he now expects Augustin to have a bigger role than he would've done otherwise as he's had time to get up to speed not just with his fitness but tactically too. However we all know how Marcelo Bielsa likes continuity in his lineups so don't expect to see Augustin starting much unless Bamford gets injured.
  • There's no suggestion that any of the squad are against coming back to training. They're all on board and committed to training in whatever manner is allowed from Monday. Of all the clubs affected Phil says Leeds are as enthusiastic as anyone about playing the last nine games. This is partly about winning promotion in the right way and partly, as Tyler Roberts said recently, about redeeming themselves after what happened last season and laying that ghost to rest. Phil says the club would be sympathetic to players with concerns about coming back though, some for example have relatively newborn babies.
  • Bielsa has apparently stayed completely away from Thorp Arch so far, other than the odd trip to make sure the correct maintenance is being carried out (because of course). The rules when training resumes will be very tight, players will get individual kits in boxes and wash it themselves and shower at home; sessions will be in groups of five, building up to eight or 10 if all goes well before the whole squad start working together. Entry to the main building is heavily restricted and equipment has to be cleaned/sterilised after being used. In Rob Price Leeds have an excellent Head of Medicine so they don't have any extra concern over Bielsa's health either.
  • Bielsa has spent this time setting tasks and projects for his staff to complete (such as analysing set pieces from the top 5 leagues + Championship to find the best spots to deliver the ball to) and taking selfies with fans while out on walks. He was 100% set on returning to training at the previous date of 16th May so he's ready and with all being well they'll be back in on Monday.
  • Doesn't expect the Adidas kit deal to be announced until after the season has finished but reiterates that it is all signed and sealed. Leeds will wear Kappa for the rest of this season before moving to Adidas as they feel obligated to honour the spirit of the contract with Kappa. Phil simply says the Adidas contract will be a lucrative, tier-one deal, reflecting the 'extraordinary' amount of shirts Leeds sell (a previous article Phil wrote about shirt sales cited experts who puts Leeds' figures in the top ten in the country, if not the top six). There's likely to also be a re-evaluation of the shirt sponsor deal, either a revised agreement with 32Red or something new altogether. The difference in value between PL and Championship is huge and will be worth millions in sponsorship. To put it into perspective, when Leeds agreed the deal with Kappa in 2015 it was seen as a big one by Championship standards and paid us £2m a year. Liverpool's upcoming deal with Nike is worth £70m a year.
  • Testing on players and staff will be run centrally by the EFL. You may have seen the stories this week that Leeds bought their own equipment to test the players and staff a little while ago (also been made available to players families should they want to be tested). This is true it's just that the 35-40 players/staff on the essential testing list will also be tested by the EFL. Each test costs £150 and they'll be done regularly so it's a fair chunk of cash. Phil's told that the funds will come from the reward money the EFL pays out to clubs at the end of the season so clubs aren't having to cover those costs themselves but it obviously does mean that there's less money coming in at the end of the season than would have been expected. Millwall would like the three promoted sides to cover the whole bill though. The threat of a TV rebate has definitely focused the minds of clubs when it comes to deciding whether to play out the season.
  • On the subject of summer recruitment - obviously Leeds will set aside part of the budget to make loans permanent. Costa will arrive for around £16m while Leeds are set on taking up the options for Harrison (£8m) and Meslier (around £5m). There's also the Augustin deal which, if promoted, Leeds are obligated to do (£17.75m) although Phil says it will be up to Augustin wanting to move permanently as well. Phil thinks the squad are in decent shape to cope with the higher level as they're so well drilled and their style should suit the division. If Bielsa can get Augustin fit and playing to his potential he should help with the finishing issues and we know by now that Bielsa isn't going to come out and demand swathes of new signings. Phil could see an opening day PL lineup being very similar to the final day of the Championship lineup. Ben White will need replacing if Leeds can't keep him and a permanent solution at LB would be sensible. Manchester City also signed a 17-year-old Brazilian right-back called Yan Couto from Coritiba, a deal that will go through on 1st July and they're keen on him coming on loan if we go up. Phil says he's heard us strongly linked with him so keep an eye on it. He also thinks added depth for Klich/Forshaw would be good but he admits he thought that in January too and nothing materialised. The pandemic hasn't changed the club's transfer targets but no one really knows what the market will be like with all that's going on.
  • A question was asked about whether the absence of a crowd could actually help Leeds, taking away the sense of tension as the season reaches its endgame. Phil says on this occasion actually he doesn't think so. We've won 11 of 18 at home this season and "properly filleted" Bristol City, Reading and Huddersfield in the recent winning run. Given the choice the players would rather have the crowd which was why in the first place the club wanted games played with crowds.
  • Agrees that the single biggest game the club's played this century is the 2006 playoff final in terms of long term ramifications. Says that 05/06 season was "shit or bust" and seeing the damage that was done the following season it could've had such an effect on the direction the club was going in had it been won.
  • The EFL haven't yet said whether the last nine games will be played in scheduled order and that it won't become clear until the EFL finalises a start date (currently set as 20th June).
  • Phil picks out Stuart McKinstry as one to look out for from the youth ranks. He's been more and more involved in the murderball sessions and with first-team training. Just 17 but seems to be catching Bielsa's eye.
  • Kiko Casilla was allowed by the club to return to Spain after his ban was imposed but he's back here and will train as normal with everyone else. Six games still to serve of his ban so he may not play again this season. Beyond that neither he nor the club really know how it'll play out. Regardless of everyone's personal opinions on the case his reputation's taken a big hit and it's a difficult environment for him to live/play in. They'll make a decision on whether he stays or goes when the window opens.
  • On Berardi's contract Phil says the first port of call is to extend it short term to cover the remainder of the season which won't be a problem. Beyond that a proper extension might depend on which division we're in. Leeds and Bielsa want Bera to stay, Phil says that's clear. There have been times when Bera has been tempted to go back to Italy (especially after the 17-18 season) but obviously the offer of PL football would be a big pull. Another year in the Championship, not so much. No one expects him to walk out on the 30th June though, not his nature to do that.
  • Similar question over Bielsa's contract. You might all remember them having to extend it at the end of last season and that IIRC it was essentially structured as three one-year contracts with each year being an option that Leeds/Bielsa had to mutually agree to trigger. It all happened pretty quickly/easily last summer. At the moment Bielsa is planning for next season as if he'll be here and like Berardi won't just up and leave at the end of June, he'll see out the season. Phil says he's certain Bielsa stays at a Premier League Leeds United as he and the club both value each other. However, if we're still in the Championship all bets are off. There will be a lot of big decisions to take on and off the pitch. Imma quote this last bit though, Phil finishes by saying "It does occur to me, though, that Bielsa might find it incredibly difficult to drag himself away from Leeds. It’s like he’s found a second home in Yorkshire."
Isn't that a nice way to head into the weekend?
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2020.05.13 20:37 6e6f6e2d62696e617279 The White Rose

The two Ghoti walked side-by-side down the quiet street, following the Visit England drone assistants a few feet in front. The drones cheerily informed them their destination was close.
'I wonder what it will be like,' said B'illi.
'Hopefully every bit as exciting as the Traditional Yard And Washing Line, I still can't believe we got in without queueing!' said Pee'te.
'I know, right? Hey, any closer to a title for your thesis?'
'I'm thinking, 'Drinking Up Time: Post-Mangle Manifestations in Neo-Slumistic Ersatz English Assemblages,' said Pee'te, 'or you know, something along those lines...'
They chatted about Terran history for a few minutes.
'You have reached your desination.' trilled the VE drones, in the Ghoti tongue.
'The White Rose is a traditional English pub, dating from the mid-nineteenth century. It includes an historic fruit machine, circa 1976, as well as various photographs of the area and of local celebrities. Drinks and food must be ordered from the bar and payment is in cash only. Be sure to engage the locals in polite conversation!'
The drones hovered near the door and Pee'te turned to them. 'What does the sign say? The script isn't auto-translating.'
'It promises a warm welcome, and a friendly atmosphere!' said one drone.
'How does that differ from the regular atmosphere?' asked B'illi.
'Well, it's the same really, only with tobacco smoke,' answered the other.
'Oh, okay then,' said B'illi, pushing the door open. 'Let's try it!'
They entered the pub. A few glanced over, then went back to their drinks. The barman was polishing a glass while chatting to a chrome giant at the bar; there were two older men playing cards, and two women wielding sticks at a green table. Everyone else was talking, drinking, or both.
Pee'te put a hand on his friend's shoulder. 'We're the only non-Terrans,' he whispered, 'do you think it's safe?'
'I'm sure we'll be fine,' said B'illi, 'look, here's a Gal'ashi enjoying a few drinks.' He pointed to a photo on the wall, labelled Bobby five-pints - the name seemed to fit.
'Huh, I didn't know Gal'ashi could stand on three legs,' said Pee'te.
'Judging by the colour of its carapace I doubt it did, at least not for long... Anyway you go find the fruit machine, I'll get us some drinks.' B'illi walked to the bar, followed by one of the drones, and climbed on a stool. Sitting on it he was just about level with the barman.
'Hello!' said B'illi. The drone translated; some of the regulars turned to look, and the background conversation dropped a notch.
'Two pints of Black Sheep, please!' he said, confidently. The drone relayed his words in a similar tone that was swallowed up by a sudden stillness.
'Say again?' said the barman, setting the glass down.
'Uh, t-two pints of Black Sheep ale? Please?'
There was a long pause, interrupted only by the sounds of chairs scraping the wooden floor.
'We don't serve your kind in here,' said the barman slowly. B'illi turned and saw a hundred human eyes on him.
Oblivious, Pee'te was pressing buttons on the antique fruit machine. It started flashing and played a tune; coins clattered down the chute and spilled onto the floor. Startled, he jumped back - into the rear of a barrel-shaped man carrying three pints in plate-sized hands. About a quarter-pint slopped on the floor.
The man turned and frowned at Pee'te. 'You spilled my drink.'
'S-sorry, mate,' said Pee'te, attempting a smile. The man's frown darkened.
The taller of the two women stomped over. 'I've been feeding that machine for months,' she growled, 'and you just won the jackpot?'
In the silence, the fruit machine played another tune.
'Oh, for fuck's sake,' said the barman. 'Cy, you sort this out.'
The chrome giant grinned and with surprising speed plucked the first drone out of the air. They turned it over and flicked a switch, before releasing it to hover once more over the bar. Then they lumbered over to B'illi. 'Never turn off dialect roaming, okay?' They gave B'illi a friendly pat on the back.
'But it was clearly malfunctioning; it cycled through a dozen between Liverpool and Manchester,' said B'illi.
Everyone laughed.
'Well that's what you get with the basic package,' said Cy. 'Lancashire / Yorkshire's what you might call a hard border. Different rules apply here.'
'Rules? I don't understand,' said B'illi, looking from Cy to the barman, who pointed to a sign on the wall and recited from memory.
'The provisions of the Equality Act (2048) do not apply to persons from or appearing to be from the Autonomous Region of Lancashire (Kingdom of England, affiliated) within the Autonomous Region of Yorkshire (Kingdom of England, affiliated). Short version, no bloody Mancs!'
There was a muted cheer.
'Visit England strongly encourages us to preserve our historical differences, for cultural reasons. Anyway, you want to try again?'
'Uh... two pints of Black Sheep, please?' said B'illi nervously. The drone translated, and he was surprised to hear a completely different sound emanating from the forward-facing speakers.
'Right you are!' said the barman, taking two glasses from a shelf. 'That'll be seven Shillings, when you're ready.'
Pee'te's drone was tethered to B'illi's. He looked at the pile of coins beneath the fruit machine, and addressed the tall woman.
'Beginner's luck?' he said. 'How about I buy you a round; and, how about I replace the beer I spilled,' he said, turning to the barrel-shaped man. 'Actually, why don't I buy a round for everyone?'
This brought a louder cheer and Pee'te hurried to scoop up as many coins as possible. He made two trips, depositing his hoard in a pile at the end of the bar, before climbing on a stool next to B'illi. The barman pushed two glasses towards them.
The tall woman came over and rested her stick against the bar. 'Thanks for the drink, I'm Sue by the way. John here,' she said, jerking a thumb at the barman who was pulling pints at a prodigious rate, 'didn't tell you about the unofficial rules. I mean there are thousands of pub rules, he's got to follow those unless he wants to find himself running a bar...'
A collective shudder could be felt around the room.
'And to qualify as a traditional pub there are a thousand more,' Cy continued.
'Yorkshire rules you've heard about, no-one gets on the Visit England list unless they're well-observed,' said the barrel-shaped man, who was standing the other side of the two Ghoti. 'I'm Jim.'
'Know who this is?' said Sue, holding up a Shilling. B'illi and Pee'te were turning their heads from side-to-side, trying to keep up with the conversation in translation.
'It's King George, isn't it?' said B'illi.
'That's right. And if anyone drops him in the drink, you have to save him from drowning.'
'God save the King!' said Jim, dropping a coin into each pint.
'God save the King!' echoed a dozen voices, and B'illi and Pee'te quickly lifted their glasses, downing them in seconds. This earned them another cheer; the drinks were replaced almost instantly by two more.
'Cheers lads!' said Jim, raising his glass. 'That means you have to drink,' he explained, before taking a gulp. B'illi and Pee'te did the same.
'Cheers, here's to making friends across the galaxy, but not across the moors,' said Sue, raising her glass. Everyone at the bar raised a glass in turn, and two more pints were quickly sunk.
Some days later a photograph was hung above the bar. It showed Billy Iron Guts cradling an empty jar of pickled eggs and Lucky Pete with a flat cap full of coins. Both Ghoti were weakly smiling, with watery eyes.
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2020.05.06 15:14 Mel0n_Collie [OC] What if every world cup team had the same population? - Group H

Well here it is, the final group. It’s been a wild ride and my office chair's ass groove has developed its own ass groove, but if FIFA and/or The UN sees this and decides to reconstruct the fabric of political geography to emulate my idea, then it just might have been a worthwhile use of my time.
If you’ve just stumbled upon this then you have two options, either you call the day a write off and go back to read the first seven posts or you can close your browser and do literally anything else. Just incase anyone chooses option A, here are the groups in full…
Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, Group F, Group G
Gentlemen, it’s been an honour writing with you, this final quartet strings together a titanic amount of talent.
The Final Countdown is fronted by Europe, I experience REM trying to find 22 Chinese Bro’s, and we take a visit to Drake’s home country Canada, for those of you not wanting to think about Drake today, I’m afraid if you’re reading this it’s too late.
Canada, The Carribean, 24 most Easternly US states, Greenland
Population (millions): 242.42
Not to be confused with namesake John, this map to the stars is acronymically composed of ‘Canada, East US and Carribean’.
Five years ago it would be no exaggeration to say that this squad could have been an all-American draft, but a recent glut of Canadian and Jamaican talent makes this Atlantic amalgam a multi-national roster sweeter than maple syrup.
The Canucks have an underwhelming soccer CV, the ice-hockey adoring nation has the joint worst record of any team to qualify for a world cup, losing all three games without scoring a goal in 1986. Notable Canadians of the past include goalkeeper Craig Forrest who made over 250 appearances for Ipswich and won tournament MVP in Canada’s second and most recent Gold Cup triumph. Utility midfielder Paul Stalteri spent thirteen years playing between Germany and England’s top flights, while Les Rouges top scorer and 2011 MLS MVP Dwayne De Rosario is the greatest player to never leave the continent.
Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and Trinidad & Tobago have all matched Canada’s solitary appearance, while the former are present throughout this squad, the other nation’s have failed to produce this generations Dwight Yorke.
Now-commentator Robbie Earle has just one less Premier League appearance than Eden Hazard and the midfielder scored Jamaica’s first World Cup goal. Earle was born in Newcastle, England, but some notable Islanders having traded allegiances the other way, the past and present pair of John Barnes and Raheem Sterling were both born in capital Kingston, and have gone on to be among the best wide players of their respective generation. A bitter loss to the Reggae Boys, Sterling may get some extreme boo’s if he starts against this team, provoking the irate of the Carribean. (come on it’s the last post)
Arguably the greatest player to represent an island nation is bulky Bermudan Shaun ‘feed the goat’ Goater; talented out-and-out forward scored over 220 times in English football, and an impressive goal every 85 minutes for his country.
The best former American from the strongest region of the three joined City two days after Goater left, Claudio Reyna has a century of caps spanning over a decade, even earning a spot in the all-star team of Japan/Korea 2002. The footballing genetics are strong in the Reyna family, the man from New Jersey sure to have produced a future USMNT star. Giovanni Reyna doesn’t make this squad on the count of a stacked midfield, but considering the 17 year old is already capable of goals like this it’s only a matter of time before he’s the first name on the team sheet.
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Milan Borjan CAN Red Star GK Knin, Croatia 63 €1.00 32
Zach Steffen USA F. Dusseldorf GK Coatesville, PA 68 €17.50 25
Walker Zimmerman USA LAFC CB Lawrenceville, GA 61 €3.10 27
Matt Hedges USA FC Dallas CB Rochester, NY 61 €3.60 30
Wes Morgan JAM Leicester CB Nottingham 66 €1.50 36
Alphonso Davies CAN Bayern Munich LWB Ghana 68 €7.30 19
Adrian Mariappa JAM Watford CB London 64 €5.00 33
Kemar Lawrence JAM Red Bull NY LB Kingston 61 €3.10 27
Ike Opara USA Minnesota Utd CB Durham, NC 62 €3.30 31
Timmy Chandler USA Frankfurt RB Frankfurt 64 €3.30 30
Daniel Johnson JAM Preston NE CAM Kingston 62 €8.20 27
Jonathan David CAN Gent CAM Brooklyn, NY 65 €9.50 20
Atiba Hutchinson CAN Besiktas CDM Ontario 65 €0.70 36
Cristian Pulisic USA Chelsea LW Hershey, PA 75 €43.30 21
Tyler Adams USA RB Leipzig CDM Wappinger, NY 65 €4.80 21
Leon Bailey JAM Bayer Leverkusen LW Kingston 76 €38.20 22
Osvaldo Alonso CUB Minnesota Utd CDM San Cristobal 63 €1.20 34
Romaine Sawyers STK West Brom CM Birmingham 65 €12.50 28
Mariano Diaz DOM Real Madrid ST Catelonia 74 €29.80 26
Jozy Altidore USA Toronto ST Livingston, NJ 66 €5.40 30
Lucas Cavallini CAN Vancouver ST Toronto 65 €3.20 27
Kemar Roofe JAM Anderlecht ST Walsall 65 €8.80 27
Average/Totals 66 €214.30 25.82
Tempted to include his name in the title to break the subs upvote record, Christian Pulisic is a $73 million man receiving the attacking midfield tutorship of Frank Lampard at Chelsea. With 31 caps and 17 goals for his country at just 21, the man from Hershey has mounds of talent that might see him finish his career as the male Megan Rapinoe.
I’m hesitant to call Pulisic the star of the show, as the winger turned wingback Alphonso Davies looks almost certain to become a world-class player at Bayern Munich. Born in a Ghanian refugee camp to Liberian parents, the prodigy is a proud Canadian national who announced himself by scoring a 93rd minute winner against Sporting Kansas City aged just 15. He went on to score three times for his adoptive country in the 2017 Gold Cup the following year, sharing a continental golden boot award before being legally old enough to donate blood. In recent memory Davies displayed a man of the match performance knocking Pulisic’ Chelsea out of the Champions League.
Ronaldo’s brief successor to the number 7 shirt at Real Madrid, Mariano leads the line, despite just 1 cap for the Dominican Republic, I’m going out on a limb to predict he’ll bother turning up for this team
At one point believed to be the third in a trilogy of Anglo-Jamaican heists, Leon Bailey is a technically supreme winger with pace to match, now 22 he’s comparatively one of the older attacking role models in the tournament's youngest team. The average age is even more impressive when looking at aging leaders Atiba Hutchinson and Wes Morgan who collectively have a glistening trophy cabinet.
I think group winners will be a bridge too far but could this show what could be the beginning of a much more competitive CONCACAF in years to come. If my predictions are correct, the round of 16 will be a reenactment of the civil war.
East India
11 Indian states (Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal P, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Bihar)
Population (millions): 178.20
Never having to research this nation's footballing downfalls again will be an Indian tonic, in what is actually the best team on paper from the second most populated country, they might just manage to concede fewer than thirty in this strong group.
I don’t have anything of value to say about this part of the world, so I’m going to try a social experiment and see if anyone gets this far without skipping to the next team, so here is the first few paragraphs of the WIkipedia entry for former Chelsea and Newcastle defender Celestine Babayaro...
Babayaro spent the majority of his career playing in the Premier League, mainly for Chelsea from 1997 to 2005, and then later for Newcastle United, from 2005 to 2008. He had a brief stint at MLS club LA Galaxy, but never officially played for the club, and was a free agent, before retiring in 2010. He represented the Nigerian national football team from 1995 to 2004, and was part of two Olympic squads, two World Cup squads and three African Cup of Nations squads.
Born in Kaduna, he began his playing career at Nigerian side Plateau United, before moving to Belgian club Anderlecht in 1994, and eventually would make a name for himself, quickly gaining first-choice status although still a teenager. Babayaro set records as the youngest player to make an appearance and to receive a red card in the UEFA Champions League. He was sent off in a match against Steaua Bucuresti in a 1–1 draw, aged 16 years and 86 days.
Now that you know the history, let’s see the team.
Goalkeepers Birthplace Football manager Value Age
Dheeraj Singh IND ATK GK Manipur 24 €0.02 19
Lalthuammawia Ralte IND FC Goa GK Mizoram 20 €0.01 27
Salam Ranjan Singh IND ATK CB Manipur 28 €0.02 24
Raju Galkwad IND Kerala Blasters CB Maharashtra 21 €0.01 29
Jerry Lalrinzuala IND Chennaiyin LB Mizoram 27 €0.02 21
Dhanachandra Singh IND Mohun Bagan LB Manipur 22 €0.02 33
Abhishek Ambekar IND East Bengal LB Maharashtra 20 €0.01 28
Chhuantea IND Odisha LWB Mizoram 20 €0.01 31
Robet Lalthlamuana IND Northeast United LWB Mizoram 20 €0.01 31
Rahul Bheke IND Bengaluru RB Maharashtra 33 €0.03 29
Udanta Singh IND Bengaluru CM Manipur 37 €0.04 23
Lallianzuala Chhangte IND Chennaiyin CAM Mizoram 35 €0.04 22
Halicharan Narzary IND Hyderabad CM Assam 30 €0.02 25
Jackichand Singh IND Jamshedpur CM Manipur 30 €0.02 28
Vinit Rai IND Odisha CDM Assam 29 €0.02 22
Amarjit Singh IND Jamshedpur CDM Manipur 29 €0.02 19
Lalrindika Ralte IND East Bengal CM Mizoram 29 €0.02 27
Eugeneson Lyngdoh IND Bengaluru CM Meghalaya 28 €0.02 33
Semboi IND Bengaluru ST Manipur 20 €0.01 27
Jeje IND Chennaiyin ST Mizoram 38 €0.03 29
Samuel Lalmuanpula IND Mizoram CAM Mizoram 22 €0.02 21
Komal Thatal IND Sikkim CAM Sikkim 22 €0.02 18
Average/Totals 27 €0.44 25.73
Udanta Singh is the key player in this squad, the right winger doesn’t have the greatest goal record for India but the Bengaluru stalwart was key to an historic 2015-16 season that saw the South Indian club win the I-League while reaching the final of the AFC Cup (Asian Europa league), doing all this at age just 18 saw him voted young player of the year in his homeland.
At 21 years old, Jerry Lalrinzuala was enjoying his fourth season as a regular for Chennaiyin and played every game in a victorious ISL season two years ago, the Mizoram man is one of India’s brightest shining players in a generation.
I honestly can’t wait to see what the damage is to these teams once the tournament is simmed, I think the golden boot will be decided on which world-class striker shows the least mercy, and between his exploits against Panama and swearing on his daughter's life begging for a goal that his hair scored, Harry Kane might be the man to do it.
North & Central Europe
United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany
Population (millions): 243.13
Here it is the one you’ve all been waiting for, it’s the last megateam of the tournament and the region that contains Angela Merkal, the Chef from the muppets, and little old me.
The region combines for two world wars and five world cups (doo dah), and is dominated by two of the games fiercest rivals.
Die Mannschaft has seven major honours and football’s most ruthlessly efficient and consistent force, before the disaster of 2018, Germany’s worst finish this century was a bronze medal. Depressingly I had the best summer of my life cheering on an England team that finished fourth overall. With the group stage exit behind them and the Three Lion’s looking to build from their deepest run since 1990, these two nations are producing top players at a frightening rate and will no doubt renew the duel at some point this decade. With 18 of 22 players, the Anglo-Germanic mixture will face an existential crisis if they end up facing a penalty shootout.
The Nordic nations struggle to make an impact in the side, while Sweden and Finland have produced legends in the past like Sami Hyypia, Jari Litmanen, and striking duo Larrsson and Zlatan, Norway are patiently waiting for their newly foraged mix of raw ingredients to rise into a Golden generation. It will be a shock if Erling Braut Haaland and Martin Odegaard don’t become elite in their own rights, while the defensive minded likes of Sander Berge and Kristoffer Ajer may be a few rungs down but are physically capable of going to the top of the game.
Two times World cup runners up and 1976 Euro winners Czechoslovakia join forces once more but fail to grab a speaking role in this all-star cast.
Iceland are the darlings of population stats, whilst they don’t feature in this lineup they’ll be in the crowds showing off their famous synchronized noise making trick.
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Marc Andre Ter Stegen GER Barcelona GK Mochengladbach 85 €57.10 27
Manuel Neuer GER Bayern GK Gelsenkirchen 88 €51.20 34
Joshua Kimmich GER Bayern RWB Rotweil 80 €53.90 25
Mats Hummels GER Dortmund CB Bergisch Gladbach 83 €62.50 30
Andrew Robertson SCO Liverpool LWB Glasgow 79 €54.40 26
Trent Alexander-Arnold ENG Liverpool RWB Liverpool 80 €61.10 22
Niklas Sule GER Bayern CB Frankfurt 78 €60.10 25
Harry Maguire ENG Man United CB Sheffield 75 €39.00 27
Jerome Boateng GER Bayern CB West Berlin 78 €41.20 32
Milan Skriniar SVK Inter Milan CB Zlar nad Hronom 82 €60.20 25
Raheem Sterling ENG Man City RW Kingston, Jamaica 87 €86.60 26
Toni Kroos GER Real Madrid CM Greifswald 81 €72.30 30
Cristian Eriksen DEN Inter Milan CAM Middelfart 79 €60.90 28
Marco Reus GER Dortmund CAM Dortmund 84 €71.00 30
Leroy Sane GER Man City LW Essen 84 €77.30 24
Jadon Sancho ENG Dortmund RM Camberwell 78 €50.80 20
Thomas Muller GER Bayern CAM Wuilheim 80 €66.70 31
Leon Goretzka GER Bayern CM Bochum 75 €33.40 25
Robert Lewandowski POL Bayern ST Warsaw 88 €93.60 32
Harry Kane ENG Tottenham ST London 89 €90.10 26
Timo Werner GER RB Leibzig ST Stuttgart 78 €54.00 24
Gareth Bale WAL Real Madrid RF Cardiff 87 €87.80 31
Average/Totals 82 €1,385.20 27.27
A ridiculous strike-force that begs the question of two up top, Kane and Lewandowski’s play styles may be too similar to gel but leaving one on the bench seems ungrateful. Timo Werner is the more natural second striker while Bale perhaps only makes the side on reputation.
Ever forward-thinking, Germany predicted the grouping in 2017 and chose to develop the world's greatest post-2000 player to date, despite normally batting for the other team. Jadon Sancho hasn’t quite made the mark in an adolescent international career but has his entire 20's ahead of him, the Englishman with all the speed and flare of an Aston Martin, he is positionally and tactically convertible, his meaning his potential has no ceiling. Sancho will most likely contend with Sterling for a spot in the lineup, with an industrious German midfield dominating. Joshua Kimmich holding the obvious way to go.
Liverpool’s wing back pair continue to compete for assists, while solo Slovakian Milan Skriniar should play alongside one of three German centre-halfs. Take your pick from the keepers.
Another contender for the title, not quite as perfect as their western counterparts, but if any team can top them, it might be the region on top of them.
East China
3 Chinese provinces (Henan, Hubei, Shandong)
Population (millions): 242.05
As I near the end, my last supper is a stale Chinese.
Three gargantuan provinces combine to complete the world’s most populous nation. These play home to four teams in the country's top flight, Qingdao Huanghai, Shandong Luneng, Henan Jianye and Wuhan Zall, with Marouane Fellaini the most recognisable name playing in the region, and probably the tallest human around.
China’s greatest goalscorer Hao Haidong was born in Shandong, with Yang Xu approaching his mid-thirties thirteen behind, Hao’s 41 goals for the team in red doesn’t look likely to be beaten anytime soon.
Goalkeepers Birthplace FM20 Value Age
Guo Quanbo CHN Beijing Guoan GK Hubei 37 €1.00 22
Zeng Cheng CHN Shanghau Shenhua GK Hubei 49 €2.90 33
Yu Hai CHN Shanghai SIPG LWB Henan 52 €2.50 33
Yu Dabao CHN Beijing Guoan CB Shandong 51 €3.30 32
Zhang Linpeng CHN Guangzhou E CB Shandong 51 €3.70 31
Jiang Zhipeng CHN Heibe China Fortune LB Shandong 51 €3.60 31
He Guan CHN Shanghai SIPG CB Shandong 50 €3.00 27
Mei Fang CHN Guangzhou E CB Hubei 47 €3.10 31
Zheng Zheng CHN Shandong Luneng LB Shandong 47 €3.00 31
Li Lei CHN Beijing Guoan LB Shandong 46 €3.60 27
Hao Junmin CHN Shandong Luneng CM Hubei 54 €2.70 33
Zhang Xizhe CHN Beijing Guoan CAM Hubei 50 €4.50 29
John Hou Saeter CHN Beijing Guoan CDM Trondheim, Norway 46 €4.40 22
Li Hang CHN Wuhan Zall CM Hubei 46 €2.50 31
Zheng Kaimu CHN Jiangsu Suning CDM Hubei 46 €2.40 28
Zheng Long CHN Dalian Yifang LM Shandong 45 €0.38 32
Wang Yongpo CHN Shenzhen RM Shandong 46 €2.00 33
Pedro Delgado CHN Aves CAM Portimao, Portugal 53 €4.80 23
Gao Lin CHN Shenzhen CF Henan 53 €1.50 34
Xiao Zhi CHN Guangzhou R&F ST Henan 46 €0.00 34
Shan Huanhuan CHN Dalian Yifang ST Henan 44 €0.36 21
Gao Xiang CHN Qingdao RF Shandong 43 €2.10 31
Average/Totals 48 €57.34 30
The Wuhan clan of Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe share 110 national appearances between them and steer a midfield that although the best of the Chinese teams, will struggle to dictate the play in a strong group.
This aging squad is waiting for a new wave of talent, one of only a few teams to exceed an average age of 30.
Third place a near certainty in this group, but they’ll be looking forward to knocking a few past East India.
So there we go, my work is done, I’m working on collaborating with someone to sim the tournament and will have that ready for you ASAP.
I’ll do some spring cleaning on some mistakes in past posts and try to put some of your lineups in there, until then, thanks so much for reading the series, I’m going to go back to playing miniclip pool infront of the Netflix ‘are you still watching’ screen. Cheers!
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2020.03.29 18:02 subredditsummarybot The top highlights from the past week on /r/Hockey

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259 98 comments Alot of people may believe Spezza should seriously consider retirement, but there was a time when he was amongst the most dominant centers of the 2010s. With 940 points in 1123GP, his hands and speed helped himself get his fair share of points centering linemates Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley.
186 32 comments Max Domi training at home balances a golf ball on his stick while standing on an exercise ball
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2020.03.16 08:00 nancygt 10 great all-in-one electronic mail marketing, automation & crm structures

10 great all-in-one electronic mail marketing, automation & crm structures

In accordance to investigate from Google, it could take anywhere among 20 to 500+ touchpoints for people to finish an online buy. Not only that, however the number and form of touchpoints can variety considerably, relying on the acquisition in query and the person desires of each customer. The modern income system is a complex and tremendously non-public journey, which makes it difficult for marketers and earnings organizations to deliver the right messages, within the proper locations, on the right time. Luckily, there is some equipment to help you read this:
CRM: a purchaser dating control (CMS) system lets in you to gather information approximately possibilities, tune their improvement alongside the searching for cycle and deliver focused messages to them along the way. Lead era: the gear to create landing pages, internet forms and specific lead generation necessities effortlessly. E mail marketing: still the most reliable and powerful way to hold leads/customers engaged, in advance than and after the initial buy. Multi-channel marketing: with leads coming in from search, social, electronic mail and multiple other belongings, you need a location wherein you could deliver them together and control them together. Digital Marketing Agency in Bristol automation: cut out the manual workload of information-pushed marketing so messages are routinely delivered, based totally at the movements and changing pursuits of your prospects. Customer service: to keep those clients happy and coming again for more. Optimisation gadget: to continuously improve results and broaden you. That’s lots to anticipate from any marketing toolkit however there are loads of all-in-one CRM and marketing automation systems that promise to deliver the entirety at the list above – and greater. Right here are the top 10 available proper now.
#1: Active campaign
Key functions:
E-mail marketing
Marketing automation
Income & crm
Email, sms, Facebook & on-website messaging
Predictive lead scoring, analytics
Active campaign is a real all-in-one marketing automation and CRM platform that ought to cater to the significant majority of your software program application dreams. You furthermore may get great electronic mail marketing capabilities, multi-platform messaging and predictive lead scoring and analytics, powered through system studying – all of it really is pulled together with the aid of the platform’s super automation capabilities. We still use active campaign as our CRM and primary marketing automation tool and one of the key reasons we caught with this platform is its pricing policy. This isn’t a rate variety piece of software program via any manner however the agency expenses a ways greater inexpensive fees than maximum of its competitors and the charge boom as you move as tons as greater superior plans is incredibly modest, whereas different providers often sting you on their pricier plans.
#2: Hubspot
Key competencies:
Loose CRM
Marketing automation
Touchdown internet page builder
E mail marketing
Amazing customer support equipment
hubspot is clearly one in every of the biggest names in marketing software program, offering a entire suite of gear for manufacturers of all sizes. Initially, you get its fantastic CRM without value notwithstanding the reality that the organization splits its marketing hub (landing pages, automation, analytics, and so on.), sales hub and customer service hub into separate products – each of which you want to pay for one after the other. Pricing can get pretty complex and you’re very last month-to-month bill can without difficulty end up costing more than you predicted. Fee will increase amongst distinct plans are quite steep, too, despite the fact that hubspot’s corporation pricing remains aggressive with the more pricey names in marketing software program application. In return on your cash, you get one of the fine marketing automation suites inside the market and surely one of the most pleasant to use. It’s incredible how many marketing software program systems suck in terms of usability however this isn’t some factor you need to worry about with hubspot.
#3: Autopilot
Key features:
Marketing automation
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Multichannel marketing
Autopilot is a relative newcomer to the CRM and marketing automation endeavor and, in reality; we should use some greater younger innovators becoming a member of the flock. You could experience this as quickly as you begin using the platform. The entirety is designed with usability in mind and this looks as if a modern piece of marketing software with each click on. It’s in reality a satisfaction to use in assessment to some of the older marketing software alternatives. Pricing has a modern twist, too. You pay a monthly price based mostly on the huge form of contacts you've got (eg: $325/mo for 25,000 contacts) after which you make a decision how an awful lot you need to pay for aid. There’s a free desire that receives you 24/hr stay chat manual, on-line education and access to autopilot’s information base or you could pay up for precedence guide ($9ty 9/mo) or platinum help ($899/mo) for a committed account supervisor, on-demand training and 1:1 approach sessions – the latter of it really is virtually designed for business groups. Very affordable, all matters taken into consideration.
#4: Pardot
Key functions:
Sales force CRM
Marketing automation
E mail marketing
B2b analytics
pardot is the b2b all-in-one providing from salesforce, which stays the maximum well-known crm within the agency. In real salesforce style, pardot crams lots of effective features into its platform but get organized for some setup and usefulness complications. Don’t get me incorrect, that is nevertheless one of the nice all-in-one answers to be had but you’re possibly going to want to pay for a representative to get you began out. Likewise, any new team individuals are going to need some schooling to get yourself up to speed with the usage of pardot. Usability, in favored, isn’t one among pardot’s strengths. In phrases of pricing, pardot doesn’t virtually do a budget get right of entry to choice for smaller organizations. Costs begin at $1,250/mo but you’ll need to be signed up to one of the greater pricey plans ($4,000/mo) to unencumber its great capabilities.
#5: Keap
Key functions:
Marketing automation
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Keap is the new call for infusion soft and the now gives products: one known as keap and the alternative referred to as infusion soft through keep. Couldn’t be less difficult, right? Essentially, keap is the new version of infusion soft and infusion soft by way of using keap is the vintage infusionsoft. Nevertheless out of place? Properly, get used to it because despite the fact that infusionsoft keap is a loopy powerful CRM and marketing automation platform it is able to be confusing as hell to apply. In case you’ve been a faithful infusionsoft client for years and recognize the platform internal-out, congratulations – you’ve were given yourself one of the quality marketing software program tools to be had. In case you’ve in no way used infusionsoft or keap earlier than, i can best recommend everybody with a heart situation, strain-associated infection, anxiety or a short fuse start someplace else.
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#6: Get response
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Auto responders
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#8: Drip
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#9: Mautic
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Marketing automation
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mautic is an open-supply marketing automation answer that offers you complete control over your facts and workflows. There virtually isn’t an awful lot you can’t do with mautic and its integrations abilities are first rate. The downside to all of this freedom is the studying curve and also you’re going to want some decent builders in your side to make these paintings. At the plus facet, mautic has a developing community of builders and clients who are there that will help Digital Marketing Agency in Liverpool at the same time as you run into any problems. The disadvantage is you don’t get any real assist from matic itself – all a part of the open-supply enjoy. In case you need pure freedom and feature the important dev capabilities on board, despite the fact that, mautic is an splendid platform.
#10: Intercom
Key features:
Deliver messages to humans the use of your internet site/app
Email marketing
Customer support equipment
Intercom isn't always the same as the usual Crop of CRM and marketing automation gear. The platform’s focus is on sending focused messages to people the usage of your website and/or app, which you may do in real-time, thru electronic mail, thru implementing chatbots – or all 3. You don’t get a good deal in the manner of marketing automation with intercom aside from its focused messaging and chatbot abilities. In case you want to set up superior automated e mail workflows, as an example, you’re going to want a extra entire automation device on your element. That said, if focused messaging, chatbots and actual-time consumer communiqué are crucial for your employer, intercom might be a treasured addition to your marketing software program stack.
Choose your weapon
We tried just about every all-in-one CRM and automation platform on the market and sooner or later settled with activecampaign, way to its advanced, robust skills and affordable prices (that live lower priced as you bypass on as plenty as more high priced plans). The proper platform for you may depend on what your priorities are. None of the gear in this newsletter will come up with every function you want but they’ll all get you damn near. The important thing difference is in the finer details, like person revel in, the mastering curve, integration and – of path, pricing. Now the choice is up to you.
Follow on Facebook & Twitter
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2020.01.21 21:51 cocoaAMP Sydney Long Weekend January (25th – 27th)

Free Crap

  1. Golden Market January 24th
  2. New Year Day Celebrations January 25th
  3. Fanny Lam and Student Art Exhibition January 25th -27th
  4. Jumbo Mahjong January 27th
  1. Lunar Street Party January 25th
  2. Lunar New Year Twilight Party at Chinese Garden January 25th
  3. Lunar Block Party January 25th
  4. Lion Dance Ceremony January 25th
  5. Mahjong at Chinese Garden January 25th
  6. Lunar Lamp Post
  7. Moon Gates
  1. Chinatown Lanterns
  2. Lunar Spectacular Show
  3. Lion Dancing

Outdoor Crap

  1. Sunday Street Meet January 26th (Unsure Event not on the official website)

Trash & Treasure Crap

Culinary Crap

Performance Arts Crap

Exhibition Crap

Gig Crap

Night-Life Party Crap

Educational Crap

Workshop Crap

Movie Crap
  1. Centennial Park
  2. Western Sydney

Sport Crap

Holy Shit I can’t afford this Crap Crap (hahahaha)

UnCategorized Crap

Grab it While it Last Crap

Crap you guys Suggested

u/nearly_enough_wine and u/SydneyTom you Fine-Looking Bastards Sidebar Please!!!

For events related to Australia Day please go head over to the Australia Day Event Page or any Gig related that I may have miss click on this Page

We’ve entered the last week/month of Sydney Festival for 2020 please click the link for any awesome events that I’ve missed and that you loved.

If any of you wonderful Gremlin have anything that would like me to add or suggestions onto this or future Crap please Comment or Direct Message me. I do occasionally incorporate your recommendation.

The events listed above are implemented by the event promoters and/or organizers which I’ve no authority over with, all prices and dates may subject to change without any of my acknowledgment and or any notice. Please double-check with the coordinators for the time, date and cost of the event.
This is Crap list is simply accumulated from various websites I’m not the event planner nor the organizer, I’m purely doing this to Crap for my own amusement. I am not here to promote or spam anything on Sydney just putting information for people want to have fun this weekend, future Crap may subject to change and/or seize to exist without any notice. Please also get a hang of this subs wiki page for more and any events that I may have missed. Anyway, have a beautiful day you bastards!!!
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2020.01.18 22:15 AnnieIWillKnow [MATCH THREAD] Arsenal Women vs Chelsea FC Women - 14:00 GMT, 19/01 (WSL)

Arsenal Women vs Chelsea FC Women

Date: 19th January 2020
KO: 14:00 GMT
Competition: Women's Super League, match day 13
Venue: Meadow Park
Welcome to the /chelsealadiesfc match thread for Chelsea's away game against Arsenal, in the WSL.
This thread is for all pre-match, live and post-match discussion of the above fixture, and the body of the post will be updated with line-ups and match events.
This Sunday afternoon sees Chelsea FC Women make the short trip around the M25 to Borehamwood, for one of the biggest fixtures of the season - Arsenal away. Last season’s champions sit 4 points above Chelsea in the WSL (although do Chelsea have a game in hand) - and after a slightly quiet start, the Gunners have roared into life in recent weeks, having rediscovered the form which saw them storm to the league title, in 2018/19.
In the reverse fixture at Kingsmeadow earlier this season, Chelsea came from 1-0 down to earn a massive 3 points in this season’s title race. Those remain the only points Arsenal have dropped all season, and whilst Chelsea remain unbeaten in the league, disappointing draws against Brighton and Liverpool see our London rivals sit above us in the league standings.
Both teams come into this game following league wins, but it is arguably Arsenal who are in the better form, with Emma Hayes having drawn attention to Chelsea’s poor concentration in our defensive third in recent matches. A team like Arsenal will mercilessly exploit any vulnerabilities, and Chelsea will need to step it up if we are to get anything from this game.
Arsenal’s danger women include the likes of Vivienne Miedema, who once again leads the goal scoring charts, Beth Mead, Kim Little, and Jordan Nobbs - to name just a few of Arsenal’s world class players. Of course Chelsea have plenty of threats of our own - Ji So-Yun and Beth England have started 2020 in fine form, and with January signing Sam Kerr yet to net for the Blues, Sunday could be the perfect time for her to announce herself in England.
Chelsea and Arsenal both won their mid-week Conti Cup quarter finals to advance to the final four, but have been kept away from each other in the semi final draw, as Chelsea travel to Manchester United, and Arsenal hosting Manchester City.
A win here for Chelsea would give us a huge boost in the title race - whereas a loss would make Arsenal the certain favourites to retain their league title. Put simply, this is a big one - UTC!
The match will be being shown live on BT Sport, as this week's televised WSL game. For those not in the UK, the match is also being streamed for free online on the FA Player - which is entirely free to register and use.
As always, live updates will also be provided by Chelsea FC Women's official Twitter account @chelseafcw.
Arsenal: Zinsberger, Schnaderbeck, Williamson, Quinn, Walti, Roord, Little, Nobbs, Van de Donk, McCabe, Miedema (Subs: Peyraud-Magnin, Evans, Maier, Filis, Grant, Mead)
Chelsea: Berger; Andersson, Bright, Eriksson (C), Mjelde, Ingle, Ji, Reiten, England, Kerr, Cuthbert (Subs: Telford, Blundell, Cooper, Napier, Bachmann, Spence, Carter)
  • KICK OFF! We are under way, COME ON CHELSEA!
  • 3' - Chelsea with some neat passing in and around the Arsenal box so far, but without creating any real chances
  • 5' - Chelsea dominating possession early doors, an Arsenal counter thankfully breaks down
  • 8' - A first Chelsea corner, all Blues so far
  • 9' - Cuthbert's corner is cleared, and Arsenal break at speed... but Chelsea get back in numbers and clear our lines
  • 10' GOOAOAOAOALALALLAAAZZZOZZOOOO!!!!! WHAT A GOAL! Beth England gets the ball on the right hand side, cuts inside and unleashes a beautiful strike to best Zinsberger and put Chelsea into the lead! It's Chelsea 1-0 Arsenal!
  • 12' GOOOOOOOOAALLLLLL!!! GET IN!!!! SAM KERR WITH HER FIRST CHELSEA GOAL!! Reiten with the cross from the left and Sam Kerr beats the Arsenal defender to it to nod past an oncoming Zinsberger! What a time to score her first goal for Chelsea! It's Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal
  • 16' - Arsenal break again, but again Chelsea are back in numbers and defend well. Arsenal want a free kick, ref is having none of it
  • 18' - Arsenal have a corner, take it short, then try appealing for a penalty for handball. Nah.
  • 20' GOOOOOOOALAALLL!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Chelsea have a free kick outside the box, Arsenal clear but it's met by Sophie Ingle, who loops a sensational strike over Zinsberger to put Chelsea 3-0 up!! It's Chelsea 3-0 Arsenal and we're in dreamland!
  • 25' - Arsenal putting a bit of pressure on, they earn a corner but Chelsea stand strong
  • 30' - Chelsea aren't letting Arsenal get a foot in this game at all
  • 32' - Kerr has a good chance to put Chelsea 4-0 up, but puts her strike well wide
  • 34' - Kerr runs onto a gorgeous Guro Reiten through ball, and the Arsenal defender does well to make an excellent tackle
  • 42' - Arsenal carelessly give the ball away in their own third and Sam Kerr steals possession, but her shot is blocked in the box. Appeals for handball waved away by the ref
  • 45+ 1' - Arsenal have a free kick, but it's comfortably collected by Berger.
  • HALF TIME! An incredible 45 minutes for the Blues.
  • SECOND HALF! Off we go...
  • 47' - Oooof. Millie Bright lets Katie McCabe know she's there with a strong challenge, but gets away with it
  • 50' - Chelsea continue where they left off, completely dominating. Ji has a chance, but her shot is too high
  • 56' - Van der Donk gets in behind, for what feels like the first time this game for Arsenal, but Berger collects the through ball.
  • 59' - Arsenal make a double change, with Lisa Evans and Beth Mead replacing Jordan Nobbs and Lucy Quinn
  • 60' - Chippy Aussie Kerr tries to chip the Arsenal keeper. Not chippy enough.
  • 62' - Cuthbert goes down following a clash with some Arsenal player, but is thankfully fine to continue
  • 65' - Mjelde is the first Chelsea player to go in the book
  • 66' - Miedema is through on goal, but comes under pressure from the Chelsea defence and Berger, who closes down the angle well, and the forward can only find the side netting
  • 68' - GOOOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!! It's four, and surely the 3 points for Chelsea!! Some lovely build up play from the Blues ends with a cross into the box, which Guro Reiten heads home. Chelsea 4-0 Arsenal!
  • 73' - GOAL! Well, that may make it interesting... substitute Beth Mead pulls one back for Arsenal, with Berger fumbling the save. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal.
  • 80' - Arsenal are pushing, but Chelsea win a corner... which the Gunners clear
  • 81' - SUBSTITUTION: First Chelsea change is a defensive one, with full back Hannah Blundell coming on for Guro Reiten
  • 84' - SUBSTITUTION: Hayes shutting up shop a bit here, with Drew Spence coming on for Sam Kerr.
  • 90' - four minutes of stoppage time to play, with this one petering out
  • FULL TIME! And that is that! What a performance from Chelsea, as we absolutely humble Arsenal 4-1 at their own home - a huge 3 points in the title race!



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2019.12.12 04:17 JakeM917 I recently listened to all 66 solo Beatles records in a row. Here is my ranking of them! [Repost]

DISCLAIMER: This was one of my favorite posts on this subreddit. I consider it to be pretty much the definitive ranking of the solo albums. So I was sad to find it was deleted. So here it is. I’m not sure if I should credit the user who made it, because I don’t know their reasons for deleting the post. The account is still active, still active on this subreddit even, so if this user sees this post, please let me know if you would like me to credit you or if you would like to post your hard work yourself.
Recently, I came across a video of someone ranking all the solo Beatles records and, for a few reasons, decided I needed to do the same exercise. Firstly, I figured it would be a good excuse to revisit some albums that I hadn’t listened to in years, as well as the ones that I had never gotten around to for various reasons. Secondly, as many of you will do with my list, I vehemently disagreed with a few of his rankings, and wanted to accurately see how my tastes would match up against his.
I made a Spotify playlist of every John, Paul, George, and Ringo album in chronological order (save for Wedding Album, Stop And Smell The Roses, and Old Wave, which I had to seek out on YouTube) and got to work. Before I get to the rankings, just a few notes:
It’s truly impressive how much incredible music all four were capable of making (and how much great stuff has been largely forgotten or ignored by the masses), and equally amazing how terrible they all were at times. Thankfully, the good stuff outweighs the bad! In this exercise, I only ranked their studio albums. No live albums or compilations will be found here. In addition, I didn’t rank any albums released under aliases or any of Paul’s classical work. One day, I will get around to all of that, but can safely say that had Electric Arguments been released under Paul’s name and not The Fireman, it would certainly rank in the upper echelon of this list. I have a separate, pretty extensive list of my favorite songs by each artist, and have been making a lot of Spotify playlists for people. I remark on some of them in these reviews, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m happy to share more, and/or make playlists for anyone who might want them! This should go without saying, but these rankings and reviews are obviously just my opinion. Some rankings will seem standard according to popular opinion, and some might seem surprising. I’m not in the business of spouting hot takes, nor starting any flamewars, but I am certainly interested in and open to having some good conversation! I’d love to hear any feedback, questions, agreements, or disagreements.
Alright, here goes something!
(66) Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins (John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1968) - I love "Revolution 9" as much as the next guy, but this is a bit much for me.
(65) Electronic Sound (George Harrison, 1969) - George messing around with synthesizers for 44 minutes. I found maybe 2 minutes total to be interesting.
(64) Wedding Album (John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1969) - The first side is 23 minutes of John and Yoko saying each other's names. Perhaps in a certain state of inebriation, some element of that is entertaining.
(63) Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions (John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1969) - This is the "best" of John and Yoko's three experimental albums for two reasons. Firstly, even though the song itself is pretty unbearable given that it's 26 minutes of Yoko being Yoko, "Cambridge 1969" has a pretty killer guitar tone from John. Secondly, there's a song called "No Bed For Beatle John," which consists of Yoko singing newspaper clippings about her and John as she recovers in the hospital from her miscarriage. At one point, she sings, "A Beatles spokesperson said there is a good chance for the baby's survival," which is actually pretty heartbreaking. It's an unexpected poignant moment on an otherwise unlistenable record.
(62) Ringo The 4th (Ringo Starr, 1977) - Disco elements. A song called "Can She Do It Like She Dances," which is as good as its title. A cover of "Sneaking Sally Through The Alley." Easily the worst collection of non-experimental music by any Beatle.
(61) Bad Boy (Ringo Starr, 1978) - The only redeeming aspect to this record is that it's not Ringo The 4th.
(60) Stop And Smell The Roses (Ringo Starr, 1981) - Not trying to pick on poor Ringo here; in fact, I’m an ardent Ringo defender and fan. His best solo stuff is among the best solo Beatle material; his bad stuff just happens to be the worst. That applies here as well.
(59) Press To Play (Paul McCartney, 1986) - I wrote down that the last track, "However Absurd," was pretty alright, but not much other than that. The 80's were not a kind musical decade to many people.
(58) Give My Regards To Broad Street (Paul McCartney, 1984) - Mostly consisting of inferior re-recordings of Beatles and previous solo songs, there's not much to care about here.
(57) I Wanna Be Santa Claus (Ringo Starr, 1999) - Nat King Cole he ain't.
(56) Ringo 2012 (Ringo Starr, 2012) - Extremely half-baked in every aspect.
(55) Extra Texture (Read All About It) (George Harrison, 1975) - "This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)" was the only halfway decent song I counted; the rest range from aggressively mediocre to downright bad, and the production across the board is cringeworthy.
(54) Venus And Mars (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1975) - I know I’m in the minority on this record, but it just does nothing for me. My two favorite songs are the only two non-Paul songs. Perhaps I need to revisit it again down the line, but it has always left me cold, and that didn’t change this last time around.
(53) Pipes Of Peace (Paul McCartney, 1983) - I like the title track just fine, but that's about the most I can say for it.
(52) Some Time In New York City (John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1972) - I actually quite like a lot of the versions of these songs that appear on John's Acoustic compilation, but I'm not as hot on these official versions. There's a great live version of "Cold Turkey," and some interesting jam stuff with Zappa, but as a whole, it's extremely long and rarely engaging. My favorite song, surprisingly, is one of Yoko's, "We're All Water."
(51) Sentimental Journey (Ringo Starr, 1970) - A lot of it is totally fine, but unspectacular, and Ringo's voice isn't particularly best suited for this material.
(50) Give More Love (Ringo Starr, 2017) - There are some good re-recordings of older tunes at the end of the album, but not much of note before those.
(49) Liverpool 8 (Ringo Starr, 2008) - A mostly uneven and below average record, though the last song, "R U Ready?," is excellent.
(48) Tug Of War (Paul McCartney, 1982) - Like Venus And Mars, I find this one to be overrated. "Ebony And Ivory" does nothing for me. Most of the other tracks I find to be mediocre at best. The two saving graces for me are "Here Today” and “Wanderlust,” two extremely beautiful ballads.
(47) Gone Troppo (George Harrison, 1982) - "That's The Way It Goes" is one of his best solo songs; the rest of the album is fine, but mostly forgettable.
(46) Y Not (Ringo Starr, 2010) - As a whole, this album is like the ones I just talked about: passable to a degree, but mostly unremarkable. However, it's given a significant boost due to the inclusion of "Walk With You," which may be, at worst, Ringo's second or third best solo song. It's a great song in it's own right, but it's made even better by Paul harmonizing with him on the choruses. It's absolutely breathtaking to hear their two aged, slightly weathered voices singing together; it's equal parts uplifting and melancholic, especially when you consider everything they've been through together. It's a shame the rest of the album is mostly flat, because it's truly a miraculous song and recording.
(45) London Town (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1978) - There's some typical mid-70's Paul cheesiness, but "I'm Carrying" is a pretty stunning ballad, and "Name And Address" is a great rocker. There are some other notable songs, but those two in particular stand above the rest.
(44) Milk And Honey (John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1984) - An approximation of what would have essentially been Double Fantasy Part 2. It's ultimately not as good, but "Nobody Told Me," "Borrowed Time," and "Grow Old With Me" are all great songs.
(43) Rock 'N' Roll (John Lennon, 1975) - There are no particularly noteworthy songs, but you can tell he really loves the material, and it's an easy enough listen.
(42) Choba B CCCP (Paul McCartney, 1988) - See above.
(41) Wild Life (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1971) - You can tell Paul is a bit confused on how to treat the new band, and the album suffers as a result, but there are a couple highlights, including "Love Is Strange."
(40) Old Wave (Ringo Starr, 1983) - Because this one has been so scarcely reissued, I only had what was available to me on YouTube, which I believe was 7 of the 10 songs. I particularly like "In My Car," "Hopeless," and "Alibi." It's not a great album by any means, but it does have some merit.
(39) Postcards From Paradise (Ringo Starr, 2015) - The album begins like some of the other aforementioned Ringo records; mediocre at best, pretty bad at worst. The title track is actually one of the most embarrassing songs he's ever released. But about halfway through, it surprisingly becomes a very enjoyable record. "Island In The Sun" is a killer rocker, and "Touch And Go" is a nice tune as well.
(38) Wonderwall Music (George Harrison, 1968) - You probably need to be in the right mood to listen to it, but most of it is really good. "Ski-ing" is a cool track in particular.
(37) Beaucoups Of Blues (Ringo Starr, 1970) - Country sits Ringo's voice much better than the Sentimental Journey material. "Love Don't Last Long" is a highlight, and one of my favorite new discoveries as I did this exercise.
(36) Red Rose Speedway (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1973) - I've never been much a fan of "My Love," but the rest of the album is decent enough. "Big Barn Red" and "When The Night" are highlights for me.
(35) Ringo's Rotogravure (Ringo Starr, 1976) - This album kicks off with "A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll," which is pretty kickass. "Pure Gold," a few songs later, is also a great number. It tails off in the second part of the record, but the good stuff here is surprisingly really good.
(34) Kisses On The Bottom (Paul McCartney, 2012) - This one finishes just under the halfway mark. His Shadows In The Night. Much like that record, I need to be in the right mood to listen to it, but it's surprising how good it is when you're in that mood.
(33) Dark Horse (George Harrison, 1974) - And this one comes in right above the halfway mark. This album has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. There are certainly some throwaways, and moments where his voice is a bit jarring (recorded when he had laryngitis), but the good stuff is excellent. I'm partial to "Simply Shady" and "Far East Man."
(32) Goodnight Vienna (Ringo Starr, 1974) - Although there's nothing great here, it's a consistently very good record. "Call Me" is probably my favorite track.
(31) Walls And Bridges (John Lennon, 1974) - I've never been crazy about "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night," though on this most recent listening, I did come around a bit more to "#9 Dream." "Steel And Glass" and "Going Down On Love" were nice new discoveries, though my absolute favorite is "Surprise Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)."
(30) Run Devil Run (Paul McCartney, 1999) - This one finishes the highest of Paul's three cover records for a few reasons. Most, if not all, of the covers are good to great. "No Other Baby" is the standout track in this respect. The three original songs are also excellent additions, especially "Try Not To Cry." Choba B CCCP and Kisses On The Bottom are fine enough, but this one has a bit more merit.
(29) Flowers In The Dirt (Paul McCartney, 1989) - The 80's production gets in the way at times, but the great tracks really hold up. "This One" and "Put It There" are my favorites, but "Figure Of Eight," "We Got Married," and "My Brave Face" are all noteworthy too.
(28) Somewhere In England (George Harrison, 1981) - The first four tracks on this album, despite questionable production at times, are just fantastic. "Blood From A Clone" is ridiculously cool. "Unconsciousness Rules" is a great rocker. "Life Itself" is one of his most beautiful ballads. And "All Those Years Ago" is an excellent tribute to John. The rest of the album is a mixed bag, but the strength of those four songs really elevate its ranking.
(27) Back To The Egg (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1979) - I had purposely avoided this album because I was somehow under the assumption that it was disco-oriented? Not the case, and it was my loss for years apparently. The second half is forgettable, but the first side is actually pretty excellent. "Old Siam, Sir" is one of the most badass rockers in Paul's catalogue.
(26) Time Takes Time (Ringo Starr, 1992) - A pretty solid collection from Mr. Starkey. "Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go" was the hit, deservedly so. My favorite song, though, is "Golden Blunders." Originally written by a band called The Posies, Ringo's cover easily surpasses theirs in my book. It's sneakily one of my favorite recordings of his.
(25) New (Paul McCartney, 2013) - I was very down on this record when it came out, but enjoyed it significantly more when I revisited it. I do still feel the first 3-4 songs are an extremely underwhelming way to start an album, but when it picks up, it really picks up. The title track is the highlight, and "I Can Bet" and "Hosanna" are also excellent.
(24) Memory Almost Full (Paul McCartney, 2007) - As you can tell, we've been at the point in the list for a little bit where the albums do still have some bad/mediocre/unremarkable/throwaway tracks, but the good tracks are great. This album is pretty indicative of that pattern. There are some songs I greatly question the inclusion of, but then there's a song like "Mr. Bellamy," one of the coolest, most interesting songs he's produced in the last 15 years. The ending medley also has some miraculous moments.
(23) Double Fantasy (John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1980) - "Watching The Wheels" is a top 5 solo John song in my opinion. Just incredible. "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy," "I'm Losing You," and "(Just Like) Starting Over" are all excellent, too. Unfortunately, I do have to dock points for Yoko's material, though I do have a soft spot for "Yes, I'm Your Angel."
(22) Wings At The Speed Of The Sound (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1976) - Conversely, while I have to dock points from Double Fantasy for Yoko's material, I have to add points to this record based on the strength of the non-Paul material. "The Note You Never Wrote" (Denny Laine) and "Wino Junko" (Jimmy McCulloch) are two of my favorite songs on the record. I actually even like Linda's "Cook Of The House." My least favorite songs actually just happen to be some of Paul's, though I do love "Let 'Em In," and "San Ferry Anne" is also excellent.
(21) Thirty Three & 1/3 (George Harrison, 1976) - Elements of it are a bit dated, but the good songs are absolutely fantastic. "Beautiful Girl" is one of my favorite George songs. "Dear One" and "See Yourself" are highlights, too.
(20) George Harrison (George Harrison, 1979) - Same as above. George pretty consistently had questionable production on his records, but the great songs always rose above them. In this album's case, that includes "Soft-Hearted Hana," "Dark Sweet Lady," "Not Guilty," and "Your Love Is Forever."
(19) McCartney II (Paul McCartney, 1980) - Another album I foolishly stayed away from because of preconceived notions. I don't tend to enjoy a lot of electronic-based music, and this album is definitely keyboard and synthesizer heavy, but damn, some of the songs are incredible. "Temporary Secretary" and "Darkroom" could not be any stranger, but they're fucking cool. "Coming Up" and "On The Way" are also excellent.
(18) Off The Ground (Paul McCartney, 1993) - Starting with this record, everything from here on out is pretty consistently solid. There are some forgettable tracks here, but nothing that's outright bad or laughable (maybe some people feel that way about "Biker Like An Icon," but I'm okay with it). I especially like the title track and "Winedark Open Sea."
(17) Choose Love (Ringo Starr, 2005) - I consider this the third album in a trilogy of later-era Ringo greatness (I'll get to the other two in a minute). Over these records, he teamed up with Mark Hudson and a few other songwriters he really trusted, contributed a lot more in that regard than he ever had previously, and really focused on putting out consistent, substantial batches of songs. Most other Ringo records have their moments (aka, diamonds in the rough), but these are legitimately excellent records. On this one, I highly recommend "Oh My Lord," "Hard To Be True," and the title track.
(16) Driving Rain (Paul McCartney, 2001) - Just an excellent group of songs, although the album could have been shortened by a few. "She's Given Up Talking" in particular is a brilliant track.
(15) Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (Paul McCartney, 2005) - On any given day, this one and Driving Rain are interchangeable. I give this one the slight edge at the moment because I'm really, really digging "How Kind Of You" and "Friends To Go."
(14) Vertical Man (Ringo Starr, 1998) - The first album in the aforementioned trilogy. I've always loved "What In The...World" and "King Of Broken Hearts," but I especially came around to the title track recently.
(13) Ringo (Ringo Starr, 1973) - Breaking from the trilogy to acknowledge what is clearly the shining moment from his early career. "Photograph" is obviously one of his best ever songs, and I also really love "Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)" and "Six O'Clock." Most people consider it to be his best solo record, but for my money, that title goes to...
(12) Ringo Rama (Ringo Starr, 2003) - Seriously, this record is incredible. The second album in the trilogy, and for my money, the best Ringo album. "Eye To Eye" and "Instant Amnesia" are two of the hardest rocking, musically interesting, and overall badass tracks Ringo has ever produced. "Never Without You" is a perfect sendoff to George. "Missouri Loves Company," "I Think Therefore I Rock 'N' Roll," "What Love Wants To Be..." I could go on and on. These tracks all deserve recognition, as do most of the other ones I didn't mention. Ringo is fantastic, but I think this one is the best, and the trilogy in general deserves a lot more credit.
(11) Brainwashed (George Harrison, 2002) - George's excellent posthumous record finishes just outside my top 10. We're very blessed that he put the work into this before he passed.
(10) Mind Games (John Lennon, 1973) - I hadn't listened to this album in about 15 years before this exercise, and was blown away at how much I loved it. I don't know why it never registered much with me before, but it's pretty great. "I Know (I Know)" has to simultaneously be one of his best and most forgotten songs.
(9) Cloud Nine (George Harrison, 1987) - I’ve always liked this record, but yet again, revisiting it made me love it even more in ways I hadn’t before. In particular, I gained a large appreciation for the three ballads - “Just For Today,” “Someplace Else,” and “Breath Away From Heaven.” It still holds up excellently today.
(8) Living In The Material World (George Harrison, 1973) - The only major problem with this record is one of perception. As in, no matter how great it is and is recognized as being, there is always going to be the comparison to All Things Must Pass. It would be like if The Beatles released Rubber Soul right after Abbey Road. Rubber Soul is a phenomenal, 5-star record, but Abbey Road operates on such a high level that there's no way Rubber Soul would ever seem as great coming right after it. It's a shame that's how it is, because this album is truly fantastic. I've especially come around to "Who Can See It," which has one of George's all time greatest vocal performances. It's already clearly great when you listen to it normally; when you listen to it and try to keep All Things Must Pass out of your mind as much as possible, it's even better.
(7) McCartney (Paul McCartney, 1970) - Much like Wild Life, it's Paul trying to figure things out, but the results here are much more successful and charming. It's flawed, but perfectly so. "Man We Was Lonely" has been standing out to me in particular recently.
(6) Band On The Run (Paul McCartney & Wings, 1973) - A record with the title track, "Jet," and "Let Me Roll It" kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?
(5) Flaming Pie (Paul McCartney, 1997) - I just love everything about this record. “The Song We Were Singing,” “Little Willow,” “Calico Skies,” “Young Boy,” and the title track are some of the best songs in the later part of Paul’s solo career. Even the weaker songs never feel out of place or unnecessary to me. Considering that’s essentially the Beatles’ standard, this has to be high on the list.
(4) Plastic Ono Band (John Lennon, 1970) - Harrowing, unforgiving, and beautiful. “Isolation” is my favorite track at the moment. I actually had this at #3 right before I started typing all this out, and on any given day, it’s up there as my favorite John record. But at this very moment...
(3) Imagine (John Lennon, 1971) - ...this one is my favorite of his. “Jealous Guy” is perhaps his best solo song, and the whole record is just wonderful. Again, this and Plastic Ono Band might be interchangeable depending on the day, but it’s hard to make an argument against either.
(2) Ram (Paul & Linda McCartney, 1971) - A perfect record. Sonically, the closest thing to a Beatles record that an ex-Beatle ever made. Every melody is top notch. I see no flaws in it whatsoever.
(1) All Things Must Pass (George Harrison, 1970) - The easy/obvious choice, but the right one. The first three sides are basically a greatest hits compilation. The only argument against this record is the length, and/or that the Apple Jam is unnecessary, and while I understand and that viewpoint, I respectfully disagree. I find it to be a wonderful and integral part of the listening experience. Even if you disregard this album’s place in history, it's still amazing. Factor that in, and it's too important and incredible to not be number one.
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2019.12.03 15:52 kawaiisovietball Know Your Shipfu - 013

Know Your Shipfu - 013
#Know_your_shipfu - 013
HMS Glasgow (C21) - The Scottish (Careless) Maid
I. Overview
HMS Glasgow (C21) was a Southampton-subclass, Town-class light cruiser of the Tea Royal Navy and the 7th ship to hear the name. As opposed to some of her fellow mates, Glasgow was a more careless maid as she accidentally sank 2 friendly ships (think twice if anyone is looking to appoint her to be the chief maid). However, she did take part in many actions in the Atlantic as well as in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. Together with many of her sisters, Glasgow was put into reserve after the war before being scrapped in the late 50s.
II. Specifications
1. Name Glasgow
2. Namesake City of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
3. Class Town
4. Subclass Southampton
5. Motto "Memor es tuorum" - "Be mindful of your ancestors"
6. Type Light cruiser (CL)
7. Laid down April 17, 1935 at Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Greenock, UK
8. Launched June 20, 1936
9. Commissioned September 9, 1937
10. Struck March 1958
11. Fate Scrapped July 8, 1958
12. Displacement 9,100 tons
13. Propulsion 4x Admiralty 3-drum boilers. Four-shaft Parsons geared turbines
14. Power generated 75,000 shp
15. Maximum speed 32 knots (59 kph)
16. Max. operating range Complement: 748
17. Size 1. Length: 558 ft (170 m)
2. Beam: 61 ft 8 in (18.80 m)
3. Draft: 21 ft 6 in (6.55 m)
18. Radar Type 286M -> Type 271 (1942) -> Type 283 radar (1944)
19. Main armament 4x3 BL 6-inch (152 mm) Mk XXIII guns -> 3x3 BL 6-inch (152 mm) Mk XXIII guns
20. Anti-aircraft armament 1. Large-caliber: 4x2 QF 4-inch (102 mm) Mk XVI guns
2. Medium-caliber: 2x2 QF 2-pounder (40 mm) pom-pom anti-aircraft guns -> 4x4 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns (1944)
3. Small-caliber: 2x4 0.5-inch (12.7 mm) AA machine guns
21. Torpedo 2x3 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes (removed 1944)
22. Aircraft carried 2x Supermarine Walrus aircrafts (later removed)
III. Operational history
Glasgow, maybe prewar
Glasgow was ordered on December 17, 1934 at the Scotts Shipbuilding Company in Greenock as part of the Royal Navy's expansion program. She was the 7th ship to bear the name, with the first being a Scottish 6th-rate ship and the 6th one being a 1910 Town-class cruiser. She was laid down on April 16, 1935 and launched on June 20, 1936 by Mrs. Lucy Baldwin, the wife of former PM Stanley Baldwin. Glasgow-chan joined the maid team on September 9, 1937 after being completed. She was assigned to 2nd Cruiser Squadron of the Home Fleet.
Glasgow spent the first years of her career uneventful with some naval exercises and "flag showing". In May and June 1939, Glasgow and her big sister Southampton escorted liner RMS Empress of Australia carrying King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their Royal visits to Canada and the US before escorting them back to the UK on Empress of Australia's sister, RMS Empress of Britain (both belongs to Canadian Pacific Line). In July 1939, Captain Frank Pegram was appointed the commander of the ship.
With war being inevitable, on September 2, 1939, Glasgow was detached for patrol off Norway with Humber Force to intercept commerce raiders and blockade runners. The following day, Britain declared war on Germany, and on September 4, Glasgow and J-class destroyer Jersey (has got an episode on her, I can translate it may anyone want) intercepted German freighter Johannes Molken Buhr, which was later scuttled by her own crew. Glasgow was later sent to patrol in Skaggerak with her sisters Southampton, Sheffield-chan and Arethusa-class Aurora. However, due to Javelin-chan and Jersey-chan collided with each other, the mission was cancelled and they returned to Rosyth. 4 days later, Glasgow was sent to escort damaged submarine Spearfish back to her home base, during which, Glasgow-chan was attacked by enemy aircrafts without success.
With reports of Gneisenau in the area, Glasgow escorted Hood-neesan and Repulse in search for the new German battlecruiser. While returning to Britain, Glasgow and fellow sisters Southampton and Edinburgh was attacked by Luftwaffe's aircrafts, who dropped 120 bombs on them. Fortunately, Glasgow-chan wasn't damaged. Later on, Glasgow and Edinburgh escorted convoy KJ 003 made of 19 tankers from October 22 to 24. Towards the end of November, Glasgow joined 2 destroyers in search of German liner Bremen. She was then diverted to search for escaping Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in seek of revenging the sinking of armed merchant cruiser Rawalpindi. A week later, Glasgow took part in the unsuccessful search for American merchantman City of Flint, which had been captured by Deutschland. In December 1939, she escorted three convoys: HN 003, ON 004/1, ON 006/1 with another convoy, ON 007/1 in early January.
Glasgow was transferred to another maid team, the 18th Cruiser Squadron on January 7, 1940. There, along with Newcastle, she escorted 6 convoys in January 1940. Glasgow captured German trawler Herrlichkeit off Tromsø on February 12 before returning to Belfast for repairs 5 days later, which last for a month. After repairs were completed, Glasgow-chan returned to action, just as the German was launching Operation Weserübung. On April 7, Glasgow sailed with Berwick, Portlandshire and York to intercept German warships in the area. Two days later, Glasgow-chan and her fleet was attacked by German Ju 88 and He 111 bombers off Bergen, which scored two near misses. The near misses caused minor flooding to the ship, knocking out her "A" turret and killed 2 of her crew. Things were worse for her teammates as Tribal-class destroyer leader Gurkha was sunk during the air attack. After this, Glasgow-chan was detached with Sheffield to Britain for repairs on the following day. While en route, they was involved in another air attack, with no damage sustained.
After a very short 22-hour repair, Glasgow was assigned with Sheffield and 6 Tribal-class destroyer leaders to land troops in Harstad and Namsos as part of Operation Henry and Harry. Galatea joined Glasgow and Sheffy in Operation Sickle, the landing of the 15th Infantry Brigade in Åndalsnes on April 23. 6 days later, Glasgow embarked the King of Norway, King Haakon VII and Crown Prince Olav, Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Halvdan Kolt and Minister of Defense Birger Ljungberg. Under the escort of Jackal and Javelin-chan, Glasgow arrived in Scapa Flow on May 1. Later that week, Glasgow embarked the Royal Marines at Greenock and carried out the initial occupation of Iceland during Operation Fork. The Marines disembarked at Reykjavik on May 10, under the protection of heavy cruiser Berwick, Glasgow as well as two F-class destroyers Fearless and Fortune. They carried out patrols in Iceland before sailing back to Liverpool for some refit. During her month-long refit in Liverpool, Italy declared war on Britain, and so on June 10, Glasgow's crew captured Italian freighter Gambiano.
Underway in the Mediterrenean
Returning to action in July, Glasgow-chan joined her big sister Southampton and the Salty Sussex and Shropshire. However, in the thick (bloody) British fog off Duncansby Head on July 16, our careless little maid collided with destroyer HMS Imogen. The collision caused extensive fire abroad and heavy flooding to the little destroyer. Imogen had to be abandoned and later sank. The incident resulted in nineteen of Imogen's crew and two of Glasgow's lost their lives. After rescuing the I-class destroyer crew, Glasgow returned to Liverpool and stayed there 3 months for repairs.
Late October 1940 saw Glasgow escorting Arklolicon and Barham to Gibraltar. There, she joined Force X to transport troops to Malta. After arriving in Malta on November 7, Glasgow joined the 7th Cruiser Squadron. She screened Lusty in her raid on Italian fleet in Taranto. 3 days later, Glasgow, along with Berwick, Gloucester and HMAS Sydney landed 3,400 troops in Piraeus, Greece. Later that month and in early December, Glasgow-chan escorted convoys MW 4 and ME 4 with Force E and Force F. While anchored at Suda Bay in Crete on December 3, Glasgow was attacked by a Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 flown by Italian ace Carlo Emanuele Buscaglia. 2 torpedoes hit the British cruiser, knocking out her propellers. Therefore, Glasgow-chan was sent to Alexandria for temporary repairs in January 1941.
Damaged Glasgow was sent to the Indian Ocean in early 1941 to protecc convoys from potential enemies. On February 15, Glasgow escorted some 4 landing ships through the Suez Canal. Later on, she was deployed with Hermes, (the salty) Shropshire, Emerald and her sister Enterprise (the British E-class cruiser, not the American legend Enty or Belfast x Enty, okay?) and Australian heavy cruisers Australia and Canberra to search for German cruiser Admiral Scheer, who had just sunk Canadian freighter Canadian Cruiser and AMC HMCS Rantaupandjang (Rawalpindi's little sister). On February 22, one of Glasgow's two Walrus spotted Admiral Scheer. However, fuel shortages prevented them from chasing down the German raider. A month later, Glasgow was deployed with Caledon, two K-class destroyers and two Indian trawler to provide support for the invasion of Italian Somaliland, as part of Operation Appearance.
After the successful landing in Somaliland, Glasgow joined HMS Cornwall, Portlandshire, Phoebe and HMAS Canberra as escort for convoy WS 6 from April 10-13, later relieved by C-class cruiser Colombo. Later in April, Glasgow relieved old heavy cruiser Hawkins to escort WS 7 until May 7. Our maid was sent to search for German commerce raider Pinguin later in May. From June 1941 to February 1942, Glasgow joined in convoy defense operations and escorted convoys WS 11 and WS 12. Another friendly fire incident occurred at midnight on December 9, 1941 when our careless maid opened fire with her 6-inch on friendly Indian patrol ship Prabhavati, mistaken her for a surfacing Japanese submarine. Prabhavati was sunk and Glasgow had to rescue the ship's survivors and sent them to Bombay.
With Enterprise in Singapore, 1942
In March, Glasgow escorted convoy WS 16 with her sister Newcastle. On April 1, she was relieved by Colombo and armed merchant cruiser Aleunia so that she can move to the US for repairs in April. Arriving in Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in New York on May 6 after a passage through Mombasa, Glasgow went through a month-long repair before returning to Britain. There, she was equipped with a new Type 284 fire-control radar and Type 271 airborne warning radar. New Oerlikons were also equipped to Glasgow-chan. She returned to Britain in August and arrived at Scapa Flow on September 3, 1942.
King George VI inspecting the ship in Scapa Flow
Upon arrival, Glasgow-chan was reassigned to the 10th Cruiser Squadron of the Home Fleet and assigned to the task of escorting British convoy bound for the Soviet Union. After some period of retrain and repairs lasted until December 1942, Glasgow was ready for action by the beginning of 1943. On January 20, 1943, Glasgow-chan was deployed with Bermuda and the salty cruiser Kent (hey shikika..) to screen Convoy JW 52 and returning convoy RA 52. She then patrolled around Icelandic waters and was involved in a minor incident on February 23. While anchoring at Seidisfjord, heavy weather dragged Glasgow and she was grounded. After a short repair, Glasgow-chan escorted King George V and her sister Howe to provide distant escort for homebound convoy RA 53 from Kola Inlet. Later in March, Glasgow encountered German blockade runner Regensberg carrying rubber, tungsten and many valuable goods from Japan. Unwanted to get their valuable supplies got captured by the also material-hungering Britain, the crew of Regensberg scuttled their ship. In heavy weathers, only 6 of the runner’s crew survived and was rescued by Glasgow. After some patrols in the Arctic, Glasgow was sent to a warmer place, the Southwest Approach to hunt for German blockade runners and commerce raiders.
In Scapa Flow, date unknown, maybe during her second deployment to the Arctic in late 42- early 43
The first action where our maid was involved was some action against French coastal shipping on June 12 with Crown Colony-class cruiser Bermuda, who joined Glasgow during JW 52. A week later, Glasgow escorted carrier Archer and corvettes of Escort Group B5 to hunt for submarines from Brest. By the end of the month, Glasgow provided Ocean Escort for minelaying operation of the 1st Minelaying Squadron in Northern Barrage. In late July, Glasgow joined Canadian destroyers HMCS Athabaskan, Iroquois and Polish destroyer ORP Orkan for assault patrols in the Bay of Biscay. After operations in the Bay of Biscay, she was anchored at Devonport Dockyard for repairs that last for a month, where her Walruses and catapults got removed to make room for additional Oerlikons and she was fitted with the new Type 283 Fire-Control Radar. She also had a new commander, Captain Charles Clark. On October 26, 1943, Glasgow embarked First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham and undertake the internment of the ashes of the old First Sea Lord, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound, who have just passed away on October 21 off Nab Tower. After that, she participated in Operation Tunnel series of attacks on French coastal shipping in November 1943. In December, Glasgow and Gambia took part in Operation Stonewall, the interception of blockade runners returning to occupied French from Japan. After 2 weeks of patrol, a Sunderland flying boat sighted German blockade runners Alsterufer, who was carrying precious Tungsten and rubber on December 27. Thus, Glasgow, Enterprise (again the E-class), Penelope and Ariadne were sent to capture the merchantman. This would lead into the Battle of the Bay of Biscay.
Painting by Norman Wilkinson, Glasgow and Enterprise firing at German ships during The Battle of the Bay of Biscay, 1943
The Kriegsmarine sent two flotillas to escort Alsterufer home: the 4th Torpedo Boat Flotilla consisted of torpedo boats T22, T23, T24 and T26 and the 8th Destroyer Flotilla consisted of Niimi-chan and her sisters Z24, Z27, Z32, Z37 and two torpedo boats T25 and T27. By 04:00 on December 28, the two German flotillas were waiting south of Cape Clear, but Alsterufer was nowhere to be seen. Unknown to the German, the blockade runner was sunk by Liberator bombers from Czechoslovak No. 311 Squadron and the No. 86 Squadron. By midday, the two German flotillas met each other. One hour later, they were spotted by Allied aircrafts. Meanwhile, a Fw 200 Condor bomber detected Glasgow and Enterprise, and attacked them. As they were detected, Glasgow changed her course towards the Northeast. At 13:32, from a range of 16 miles, Glasgow-chan detected the German destroyers. Captain Clark ordered Glasgow to open fire at Niimi with her “A” and “B” turrets, guided by the newly installed Type 273 radar. Enterprise followed some few minutes later. In the first minutes of the battle, though being targeted, Niimi wasn't damaged. Our Soviet German protagonist launched 6 of her torpedoes at a range of 17,000 meters. Niimi-chan and her sister Z24 returned fire with their 15 cm, almost hitting Glasgow and Enterprise. At 14:05, Glasgow was hit in the “A” boiler room by either of the destroyers, killing two seamen who were manning the pom-pom and further wounded three. By 14:18, both German flotillas was involved in action. High seas prevented the torpedo boats from launching their torpedoes, so only destroyers Z32 and Z37 could launch their torpedoes at Glasgow. With 10 torpedoes heading for her, Glasgow-chan had to take evasive maneuvers. Glasgow was almost hit by a torpedo as she and Enterprise was baiting them. After the second torpedo run, the German boats laid smoke turned away.
During the Battle of the Bay of Biscay, Dec. 28 1943
At 14:35, Glasgow reversed her course to chase down the retreating German. By this time, Glasgow and Enterprise was separated after the torpedobait and was acting independently. The German launched another torpedo attack against the charging British cruisers, whilst the two British were keeping accurate 6-inch shots. At around 14:38, after firing her first salvo of torpedoes, Z27 was critically damaged by a 6-inch shell from Enterprise, causing fire and slowing the German destroyer down. After being hit, Z27 launched the second salvo of 4 torpedoes, however, just like the first salvo, no torpedoes hit the British cruisers.
Meanwhile, Glasgow was concentrating her fire on torpedo boat T25. The little *Elbing-*class torpedo boat was hit in her aft torpedo tubes area, killing many of her crew. A second shell hit T25’s funnel, immobilize her. Being a sitting duck at that moment, T25 requested her big sis T22 to cover for her. In the meantime, Glasgow shifted fire towards T25’s sister, T26. T26 was bracketed by near misses from the accurate radar-guided guns from Glasgow and was critically hit with a shell right into her boiler room at 14:40, slowing the ship down. T22, trying to help her crippled sister, was focused by Enterprise, who hit her with shells and fragments from the near misses. After firing her 10.5 cm guns and all of her torpedoes, which proved harmless to the cruisers, T22 laid smoke and retreated.
Enterprise finished off the crippled T26 at 14:45 with a single torpedo whereas Glasgow hit Z27’s magazine at point-blank range, sinking the drifting destroyer in a large magazine explosion which killed most of her staff. Enterprise fired her guns and a torpedo, which reduce T25 to a burning and sinking wreck by 14:50. The British cruisers, low on ammunition and fuel, withdrew towards Plymouth.
The Battle of the Bay of Biscay was a complete victory for the British. Glasgow and Enterprise sank a destroyer (Z27) and two torpedo boats (T25 and T26) and further severely damaged another TB, T22 while receiving minimal damage to themselves. 532 Kriegsmarine’s sailors were killed during the battle, further lowering Kriegsmarine's morale after Scharnhorst was sunk in the Battle of the North Cape 2 days earlier. The failure in Bay of Biscay and North Cape marked a sour end of 1943 for the German. From then on, in addition to the lost of 3 blockade runners in the South Atlantic, Germany could only trade with her only real ally, Japan, via small little submarines, hampering her supplies.
After the Battle of the Bay of Biscay, Glasgow and Enterprise withdrew to Britain. En route, they were attacked by He 177 armed with Fritz-X Glider bomb on December 28. Neither of the ship was hit, however. They arrived at Plymouth the following day. Glasgow was repaired for some weeks before returning to defend convoys MKF 026, MKF 028A and MKF 029 from mid January to mid-March.
Bombarding Cherbourg, June 25, 1944. USS Quincy in the background
In April, Glasgow joined US Western Task Force consisted of USN battleships Texas and Arkansas, Free French cruiser Montcalm and Georges Leygues, nine USN destroyers and three Royal Navy Hunt-class destroyers. During Operation Neptune, they took part in bombardment exercises in Cape Wrath. On D-Day (June 6, 1944), Glasgow took part in the bombardment of the Omaha Beach with ships of Force C. She continued this action until June 20, when her squadron was detached to bombard the port of Cherbourg. After returning to Portland on the following day, Glasgow again joined her peer Enterprise, US battleship Shounen Nevada and two Pacific veteran Tuscaloosa and Quincy in Task Force 129. Together, they carried out the bombardment of Cherbourg on June 25, which Glasgow was hit by two shells from shore batteries, damaging her electrical system. On June 30, Glasgow withdrew to Belfast for a nine-month-long refit. During the time, Glasgow-chan was fitted with new radars and additional anti-aircraft armament. Her “X” turret was removed in favour of additional Bofors.
After a long refit, Glasgow was back in action by May 1945. By this time, Germany had surrendered, so she was transferred to the Indian Ocean to fight the already desperate Japanese Empire. On August 22, 1945, Glasgow sailed with Jamaica to the British East Indies Fleet. By this time, Japan had got nuked and was preparing for surrender.
On October 5, 1945, Glasgow relieved Phoebe as the flagship of the 5th Cruiser Squadron. After serving in the Indian Ocean for two years, she steamed back to Portsmouth and was put into reserve. Later in September 1948, after being recommissioned for active service, Glasgow was appointed the flagship of the British West Indies Station. She attended the Halifax bicentenary celebrations in Nova Scotia in 1949. In October 1950, she returned to Britain and was refitted at Chatham before being transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet in 1951. Glasgow was appointed the flagship of the Malta station, under Admiral the Earl Mountbatten of Burma.
Lord Mountbatten aboard Glagow, 1952
2 years later, she and her crew took part in film “Sailor of the King” as the fictional cruiser HMS Cambridge. In the same year, Glasgow-chan took part in the Fleet Review to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Together with Town-class cruisers Gambia and Bermuda, new cruiser Eagle, seven destroyers, Glasgow-chan escorted the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh aboard Royal Yacht HMY Britannia on their world tour when they arrived at Malta on May 2, 1954. With Gambia, she took part in the withdrawal of the 40th Royal Marines Commando Brigade from Port Said, Sudan, giving the independence to the African nation.
In 1955, after 5 years of serving in Malta, Glasgow returned to Britain and joined the Flag Officer D Flotilla of the Home Fleet. In late 1955, Glasgow-chan was decommissioned in Portsmouth. However, with the Suez Canal Crisis in 1956, she was temporary called back before being officially decommissioned in November 1956. Glasgow was considered a surplus at the time of economic hardship and the budget was tight, so she was put on the disposal list in March 1958. In July 4, 1958, Glasgow was sold to BISCO for scrapping and left Portsmouth. She was broken up on July 8, 1958 at Hughes Bolckow’s yard in Blyth.
IV. In Azur Lane
In-game Glasgow
Glasgow was put into the game in the mid-November update. She is a Rare ship which can be obtained through the Light Construction Pool with a build time of 01:25:00. Upon her introduction, there was a short period when her Construction Rate was increased for 2.5%. Glasgow is still unvoiced.
Similar to most light cruiser, Glasgow-chan has three equipment slots for CL Guns (115%->135%), Torpedoes (120%->130% and Anti-Air Guns (110%) . Glasgow has two class-specified Assault Skills: “Full Firepower” which increase her own firepower and “All Out Barrage” which triggers her class’ barrage. She also has a Defensive Skill, “Swift Defender” (related to the fact that she defended many convoys?) which reduces damage dealt to the fleet.
In the wiki, there is something wrong with the translation of her Self Intro line as Glasgow could never taken part in the Battle of the North Cape, as she was busy fighting the German destroyers off France when the battle occurred. Also in her Self-Intro, she mentioned having bad eyesight, related to the fact that she rammed and sank Imogen in foggy weather and mistook Prabhavati for a Japanese loliboat. (So, buy her glass :> ). Secretary 1 and 2 referred to her sisters Newcastle and Sheffield. Glasgow also have Additional Lines when sortieing with her sisters Sheffield, Edinburgh, Belfast, Newcastle and her big sis Southampton.
(Low resolution) \"A Maid In Class\" skin
Glasgow has got a skin, “A Maid In Class” for 780 green Jap cats (u know wot oi mean.)
V. Sources
1. References
Soft reference: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Glasgow_%28C21%29
Detailed service log: Naval History http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-06CL-Glasgow.htm
2. In Azur Lane
Default skin https://blhx.fandom.com/wiki/Glasgow?file=Glasgow.png
"A Maid in Class" skin https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Glasgow/Gallery#A_Maid_in_Class
3. IRL
Prewar https://www.naval-history.net/Photo06clGlasgow1NP.jpg
King on board https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:HMS_Glasgow_(C21)#/media/File:HMS_Glasgow_visit.jpg#/media/File:HMS_Glasgow_visit.jpg)
During Bay of Biscay, 1943 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:HMS_Glasgow_(C21)#/media/File:The_Royal_Navy_during_the_Second_World_War_HMS_Glasgow_4-inch_AA_gun_crew_A_21143.jpg#/media/File:The_Royal_Navy_during_the_Second_World_War_HMS_Glasgow_4-inch_AA_gun_crew_A_21143.jpg)
Mediterreanean https://alchetron.com/HMS-Glasgow-(C21)#demo#demo)
Singapore, 1942 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:HMS_Glasgow_(C21)#/media/File:HMS_Glasgow_and_Enterprise_Singapore_1942_AWM_302397.jpeg#/media/File:HMS_Glasgow_and_Enterprise_Singapore_1942_AWM_302397.jpeg)
Norway https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a6/11/44/a6114407c6f36b73ffe611298f59ae69.jpg
Cherbourg https://www.dday-overlord.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/hms_glasgow-1.jpg
Biscay drawing, 1943 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Bay_of_Biscay#/media/File:Nmm_nmmg_bhc0686_large(2).jpg.jpg)
Postwar, 1952 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:HMS_Glasgow_(C21)#/media/File:HMS_Glasgow_Mounbatten.jpg#/media/File:HMS_Glasgow_Mounbatten.jpg)
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2019.11.04 18:47 decho Pre-Match Thread: Barcelona vs Slavia Praha [Champions League]

Match Information:

Match: Barcelona vs Slavia Praha
Competition: Champions League
Date: Tuesday, 5th of November 2019
Time: 18:55 CET / 12:55 EST - Convert to local time
Venue: Camp Nou, Barcelona - 99354 capacity
Referee: Michael Oliver (England)

Lineups and Squads:

Barcelona - Official squad confirmed
GK: Ter Stegen, Neto
DEF: Semedo, Piqué, Todibo, Lenglet, Wagué, Alba, Umtiti, Firpo
MID: Rakitić, Busquets, Arthur, Aleñá, Sergi Roberto, De Jong, Vidal
ATT: Suárez, Messi, Dembélé, Griezmann, Ansu Fati, Carles Pérez
Unavailable: Suárez (injured)
Not called: Todibo, Wagué, Firpo, Arthur
Slavia Praha - Official squad to be confirmed
GK: O. Kolář, J. Markovič, P. Kovář
DEF: D. Hovorka, T. Holeš, V. Coufal, J. Zelený, O. Kúdela, J. Bořil, L. Takács, M. Frydrych, D. Kosek
MID: N. Stanciu, P. Olayinka, J. Hušbauer, L. Provod, T. Souček, P. Ševčík, J. Hromada, I. Traore, L. Masopust, J. Hora
ATT: S. Tecl, M. van Buren, M. Škoda, Abdulla Yusuf Helal, João Felip
Unavailable: D. Hovorka (injured)
Not called:



Form guide:

Slavia Praha

Comments (Post-match thread):

Author: MrVanDyke69 Score: 138 pts Source
Don’t let the win today distract you from the fact that we got played off the park for 60 minutes against Prague...
And against... Granada. Roma. Bilbao. Ossasuna. Valencia copa final. Liverpool. Celta vigo. Huesca. 10 man Bilbao. Levante. Ect ect ect.
And those are just the losses off the top of my head don’t forgot the other 20 that we deserved to lose and won.
Fuck I’ve become the negativity that I used to despise. But this is embarrassing.
Author: DakMontana Score: 123 pts Source
It’s just not possible to face teams with a workrate like that and start Messi & Suarez together. One has to be on the bench.
Messi needs to go CF because at least there his 4k workrate won’t be as noticeable if it were on the wings as wingers nowadays are running at least 10k.
We played some of our best football for the total sum of 15 mins because that’s apparently how long Messi/Suarez can press until they get gassed. Having that little workrate is simply not ignorable despite immense technical skill.
Author: juxllunx Score: 60 pts Source
The feeling you got when watching Barca just isn’t the same anymore. Beforehand, I was watching the club to see some spectacular movement for each other, amazing pressing play and topped with some individual brilliance. Now, watching our team is just like waiting for someone make some spectacular individual performance. Our players are some of the worlds best, don’t get me wrong, but it seems like the only thing I get from watching them week in and week out is these brilliant individual performances. Messi being Messi, Ter stegen being a beast, Frenkie and Arthur controlling like bosses, or Suarez scoring a banger (after missing tons) (and several others) But nowadays, it’s like the creativity from the team is gone. They are not running for each other and some players, let's face it, they have to be replaced simply because of the fact, that they don’t have the quality to play at this level every week. The joy is slowly slipping away from watching my beloved team, and I can’t wait for us to get a new manager that actually has the philosophy of the club. To play the way we know Barca is playing and the dangerous team others were scared of I know this can seem like its coming from the heat of the moment, but Im getting sad of watching this degenerating to something Barca isn’t
Author: atthebatman Score: 45 pts Source
This team remains an absolute disaster away from home in this competition. Give Slavia Prague/Praha credit. They met the challenge but we certainly played down to our competition tonight. Messi is the GOAT of course and my favorite athlete ever but why the hell does he refuse to pass to anyone but Suarez this season in goalscoring situations?
The only positive thing I can say about Barcelona tonight is that after conceding we didn’t stop looking to score. We didn’t hang back and defend after lucking into the go ahead goal
Author: hello86683 Score: 45 pts Source
Goddamn it. For the first time, I’m legit pissed at Messi. First, he misplaces a pass trying to FORCE it to Suarez when Dembele is running full speed and would’ve been an easier pass. Then, Suarez and him get pissed at Dembele. Like bruh... Suarez, get a shot on target for fuck’s sake then show you’re pissed.
Wtf is wrong with Rakitic? If you don’t wanna play, just tell Valverde so that he won’t sub you in. Jogging like a stick up his ass or sth.
Author: ValverdeLover Score: 35 pts Source
I think it's time to accept that only one of Messi, Suarez or Busi can play. The opponents are basically doing 10 miles all game. These 3 are doing like 4-5 miles. Even when the pressure is so high, Messi & Suarez are just loitering around and not helping the defence. Inexcusable. So, it's the rest 7 working their asses off.
I hope EV can get the balls to just do it. Messi was totally gassed out and he hardly ran compared to others.
Author: thefirstofhisname11 Score: 13 pts Source
I’ve seen an excellent comment on the match thread. It’s not mine and I don’t know whose it was, but I wanna copy it here because it sheds light on the systematic issues the team’s facing right now.
“Literally learned nothing from Liverpool, PSG, Roma.
To win in the CL you have to be progressive, fearless. You can't just rely on the superiority of your starting XI to beat every single team.
Barcelona do not have traditional 'defenders'. Barcelona defends by control and attack. However when all you do is try to control possession, it becomes incredibly predictable and easy to counter-attack. The opposing teams literally do not have to fear missing on interceptions because the build up is so slow that even if they miss an interception or two there is no danger as long as Messi is crowded out.
In our best seasons in the past 10 years we have conceded very few goals. But it's not because we had the best 'defenders'. It's because we attack and control the game, instill fear in our opponents, make them play on the back foot, make them frustrated that they have so little opportunity to attack. Valverde doesn't understand this, he thinks we can become a better 'traditional' defensive team, which is playing to our weakness. The types of players we've signed, Alba, Rakitic, Suarez, Arthur, etc are not these types of players. The best they can become at this style is average.
I won't go as far as to say Valverde has no tactics, he does. However, his approach instills no confidence in the players, fans or himself. Contrast him with Guardiola's first season when the English media accused Guardiola of wanting to play beautiful rather than win. To which Guardiola replied, "I want to win, Barcelona wants to win. But I think the best way for us to win, is to play our style, Barcelona's style, attacking, possession football." Guardiola wasn't idealistic, he didn't just think that was the 'right way' to play football, he just had a bordering-on-arrogance confidence that his style was superior.
To win, you can't be afraid to lose. Valverde is afraid to lose.”


🔊 Ernesto Valverde: "We started out poor away from home, we got back on track with three wins, and now we've lost again. We want to get back to the kinds of away wins from before Levante." #BarçaSlavia - src @FCBarcelona
🔊 Ernesto Valverde: "We expect a match similar to the one in Prague. Slavia always remain faithful to their identity, they're very physical, and they can arrive to the opposition area."🎥 Watch LIVE 👉#BarçaSlavia - src @FCBarcelona
Valverde: "It's true that we must improve in some aspects." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Playing earlier than usual tomorrow? It's no problem." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "When you lose, you're always under pressure, especially at Barça. It forces a reaction from us." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "We have a lot of midfielders in the midfield and that, of course, is a handicap. Riqui is a great talent..." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Riqui Puig to leave in January? Riqui is a talent and it's clear that he will play at Barça, but we do not know when." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Griezmann is fitting very well in the team. He does an incredible job, together with the team, he has scored goals... And we expect even more from him." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "De Jong is giving us a lot. He is a very strong player." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Huge difference between Barça at home and Barça away? We did start badly, but then we had a good run away from home. Now we lost again, but it doesn't have to mean we will extend that to a streak." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "How long is Suárez out for? It's not a big injury, tomorrow is unlikely but maybe he will be with us soon." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Switching to a 4-4-2? The possibility of changing the system is always there. But having three forwards fits the way we play." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Dembélé to get his chance tomorrow? Every players if fighting for his place. Dembélé is no exception. He has to take advantage of the chances that are being given to him." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "When you lose you always look at the coach, that is the case and I assume it. The other day Levante scored against us with their first shot. We controlled the game until we lost it, we were not well in attack and we have to improve." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "My job is to find the reasons why we lost." - src @barcacentre
Valverde: "Slavia Prague seem to play the same wherever they play. They like to attack." - src @barcacentre
🔊 @nelsonsemedo: "The @ChampionsLeague is a very difficult competition, but we are Barça. We are candidates to win every competition and we want to win them all. We have to go game by game and keep improving" #BarçaSlavia - src @FCBarcelona
🔊 @nelsonsemedo: "It's a very important game and we want to win. We expect a tough match, but we're playing at home and we want to have a great performance." #BarçaSlavia - src @FCBarcelona
Semedo: "We are working together to find better results, we really try to play better." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "Psychological problems after Liverpool and Roma? We learn from our defeats." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "Spoken about specific problems that need to be corrected? I can't talk about those things, each player knows what they need to correct." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "The team is showing a lack of attitude? We got over from the setback against Levante. Tomorrow is a chance to correct errors and respond." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "We are a very strong team at home. I think we need to improve our away form." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "I'm more useful on the left? All games are difficult, but the spaces that were given to me allowed me to play better." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "Strange playing on the left? The boss decides where I play, I just try to do my best." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "The Champions League is a very difficult competition, but we are Barça and we are candidates to win it all. But yes, we do need to improve." - src @barcacentre
Semedo: "Tomorrow we play a very important game. We want to win. We know it will be complicated, as it was in Prague." - src @barcacentre

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