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[Question]Help jailbreaking Ios 9.0.2

2017.04.12 11:16 CreaTzNinjaz [Question]Help jailbreaking Ios 9.0.2

So a few months ago my phone was jailbroken. By using the Cydia eraser the jailbrake was removed but some tweaks remained on the phone. Like Free in app purchases and instagram++. Anywasy i found out that it still could be jailbroken so i started trying to do it. To be able to succesfully jailbreak it i had to uncheck something on itunes. Before i could do that i had to restore my phone. So i did but it got stuck in a bootloop and i managed to put it in DFU mode but Itunes is not recognising the phone so i cant do anything. Is there a way without uppdating my phone to jailbreak it?
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2017.04.10 15:39 CreaTzNinjaz [Question] Help jailbreaking ios 9.02

So my iphone 6 was jailbroken a few months back on ios 9.0.2. By using the Cydia eraser Cydia was removed but some tweaks where left on my phone, like In-app purchases and Instagram++. (dont know if this helps or not). Anyways the pangu app says i need to uppdate it, but when i do and download the new version the jailbreak is for Ios 9.2-9.3.3.
So my question is if there is any way for me to jailbreak on ios 9.0.2. If not is there any hope of me jailbreaking the phone with any other Ios?
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